Frontrunning: May 9

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Linkedin is a great tool - not sure how much their revenue from recruiting solutions will be if the collective world economy doesn't get a shot in the @ss

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Krugman summary "there is no inflation... what you are seeing is a one time blip...  please do not try to read further into it....  if you do you are an extremist..... time to ramp up the money pump...."


amazing what an ivy education can get you. 

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Can't even read Krugman anymore........ Zero credibility....

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He says it's a one time blip and then goes on to question whether any risk of inflation is possible because workers aren't demanding higher wagers and no one is passing through higher costs on to the retail level. It's just hilarious. There's a margin squeeze, but wages aren't going up so there's no risk that companies will raise prices. As if wages are their only input costs. There are no capital costs, no regulatory expenses, no increased SG&A from Obamacare, and all of increase in COGs can be magically be put paid for with lower profits that companies are not making.

Its like he's never actually done a P&L on anything.

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GE Oil & Gas expands with $4 Billion in acquisitions

"With what happened in Japan in the nuclear industry, we see gas becoming a key source of energy in the power-generation industry" and liquefied natural gas demand continuing to grow, he said. "We believe gas will become the de-facto cleanest source of energy."


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Criminal bankers at UBS lead to other criminal bankers

"The investigation is active and ongoing," said Christine Varney, the Justice Department's antitrust chief, in a press conference May 4. "When every municipality that has been victimized by this conspiracy receives restitution, we will conclude."

Bank of America agrees to chirp in exchange for leniency Bank of America also agreed to cooperate with federal investigators in exchange for leniency.
JP Morgan et tu?

JPMorgan, in a quarterly filing Friday, said it was cooperating with the bid-rigging investigations by the Justice Department and SEC, as well as the U.S. Internal Revenue Service and Office of the Comptroller of the Currency. The New York- based bank said it wanted to resolve the probes "on a negotiated basis."

GE fighting charges

Three former employees of a unit of Fairfield-based General Electric Co. are fighting charges in the case.

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The monster under Krugman's bed is really Keynes, and when Krugman falls asleep, John Maynard is going to suffocate Krugman with satchels full of fiat.