Frontrunning: May 13

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second day of Blanchflower and Keene on Bloomberg - Blanch's cure for underwater homeowners - they should welcome inflation it will be good for the value of their houses


(is it any wonder that we are in the situaiton we are in when "leading" economic teachers spew crap like that)

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Spot on, anonymous.

Your house may be worth a million, but you won't able to afford the mortgage, fuel for the car or food. But hey, the house will be 'worth' a million.

Idiots. Them and Blinder yesterday, another educated idiot.


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If the interest rate on your mortgage is fixed, you have a job and your wages rise in line with inflation, the yes it would help such a person. Being underwater is irrelevant.

If you have either no mortgage, no job and no PM's maybe inflation is not so good.

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"Beef Buying Koreans Fuel Record U.S. Meat Rally "

bullish bulls?

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U.S. Attorney Sends a Message to Wall Street: " you perfer Dark Chocolate or White Chocolate Bunnys for Easter next year ?"