Frontrunning: June 28

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  Thanks Tyler. Good linkage!

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Interesting days for those paying attention.

The plot thickens........

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A tad OT, but relevant to the world scene.

No problem here, move along..............

Didn't we say the same things?.

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China, U.K. Forge New Trade Deals

In the mythology of ancient China, a turtle's shell formed the vault of the heavens. In Hindu mythology, the god Vishnu took the form of a turtle to carry the world on his back. For many Native American peoples, the world rides on the back of a giant turtle swimming in the sea. Sadly, under pressure from a variety of manmade threats, the world's surviving sea turtles are slowly succumbing to such a great weight.

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If they keep calling regularly for n >1 day strikes as lately, the country will slip into anarchy, as that's what these tend to be.

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Great movie link on Max Keiser. It provides historic information on the neoliberal policies 

being pushed by the IMF, ECB, BIS and Fed which enriches the few and causes misery and suffering to the many.

The movie is called Debtocracy. 

I am rooting for the people of Greece.  They need to repudiate the debt.  


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myself, 5000 more PoPo's hitting the streets............

Screw em', let the banksters rot in hell.

RUN riot.

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got a notice PAY PAL is closing it's Money Market explanation as to why..anyone got a clue what's that about??