Frontrunning: September 10

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  • July trade deficit at decade high $32 billion, Cash For Clunkers leads to jump in auto imports: Obama is now officially subsidizing the Japanese economy (AP)
  • Wen Jiabao: "China can not and will not pull back from economic stimulus measures" - let the bubbles continue forever (Bloomberg)
  • London suicide connects Lehman lesson missed by Hong Kong woman (Bloomberg)
  • Bernanke: Greenback's new father (NYT)
  • Jobless claims yoyo around as more and more people move to "exhausted" list (Bloomberg)
  • Never say never to monetization (SafeHaven)
  • Inflation or deflation: how about both (Seeking Alpha)
  • Seasonality: S&P 500 return by month (Ritholtz)
  • Good billions after bad (Vanity Fair, h/t Geoffrey)
  • CDO Pricing: Copula implied by risk neutral dynamics (DefaultRisk)
  • Obama shifts healthcare to moral ground (FT)
  • Goldman CEO lashes out at big paydays (Fortune)
  • Weekly economic commentary (Raymond James)
  • It's still the economy, stupid (WSJ)
  • And lastly, John Jansen smacks down Zero Hedge (Business Insider) - please click, traffic much needed