Frontrunning: September 30

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Someone gets it: Stocks are up only in terms of a declining dollar. In real terms, relative to gold, stocks have gone nowhere.  (Barrons)

That will trigger a rally from the stock that didn't follow the rise in gold.

Expect the DOW to rise these next few days

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Japan and S Korea report output drop (not growth)

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Silver busted 22.02. Toot toot.


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(Reuters) - China on Thursday warned that a House of Represenatives bill to penalize it for not letting the yuan rise faster could seriously affect bilateral ties.

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Statistiganda + CNBC (dryhumping the aforementioned) + POMO day + ton of shorts in play = meltup

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Just look at the magic futures go, it's like magic how they rise.

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Blue Tits alert.....all that matters is it is a POMO day.

Well and the last day of the month and the last day of the quarter.

Dow 12,000 - giddup!


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mark haynes perplexed on how stocks and gold can both be moving up when traditionally they move opposite eachother.  he just wondered outloud which one is right?  lol.

i wonder...

stay tuned mark.  this round of pomo ends oct 6th.

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Yet another gap up in SPY, just like magic. Gap up on the open 4 point rage for 6 hours, yes some things never change.

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It's still following tradition, Gold is going up and stocks are going down, they just won't let us see that.

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AAPL:GLD  does not look as hot as AAPL to dollars.  Of course, you can't eat an iPad either.

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Awesome! AIG is paying back the magically-poofed TARP money with fancy certificates of 'stock'. Great stuff. I hereby declare that I will repay my entire mortgage in full, with newly issued Ace Ventura Bond Certificates of Excellent Awesomeness.

Matter of fact, I'm off to the Ferrari dealership as soon as I get my crappy HP inkjet to crank out enough AVBCEA's. This system kicks ass.

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Save ink and time by just adding more zeros to each sheet!

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Not nearly so fancy as they were a week ago...20% -> 7.9%. Ouch.

Here comes Mongo.

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Amazing that our government has come to this "agreement" with AIG.  I am reminded of Blimpie (who was a friend of Popeye and not a sandwich store) who said, "I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today."

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"A highly damaging — and deeply anonymous — piece of analysis started making the rounds on Wednesday. Sent from a specially-created Gmail account, with no named author(s), it explores “discrepancies” within published Spanish GDP figures.

It questions Spain’s official GDP statistics for the period between 2007 and 2009, suggesting the national statistics office may have understated the country’s decline in growth by as much as 14.2 per cent.

We’ve excerpted it below — and while it certainly seems to highlight what appear to be some interesting incongruities — the fact that it’s been published anonymously means it must be treated with kid gloves. Still though, it’s not the kind of thing Spain wants floating around the market this week.

The central premise is that certain indicators and components of Spanish GDP don’t quite stack up with reported national accounts data"


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What the hell just happened at 09:42???


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Big deposit to customer inventory and big withdrawal over at comex. OUCH.

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you forgot the second part: .....biiiizzznatchezzz!!!


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Breaking news: "A massive international cybercrime scheme that relied on Internet viruses to loot millions of dollars from U.S. and foreign bank accounts has been broken, federal law enforcement officials said. ..."

FBI Charges Dozens in Global Virus Scam:

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