Fuggedaboutit Friday - Dip? I Didn't See No Dip?

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Both the right and the left cheery pick to make points;  gee isn't the propaganda from both sides fairly obvious by now?

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Wisconsin teachers make about 100K with Benies, I should have such problems.... Oh and get 2 months a year off....  



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It's closer to 3 months off total.  If it's the same as here in Massachusetts, they work 180 days which comes out to a nice neat 3/4 of the work of a person in the dreaded private sector who gets 2 weeks off and is therefor working about 240 days.  So that rate of compensation is 4/3 of that or the compensation rate of someone making $133,000 per year.  They're very well compensated, better than most of the people paying their salaries.

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It's closer to 3 months off total.  If it's the same as here in Massachusetts, they work 180 days which comes out to a nice neat 3/4 of the work of a person in the dreaded private sector who gets 2 weeks off and is therefor working about 240 days.  So that rate of compensation is 4/3 of that or the compensation rate of someone making $133,000 per year.  They're very well compensated, better than most of the people paying their salaries.

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when he said "U.S. companies shouldn't worry about inflation if they're planning on expanding their business."


He meant Silver and Gold mining businesses.

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The public unions couldn't bankrupt states and counties on their own. They needed the politicians to go along.  Just like the politicians are owned by the TBTFs in Washington, the public unions have had too much influence on politicians. 

But you are missing the picture if you do not understand that when collective bargaining for public employees is outlawed, the influence of the TBTF/elitist class over that very same legislature will remain untouched, and in fact strengthened.   You just helped them eliminate one of their annoyances - they don't care about the money you pay, or worker's rights, or any such bullshit - the TBTFs/elitists care only to castrate a group that supports the Demoncratic Party and is a source of pwer that challenges their own stranglehold on the legislature. 

You may not like public employee unions but you need to think along the lines of "the enemy of my enemy is my friend," and support the unions in this one. Distasteful, yes, but I'm not about to help the TBTF/elitist scum to win another one.   



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Good point.  For more on public vs. private workers pay, you may want to read this article:  http://baselinescenario.com/2011/02/22/conventional-meaninglessness/

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By now you may be aware that included in Scott Walkers so-called budget repair bill is a provision to sell WI state owned energy producing assets at no-bid and with no-review.  It's unclear which assets Walker plans to hand over to the Koch Bros. at a discount for putting him into office, but I know there are people combing .xls files to see which might be at risk for transfer to the uber-wealty brothers.

This is theft, pure and simple disguised as some noble effort to slay the union dragon.

[You can then bet that the cost of energy for some WI communities will skyrocket.]

Most ZHers are suffering from the syndrome outlined below:

The mental stumbling block, for most Americans, is that financial crimes don't feel real; you don't see the culprits waving guns in liquor stores or dragging coeds into bushes. But these frauds are worse than common robberies. They're crimes of intellectual choice, made by people who are already rich and who have every conceivable social advantage, acting on a simple, cynical calculation: Let's steal whatever we can, then dare the victims to find the juice to reclaim their money through a captive bureaucracy. They're attacking the very definition of property — which, after all, depends in part on a legal system that defends everyone's claims of ownership equally. When that definition becomes tenuous or conditional — when the state simply gives up on the notion of justice — this whole American Dream thing recedes even further from reality.  

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We don' need no stinkin' dip!

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The teaser on the front page says

" . . so they bought out the President to say . . "

Freudian slip?



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I'm not sure if Phil meant bought or brought - and then changed it in one place and forgot to in the other.  We'll never know. 

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I usually read the posts by this guy.  He's got some interesting opinions and gripes, but in the end he's just a Wall Street gambler like the rest of them.

I don't have respect for people who earn all their money gambling on Wall Street.  They aren't productive members of our society.  They are part of the gigantic parasite that is killing the host.

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Add "pub(l)ic servants" to the list of parasites especially unionized govt workers.

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Break. The. PUBLIC SECTOR. Unions!...AND break the TBTF Banksers! 




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The libertarian Kochs are super rich and gave less than $2 million to Republicans in the last election cycle, which mathematically speaking amounts to nothing.


What BS.  Read this for an overview of the real political spending.

We do know, from Mayer’s reporting, that the Koch brothers have personally given over $2 million to candidates over the last 12 years, their PAC has contributed $8 million to candidates, and they have spent $50 million on lobbying. The Charles Koch Foundation has given $48 million, and another foundation they control gave $28 million. David Koch’s foundation gave more than $120 million. According to Mayer, $196 million dollars in total was distributed in the last 10 years to conservative causes and institutions.


That all, as they say, is not chicken feed, and it begs the question: How in the heck did they stay under the radar for as long as they did?


Part of the reason is that much of what they did was not reportable but, more important, until recently they were not pouring the millions into campaigns through advertising and expenditures allowed due to the Citizens United Supreme Court case.


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The Kochs also support drug legalization, gay marriage and reductions in defense spending.  But these facts don't help to create an evil villain image, so ignore them.

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Stop trying to change the subject using your Democrat union talking points about the Koch brothers.  The public gvt union "workers" are bankrupting states and America.  We get it - many of us pay taxes.

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Have you been in a coma since 2008?

Did you miss the whole Wall Street bail-out thing?

Try this for a refresher--


Try this for some reality--

MADISON, Wis. -- David Rhode is a paramedic in Middleton, Wis. He works 56 hours a week, mostly in 24-hour shifts, frequently carrying wheezy patients up and down flights of stairs. He said he earns about $43,000 a year.

HuffPost asked Rhode, 36, how it feels to be overpaid. His eyebrows went up.

"I drove my Ford Focus here," he said. "I live in a 950-square-foot condominium!"


On the ground floor, Madison resident Pete Silva told HuffPost he had been a firefighter for 26 years when he retired in September at age 52. Silva said he worked 56 hours a week, often 24-hour shifts, driving a fire engine in response to fires and medical emergencies. He said his salary started at $31,000 and had reached $60,000 by the time he retired.


Silva said his pension provides $30,000 a year, which isn't enough for him to live on, so he's taken a job as an instructor in the Wisconsin Technical College System, earning roughly $55,000 a year. His total income is significantly higher than what he earned as a firefighter, but he makes no apologies, arguing that a nice pension was part of the deal he made in exchange for his decades in a dangerous job. He said he sustained two neck injuries from lifting "very, very heavy patients" and has had to replace herniated discs.



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I thought they were Public Servants?


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Yes, they are public servants--not cannon fodder...and they expect that they will not be put in harm's way intentionally.

Walker thought about bringing in "trouble makers" which would put all first responders at risk.

He's losing support by the second.

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Since WI Gov. Scott Walker got punked by a gonzo journalist pretending to be one of his corporate masters and admitted to thinking about bringing in trouble makers to the Capitol Building demonstrations, the "police" (one of three groups he exempted from his proposed end to collective bargaining) have seriously reconsidered their support for him.

The largest law enforcement association in the state is now in open revolt


The head has urged his members to "sleep over" in the Capitol Building along the the protestors to insure peace.

The world's largest commune.


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Public servants my arse.  They extort money from taxpayers.  Fire all the union goons including the cops.