Fukushima Accident Assessment Officially Raised To Maximum, Level 7

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What started as less serious than Three Mile Island has just become as serious as Chernobyl, with the Fukushima disaster assessment having been raised to the highest, Level 7. From NHK: "For a series of accidents happening at TEPCO's Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station, Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency of the Ministry of Economy, which released large amounts of radioactive substances that affect human health and the environment in a wide range As an assessment based on international standards of the accident, the worst "level seven" decided to raise. "Level 7" is the same as the evaluation occurred in the Soviet Chernobyl disaster. Nuclear Safety Agency, 12, held a press conference with the Nuclear Safety Commission has decided to publish the contents of the evaluation." Of course, due to the much greater concentration of people, and the far smaller land territory, should Japan continue to persist with "controlling" the crisis with the same success as it has over the past month, very soon a Level of 8 and/or higher may be required. In the meantime, we are getting unconfirmed reports that radiation content in Hawaii milk is orders of magnitude greater than Federal Drinking water limits. While one can bicker over the exact number, it is certain that as long as Fukushima continues to billow radioactive smoke, steam and/or water, cumulative radiation levels, both domestically and globally, can only go in one direction.

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Yes, this is alarming.  It's the story of our times.  A catastrophe.  Junk me but I've had it with "bullish this and that."  This is about humanity, not how much PMs you're holding. 

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the death of a nation is not pretty to watch. but watch we must. because no one will get in the street and do what is necessary to avert this national catastrophe that is happening here. yes i am a metal head. but it does me no good to watch all of this. it makes me sad. it is bitter sweet. when you love a country, a country that my forefathers fought for on many occasions, this love sometimes causes one to stop and take notice of what is gained and what is lost. i fear for all of you in your twenties and thirties and the world that is coming fast toward you at a trot. all i can say is prepare for the days ahead. ozzie and harriet it is not.

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Was it Edgar Cayce who foresaw "the greater portion of Japan must go into the sea"?


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I thought that was California?  Maybe that was Donald Fagan.  "California/tumbles into the sea.  That 'll be the day I go back to Annandale. Tried to warn ya'/About Chino and Daddy Gee/But I can't seem to get to you through the US Mail.

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That would be correct. Edgar Cayce also said the great lakes would eventually empty into the Gulf of Mexico. Maybe something to do with that pesky Madrid Fault.

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They haven't raised it to level-7 yet. It's been recommended. Gold teeth are my desire. If level-7 doesn't come my way, I may to move on to bread.

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well they used many tons of silver direct from the Treasury to build our first atomic bombs.  it all got irradiated so be careful if you like "jingling the Roosevelt" in the pocket.  Your balls might fall off.

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When does the mass migration begin?  Where do you move a 100+ million people to?   

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If only there was some place with a bunch of empty houses being sold on the cheap...

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interesting...did you see my earlier response?

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yes.  Many things to consider here.  I've done too much reading and research over the past 10 years to sweep this event aside as "au natural".   Geologists are slowly coming forward with the message that much of Japan will soon be below sea level due to the fault line and the extended shelf that lies deep off the Japan coast (50 to 100 miles).  A little more heavy duty shaking, and you can kiss northern Japan goodbye.  I know for a fact that what becomes knowledge to me or others, is usually knowledge that has been kept secret for awhile.  There is every reason to believe that folks may migrate to the US or other places.  On the business side of things, just think of consolidation.  But not of companies, but of countries.  What a unique way to restore productive capacity and competition in the global markets.  Lots to think about ya know.  But many too busy chasing their tails in this fucked up game we call the markets.

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So you're advocating...what...sabotage?

To what end? Radiation affects everyone, even TPTB.

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Oh, come on.  There are NOT harmful levels of radiation anywhere else but Japan.  Look at the hard data and get a grasp on acceptable levels of exposure.  The first rule of thumb for all of industry for environmental releases is....dilution is the solution.  I worked in that field for two decades when it was never allowed.  Now its the norm.  Take a look around and you'll see that I'm correct.

Sabotage?  I don't know but I would say Japan had a limited timeline based on its geological foundation, i.e., living on top of an cured magma mountain.  Some pretty deep shelves right off the coast there.

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You believe there is no harmfull radiation outside Japan? I'm not saying you're wrong, I hope to Joe Pesci that you aren't, but on what are you basing your assessment? This page alone has provided links to insitutions reporting iodine in milk and food, I don't know how much to correct for zero-hedge tinfoil, you know? You've been in the field for 10 years, maybe you can enlighten me.

Would it be correct to say that you're implying causation, beyond the obvious potential for earthquake and tsunami, between Japan's location and the current Fukushima crisis? Why would it take a reactor meltdown to move people? If my house is going to be underwater, I'm gonna start looking for alternative real estate opportunities....don't nuke me bro.

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you be the judge...don't trust anyones judgement but your own.  Here's a exposure dose chart.  As an example, to convert an air concentration, you would multiply the concentration by 20 m3 (adult respiration rate) but make sure the units are the same.  That'll give you a daily dose.  The same can be done with other media.


For your viewing pleasure only (since you might be in the real estate market)


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Care to add some context to that navy chart?

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What is your opinion on internal emitters? I've read that it's a potential issue, consuming something that emits a "safe" dose, that continues to emit that does into your gut, making it dedidedly unsafe.


TToo much information, not enough clarity.

