Frontrunning: June 6

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Precious metals to present good buying oppurtunity after a near term correction?

Gold and silver showing signs of weakness, and oil is confirming.

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You may add to this list of headlines

Commie friend of Hugo Chaves appears to have won presidential election in Peru.


But promises that he is not a commie any longer.

Change you can believe in



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Today's front page headline of the day goes to the NY Post:

Hide The Weiner;jsessionid=7592E297A435657E68E3B3...

here's the story:

not much economic news today, so whatever



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and the good news for south florida property owners (real headline):

South Florida cities find real estate news less bad than before

Miami-Dade and Broward leaders breathed a sign of relief last week when the latest figures showed that this year’s slide in property values was the smallest since 2008.

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The Marketwatch front page headline:

U.S. futures erase declines

Go the article, whose headline is:

U.S. stock futures drift lower; Apple in focus

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I thought this was interesting,news-11412.html

Looks like we really are preparing for hyperinflation subconsciously.


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"Socialists ousted in Portugal election" - socialists out -> socialists in, you mean

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"New data suggests Iran military link-UN atom chief"

Let me write that headline:

Japanese toady tows US fascist military line

What else is new? The entry into the Japanese political class means you are a useful idiot US water carrier for life...