Fukushima Accident Assessment Officially Raised To Maximum, Level 7

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What started as less serious than Three Mile Island has just become as serious as Chernobyl, with the Fukushima disaster assessment having been raised to the highest, Level 7. From NHK: "For a series of accidents happening at TEPCO's Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station, Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency of the Ministry of Economy, which released large amounts of radioactive substances that affect human health and the environment in a wide range As an assessment based on international standards of the accident, the worst "level seven" decided to raise. "Level 7" is the same as the evaluation occurred in the Soviet Chernobyl disaster. Nuclear Safety Agency, 12, held a press conference with the Nuclear Safety Commission has decided to publish the contents of the evaluation." Of course, due to the much greater concentration of people, and the far smaller land territory, should Japan continue to persist with "controlling" the crisis with the same success as it has over the past month, very soon a Level of 8 and/or higher may be required. In the meantime, we are getting unconfirmed reports that radiation content in Hawaii milk is orders of magnitude greater than Federal Drinking water limits. While one can bicker over the exact number, it is certain that as long as Fukushima continues to billow radioactive smoke, steam and/or water, cumulative radiation levels, both domestically and globally, can only go in one direction.

h/t John and Enenews.

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You probably are depressed. Depression is only irrational when it is unwarranted. Personally, I would be more worried about anyone who isn't depressed, given that they actually understand what is happening.

Luck to you. Don't ignore depression just because it is a rational response, though. 

slewie the pi-rat's picture

well, you decide whether you are depressed or not.  in case of doubt, assume yes.  why not?  i don't do headaches.  once in a while, i get a little headache.  i go lie down until the headache goes completely away.  works every time!  very few headaches.

Fight Club Depression Treatment:  same thing with possible depression.  just go to bed.  when you're sure you feel better, get up!  coupla years, what the hell?  at least you did the right thing!

lincolnsteffens's picture

ESPN is just a proxy for going to war. People are so frustrated by being controlled more and more every time new legislation is passed that they act out a little while watching sports. It relieves the urge to pick up a gun or a club.

Bringin It's picture

Sports brodcasting in the Homeland is all about the droning promoters, droning on about nothing, so as to not leave the audience with the possible inconvenience of an original thought.

Blow-up your TV.

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I get the eyeroll when I mention radiation (especially in milk).


"No, that can't possibly be true.  There is no reason to panic.  Nobody else is panicking after all."

Rainman's picture

None of your friends drink milk anyway...Cheers !!

FeralSerf's picture

As long as they keep it out of the beer, we'll be OK.

Broker NotBroke's picture

Why is this ok?

Why do we accept that sheep will be sheep?

Everyone we let walk away with their normalcy bias is a contribution to the problem.

I'm as guilty as anyone of this.


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Cognitive dissonance wrote a very excellent article along these very lines early this morning. It is an analysis of this very question. Well worth a read.


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I'm still thinking about the suggestion from another ZHer about taking my Geiger into the supermarket and take readings from fruit/veggies/milk before putting in cart. Might make the local news if they try to stop me.

Kassandra's picture

Yeah, then someone will call the police, then the police will show up and think you have a bomb or something and then they will shoot you because..well..because that is what happens now. Death by Geiger counter.

So don't do that.

cossack55's picture

So then, Paul Revere should have stayed home and tapped the keg?


BTW, I'm 75% serious as just to protect myself and kin. Obviously the gubmint won't do it. Kind of like the borders thingy.

serotonindumptruck's picture

You will likely be confronted by store managers and asked to leave the premises immediately. If you refuse, and the police show up, you should receive one warning from the authorities to vacate the premises, or they may just arrest you.

Might be an interesting social experiment, if you're willing to be arrested for criminal trespass. edit: and/or disturbing the peace

cossack55's picture

All advances begin with experiments.  Knowing some of the local LE types, I'll probably check with them first, but I don't think I'll be denied.

