Frontrunning: May 27

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Patriot act extension? Another promise the prez did not keep. No wonder he got to claim killing OBL (he was safely stored in a freezer for years, my guess), never had such a willing and gullible meat puppet in the white house.

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"Another promise the puppet didn't keep"

There, fixed that for you......

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Totalitarian Socialism- taking two really bad ideas and putting them together to form the worst possible solution. 

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Shit...he's just there for the vacations!

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Everyone should be looking forward to the extension. I am pretty sure US citizens can now conduct their own sneak and peaks on neighbors to monitor activity. If anyone is home they can write "search warrant" on a napkin and be fine. I think it's possible to label anyone a "terrorist" with secret proof that you don't need to show anyone and arrest them for the good of the country. Once you secretly rendition them to an enhanced interrogation zone (Indian rez, Mexico or Canada), I am pretty sure they will sign a confession justifying actions taken. As far as misunderstandings go, a national security defense should clear everything up (i.e. Your honor, I was just confiscating money BEFORE it had the chance to get into terrorist hands.)

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And if Greece cheated to join it, they will cheat to stay in it, if that is what they want

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I guess this is the prelude to, "we want our money back"? Borrowing money under false pretenses- that's FRAUD. Surely, the European Court will see this logic and partition part of Greece to pay for this fraud? 

Sounds like a bunch of elementary school kids at a marbles match. 

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Former ECB chief economist Otmar Issing: Greece "Cheated" to join Euro (Bloomberg)

"Who did not?" :)

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The G8 says they have a plan to reduce the debt that was necessary to bring us out of the recession.

On a related note, the IMF and World Bank say the world will need another $100 Trillion in "credit" over the next 10 years.

Anyone wanna bet which one will happen?

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IT isn't the amount of credit that matters anymore- it's whether they will actually attempt to collect it and how. 

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Nasdaq in a great place for a sell entry

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"Former ECB chief economist Otmar Issing: Greece "Cheated" to join Euro."

It was obvious to anyone with a primary school education at the time that Greece was cooking its books to get into the Euro.

So, as is often said...

I am shocked, shocked, I tell you!


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Feds threaten to turn Texas into "no fly zone" if passes "no groping" law


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