Frontrunning: May 31

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First sentence said it all:

"Before you sell that last piece of jewelry, keep in mind that the gold price will not go up indefinitely. There are number of reasons why it might crash."

Confused to the nth degree. Wait before you sell, realize that what you're holding onto might crash in price.  So hold on to it.


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Don't bother reading the Reuters story 'Gold crash'. ( Yawn)

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Rosenberg on Bloomberg just now and spoke of Canadian economy - does not see a bubble in Canadian housing and views Canuck household debt as an issue only if debt service costs are hit with higher interest rates e.g. +300 bp - comparison to US circa 2006 does not hold due to tighter credit requirements.  If there is a bubble he said Vancouver would be the only candidate with the rest of the country in solid shape. His view is that there is a supply issue as in no excess supply and in fact shortages in some markets buoyed by a  robust immigration effect.

(Given Rosies' track record probably a good time to dump your Canuck real estate)

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Germany bans nuclear power....might be worth a look

It is a humbling U-turn for Merkel, who at the end of 2010 decided to extend the lifetime of the reactors by an average of 12 years, which would have kept them open until the mid-2030s.

That decision was unpopular even before the earthquake and tsunami in March that severely damaged the Fukushima facility, sparking mass anti-nuclear protests in Germany.

Merkel's zig-zagging on what has been a highly emotive issue in the country since the 1970s cost her in recent state elections as the anti-nuclear Greens gained ground.

Nuclear opponents slammed the deal Monday and said they would stage fresh demonstrations next month calling for a faster phase-out.

Meanwhile industrial giant Daimler warned the shutdown would undermine the competitiveness of Europe's top economy.

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yeah, the "ban" goes into effect in 2022... yawn

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Two more from Japan:  Fukushima costs may hit quarter trillion dollars, and guidelines issued for 'rumor-induced' damage compensation (hello bloggers?)