NotApplicable's picture

It's got nothing to do with LE. Grocery stores are private property. If you are doing things that will scare their other customers, then they can and likely will ask you to leave. If you don't, then it's trespass, and the LE gets involved at that point.

cossack55's picture

Ah, good point. Then can I file for a demonstration permit and picket the store claiming the may be selling radioactive goods?

disabledvet's picture

i've been thinking of taking mine to Capitol Hill and outside Goldman Sachs.  "Give the suits a little swipe down" just to make sure "it's all good."

krispkritter's picture

Get WB7 to create a 'Human Radiation Detector' t-shirt and just walk around making 'tick-tic-tic-tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiccccccc' sounds all day...should be f'in hilarious...be sure to let us know which Cops episode you get tasered on...

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And everyone wondered why the neoconmen were buying ranches in Paraguay and Argentina.  Maybe Bush wasn't as stupid as he looked and sounded.

goldfish1's picture

So you're thinking haarp or some such?

Drag Racer's picture

no silly, he's talking about North Korea doing some horizontal drilling and testing their very reliable nuke.

Cindy_Dies_In_The_End's picture

Naw dude, its called "thinning out the herd".


Darwinism is a bitch.

disabledvet's picture

"culling" the herd.  wordsmithing is very important in these matters.  we're "culling" the herd.

Harmonious_Dissonance's picture

No, this is a level 8. Three of the goddamned things exploded. EXPLODED. What the fuck?  How is it not the worst nuclear disaster ever? Oh, yeah, it is.

hardcleareye's picture

Nope, 6 total reactors that could go critical (even in cold shut down they require circulation of cooling water) if radiation levels get "off the chart" and things get "really crazy", plus 6 miles away you have the 4 more reactors at Daini...  so worst case, 10 x 7, 70...

Stuck on Zero's picture

Sorry.  Log scale.  Closer to:  7 + log 3.


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You don't understand how to manage centrally manage a crisis

8-3 = 5 which is what level it was up until today.

Today is 4/11/2011...4+1+1 +2+1+1 = 10 and if you subtract 3 (reactors that exploded) from that you get 7

And so it was written, and so it is.

Vlad Tepid's picture

You must be a numerologist...ooo! Ooo!  Can youtell me what will happen at the end of the Mayan claendar?  <humor>

Fenlander's picture

It's like snakes and ladders.  You squizzle down a long snake and start again somewhere near the beginning.

espirit's picture

Only if you can tell whether it was year zero or year one when the calendar started.  May not want to put off till next year what could happen this year.

Sarc on/off - I forget.

Bringin It's picture

We enter the plane of the galaxy.  If you look along the plane of any spiral galaxy, you will see a void.  The Mayans said the time will end on the Winter Solstice when the Sun appears to rise in the void, visible as a dark line, running the length of the Milky Way.  The plane of the Zodiac will be (is already ) in the pane of the galaxy.

plocequ1's picture

Well folks, Its been nice.Just remember this..

Man looks into the Abyss, Theres nothing staring back at him. At that moment, Man finds his character. And thats what keeps him out of The Abyss.. Too late


ghostfaceinvestah's picture

"Mother should I trust the government?..."

Broker NotBroke's picture

Sure, it doesn't matter if you do or don't, cause the majority does, and they make the decisions.

The Profit Prophet's picture

"Mother do you think they'll try to nuke my balls........."

The Profit Prophet's picture

"Mother should they build The Wall?........" (affirmative...make it a big one!!!)

High Plains Drifter's picture

if your balls got nuked would they turn blue?

espirit's picture

long "Lead lined Depends" - bitchezzz.

Sweet Chicken's picture

Mother will they put me in the firing line!?

Or is it just a waste of time?!


*right over Broker's head

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Van Halen - Atomic Punk


I am a victim of the science age
A child of the storm. Whoa, yes
I can't remember when I was your age
For me! It says no more, no more
Nobody rules these streets at night but me
The Atomic Punk


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And now, confirmation that our collective 'imagination' is once again, an accurate view of the future... this only means that it will be recognized as an 8 eventually, and maybe higher.  I am only certain that it is not contained yet and no material effort is underway to reduce the radiation spewing from the site today.