Frontrunning: March 1

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  • China says media must 'cooperate' after clampdown (AFP)
  • Shirakawa Says Current Yen Level 'Not Working As An Additional Risk Factor' (WSJ)
  • China Sees Drop in New Bank Loans (WSJ)
  • EU Raises 2011 Growth Forecast, Sees Inflation Accelerating (Bloomberg)
  • Europe Wary of Rethink Over Irish Bail-Out (FT)
  • Charlie Sheen v Muammar Gaddafi: whose line is it anyway? (Guardian)
  • BOE's King Says Raising Rate to Make a Gesture Is Self-Defeating (Bloomberg)
  • Cameron Says UK Could Arm Rebels (FT)
  • Bill Gross Gets `A' for Effort on Trader Greed (Bloomberg)
  • South Korea Deal Bogs Down (WSJ)
  • Accidental Death Becomes Suicide When Insurers Don't Pay (Bloomberg)
  • World Bank Says U.S. Should Invest in Infrastructure, Consumer Nations (Bloomberg)
  • Oil Drilling to Resume in the Gulf’s Deep Waters (NYT)
  • Why Koch Industries Is Speaking Out (WSJ)
  • Komedy with Krugman: Not Enough Bureaucrats (NYT)

European Economic Highlights

  • Euro-Zone PMI Manufacturing for February 59 - in line with expectations. Consensus 59. Previous 59.
  • Euro-Zone CPI Estimate for February 2.4% - in line with expectations. Consensus 2.4%. Previous 2.4%.
  • Euro-Zone Unemployment Rate for January 9.9% - lower than expected. Consensus 10.0%. Previous 10.0%.
  • Germany Unemployment Rate for February 7.3% - lower than expected. Consensus 7.4%. Previous 7.4%.
  • Germany PMI Manufacturing for February 62.7 - higher than expected. Consensus 62.6. Previous 62.6.
  • France PMI Manufacturing for February 55.7 - higher than expected. Consensus 55.3. Previous 55.3.
  • Italy PMI Manufacturing for February 59.0 - higher than expected. Consensus 57.3. Previous 56.6.
  • Norway PMI for February 58.7 - higher than expected. Consensus 56.2. Previous 55.8.
  • Switzerland GDP for Q4 0.9% q/q 3.1% y/y - higher than expected.  Consensus 0.5% q/q 2.7% y/y. Previous 0.7% q/q 3.0% y/y.
  • Sweden Swedbank PMI Survey for February 60.9 - lower than expected. Consensus 61.5. Previous 61.5.

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Bob's picture

Western diplomats express "deep concern" and protest Chinese treatment of journalists.  I don't recall any complaints about the people abused at G-20 meeting protests.  The hypocrisy is sickening.

Scottj88's picture

How you keep track of all this is beyond me..


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Former Société Générale trader Samarth Agrawal was sentenced Monday to 3 years in prison for stealing computer code for a high-frequency trading platform.

JohnKing's picture


New defense, Wall Street to blame terrorists for financial meltdown:

Evidence outlined in a Pentagon contractor report suggests that financial subversion carried out by unknown parties, such as terrorists or hostile nations, contributed to the 2008 economic crash by covertly using vulnerabilities in the U.S. financial system.


velobabe's picture

Cdiddyyyyyyyyy, where are U?

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Charlie Sheen v Muammar Gaddafi: whose line is it anyway?

I think Zero readers may be more interested in Mister Sheen's bitchin' business, which is rather lucrative. He is about to sue CBS and Warner Bro. for breach of contract and conspiracy. Winning.

... unilateral breach of contract...  says his power lawyer:


Careless Whisper's picture

Stockbroker Arrested For Larceny

Accused Of Stealing From Granny

MorganStanleySmithBarney Dismisses


glenlloyd's picture

Smells like the World Bank's been reading from the 1931 playbook.