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I'm interested in what dogismyth has to say on this matter, but my understanding is that there is a very big difference between external and internal emitters, and it has to do with quantum physics and the differences between the distances involved with each case. For external emitters, the distances are typically large, and the effects of distant radiation are fairly well understood and are reasonably quantified (even if that quantification is only a statistical measure of the probability of cancer or death.) For example, being exposed to solar gamma rays while flying in a jet, and the consequent risk of cancer.

For internal emitters, quantum effects dominate and the energies are very high due to the small distances involved. Additionally, there is no legitimate comparison between a one-time X-ray and ingesting particles that continuously radiates folks for their entire lives. 

In my opinion, any comparisons between ingestion/inhalation of radionuclides and external exposure to radiation are not only scientifically illegitimate, but they are intentionally deceptive.

Why are these pro-nuke people taken seriously when they try to compare something that you can walk away from, from something that you cannot walk away from? Do they think everyone is scientifically illiterate?

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the dose makes the poison (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_dose_makes_the_poison)

a toxigen is usually accumulative (in its effect) regardless of the duration, dose or exposure if the target organ is affected.

your cells have a preset number of replications based on your genetic makeup.  Radiation affects replication, among other DNA translation processes.  With many toxigens, the body has natural defense mechanisms it relies upon to neutralize dangers to the cell.  Not so with radiation.  Radiation is a pure form of energy that does direct damage to certain molecular structures that are easily excitable (vibrational), like the bases that form DNA.  Not sure if this is a correct analogy, but its like reacting a substance, say tap water, with sunlight to remove chlorine or other volatiles.

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you also need to take into account that everyone is different in how radiation will affect them. The baseline allowable levels are for a young adult in very good health. To some, a very small amount can be very harmful while others can sustain doses which are much higher.

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And there's no 'safe' dose of ionising radition, because it only takes one cell's nucleus' DNA to be hit in such a way that the cell becomes cancerous to kill you. What's the chance of this? Infinitisimal. But each 'impact' you subject your body's cells to is increasing the risk.

Yes, there are unavoidable, 'natural' levels of radiation that we are all subject to. But just because they're 'natural' levels doesn't mean they're not affecting your health, or your risk of developing cancer.

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the migration to the west coast is well under way.  robo , needs to move over and be nice to his glowing neighbors.....

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We have a bit of room up here in Canada, but they may prefer a the glow in the dark milk to the cold.

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oh come on. canada doesn't have any sake, it only has freakin molson.......

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Not officially raised, yet. But obviously the probability is high and they're thinking.

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Strawberries, mushrooms with Cesium-137 found in Northern California; 5 of 6 items in food chain sampling test have radioactive particles


those mexican veggies are starting to look better and better. so now i have my choice between pesticide and radioactive contamination. God what a country we live in.

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Don't worry it's insurance. Now they can't burn us t stay warm without us killing them.

All those huge gas pipelines going into FEMA camps are a pretty sick joke on the architects now aren't they. Go long lead and start up a fake lead suit company that uses something that offers absolutely no protection.

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UC berkeley site has some straws data, also:  UCB Food Chain Sampling Results | The Nuclear Engineering Department At UC Berkeley

this is a bunch of stu's/profs/grad stu's  doing research, collecting samples and bringing them to etcheverry hall and doing the analysis with their outa sight instruments, which i think might include specrtrometers.  funky, too.  they collect rainwater from the roof!  one of their air samplers is a donated shop vac, same roof,  to which they attach trapping filters, suck the air thru the filers, and then run downstairs to see what they got!   the runoff samples are from the local creek and they test local grass (yay!) and cilantro.  

so far, it seems the rain is not good.  we seem to do much better w/out the precip landing, flowing, getting into plants.  between rains, things die down. 

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oh!  slightly radioactive strawerries in spaceway $3.99/lb plastic box.  buy one/get one FREE!

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those strawberries this time of year taste like soylent red

not a good taste, will pass next year

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Japanese nuclear emergency has risen to Level 7? See, everything only goes UP! This is extremely bullish for radiation. It will never go down. Radiation to the moon! Radiation bears simply refuse to understand that the level will never be allowed to drop. As long as government is involved, don't fight the radiation pump, just trade it. For investors with a 30 year investment horizon, consider looking for newly discovered Cesium-137 deposit investment opportunities in and near Fukushima. For those with a 24,000 year horizon, consider Fukushima plutonium operators.

/sarc off

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I wonder if Goldman will finally let their people leave??!

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take down of glenn beck.........


I told that boy not to be talking smack about the rebbes, but noooooooooo, just had to do it.......

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Incredibly bullish for TEPCO, outperform rating, immediate target 8, should be taken out any day now.

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What goes around, comes around.
Where to safely put it cannot be found.
It fouls the air, water and the ground.
iIt kills or alters all life without a sound.

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I rub my penis,

Stroking it furiously,

Plutonium cum


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you better not let him catch you around here doing that stuff. he will lay the smack down on your candy ass.......

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Radioactive haiku, bitchez!!!


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Trav7777, Denninger, Coulter, and every other mental midget that sneered at the implications of uranium and plutonium out of control and spewing long lasting poison into the air, ground, and water - shove it all up your collective butts. You deliberately gave a nod of assurance that YOU KNEW BETTER. You didn't. You only served to keep and put people into harm's way. Idiots. Screw off and die why dontcha.