Frontrunning: May 6

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“There were divergent views within the bank about the U.S. housing market,” Michele Allison, a spokeswoman for Deutsche Bank, said in an e-mailed statement last month. “Moreover, the bank’s views were fully communicated to the market through research reports, industry events, trading-desk commentary and press coverage.”

Hahaha. Divergent views = pile vs. bucket vs. sack of shit.

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Goldman's Balnkfein needs to take one for the team.

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I see Republicans are still welfare queens.

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What's an additional 10,000 tons of water (additional to what?) among friends, especially when pumped into a structure never intended to be flooded?  Tepco might want to hit up their old friends at AIG and buy some more earthquake insurance.

The good news, if you can call it that, is that really heavy radioactive shit sinks like a rock to the ocean floor.  This is going to be mostly Japan's problem, for AN EXTENDED PERIOD.

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Gee, that "good news" is like the captain of Titanic declaring an open bar on the company's tab.

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The thing I was going to note earlier is that the Obama administration has taken wealth redistribution to a new level by doing it overseas through giving Quadafi's money to the rebels.

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The monster under Krugman's bed is really Keynes, and when Krugman falls asleep, John Maynard is going to suffocate Krugman with satchels full of fiat.70-642 // 70-662 // 70-649 / 70-667