Fukushima Accident Assessment Officially Raised To Maximum, Level 7

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What started as less serious than Three Mile Island has just become as serious as Chernobyl, with the Fukushima disaster assessment having been raised to the highest, Level 7. From NHK: "For a series of accidents happening at TEPCO's Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station, Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency of the Ministry of Economy, which released large amounts of radioactive substances that affect human health and the environment in a wide range As an assessment based on international standards of the accident, the worst "level seven" decided to raise. "Level 7" is the same as the evaluation occurred in the Soviet Chernobyl disaster. Nuclear Safety Agency, 12, held a press conference with the Nuclear Safety Commission has decided to publish the contents of the evaluation." Of course, due to the much greater concentration of people, and the far smaller land territory, should Japan continue to persist with "controlling" the crisis with the same success as it has over the past month, very soon a Level of 8 and/or higher may be required. In the meantime, we are getting unconfirmed reports that radiation content in Hawaii milk is orders of magnitude greater than Federal Drinking water limits. While one can bicker over the exact number, it is certain that as long as Fukushima continues to billow radioactive smoke, steam and/or water, cumulative radiation levels, both domestically and globally, can only go in one direction.

h/t John and Enenews.

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no doubt. A couple days ago I watched an interview with Morgan Freeman, a person whom prior to the interview I had some respect for. He spent most of his time talking about his single greatest concern, global warming. Fuckin actors, even ones who seem to have some form of intellegence, will do/say anything for a paycheck.

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It is odd (and unsettling) that the main-stream media isn't really following this at all.   Meanwhile the gang over that TOD, who tend to be a bit more...erm, levelheaded and data driven than those here seem to think things are pretty dire as well.

At the very least, the supply chain disruption as well as the energy and food shocks will seriously impair Japan's economy for a while.  Even if the fallout from this isn't as bad as some here would have you believe, the economic aspects are almost certainly bad.  You cannot efficiently produce when you've lost a significant chunk of your energy generation capacity.  And if you lose a good bit of your arable land, that's another dagger.

Who will purchase food exports from Northern Japan?  I suspect there are people who will shy away from all exports from Japan if possible.  And who will buy fish caught in their waters?  Heck, global fishing may suffer from this. 

So to go back to the original observation, the MSM has not covered this story because even if the worst fears aren't realized, even the perception that things are bad are likely to lead to people panicking.  That in itself is very scary indeed.





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i've said it b4 here:  trav 7777 is a freakin junk magnet!!!  i also like that plays goodcop/badcop at the same time!

he has posted some narrow-minded bigoted rants for the ages!  last week, he led off a piece with a li'l shorty and now holds the zH record for fastest 50-junk takedown!

still i have found his fuk_u posts quite valuable overall, and would give only 2-3 other z's higher grades.  frankly, i don't recall him being pollyanna at the beginning of this train wreck or not.  what i do recall is that he took the lies and attempted to extrapolate.  so, i don't gig him for that. 

style, he deserves whatever he gets;  fun is fun!  substance, i'd give him significantly higher marks than others, here, today. 

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bigoted rants?  Like what?  Stating facts is now bigoted?

All hope is lost.

You freethinkers are in a mental box and you fight to stay inside...ruminate on that.

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Trav, so sorry I missed your 50 plus junk blog, that must have been a good one!!!

trav7777's picture

you will probably get another chance lol

I am a symphony of junks.

Even chumbadumba was like "oh here, let me show you how to get junked," he got crickets.  Washed up.

So I had to put on a clinic for him.

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ok, trav.  stating facts is not bigotry.  point well made. interpretive levels?  labels?  quicksilverish Z stuff?  maybe.  i think you might know what i mean.  if not, who cares? 

don't lose hope!  rotfl!


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i have a crush on you, trav.  can't explain it. could be the word 'symphony' but i'm not sure.  the uncertainty makes it more mesmerizing.  also "clinic". have always been partial to clinique products--so pure.   

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so how does "orchestral" move you then?  along with a "little after school detention" with your "clinque.

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no no, some of your shit is downright bigoted. but it comes down to a difference of opinion. you honestly feel that certain races and/or ethnic persuasions have lower iq's and are therefore lower forms of life / deserve less respect. i don't adhere to that line of thinking. chalk that up to you getting wedgied by the black kids, or your girlfriend cheating on you with a hispanic dude. i don't know. it's kind of like the "65% of crack users are white but whites are 5% of crack arrests" type phenomenon. you just don't know what you don't know, but you assume you know alot more than you actually do. hence your disfigured worldview, despite your highly numerate and/or impressive-upon-first-glance credentials and knowledge.

either way. if you were as evolved as you claim to be, you would know better. so you lose.

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I will defend Trav here.

Some races do have lower IQ's. It's not a matter of opinion, it's factual. Native Africans have the lowest IQ's on the planet. Asians have the some of the highest IQ's on the planet. Humans of African persuasion are also more impusle oriented and they account for a higher crime rate as such...they have higher rates of rape, theft, and violent crime, not just in America but in any country/continent throughout the world.

He has never said any race deserves less respect or that they are lower forms of life.


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I must correct you:  aborigines in Australia have the lowest IQs.

The archetypical spearchuckers...whoda thunk it?

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Can we pitch them Maiden Lane assets?

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Didn't IBM experiment with the hiring of employees with high IQs in the seventies?  That didn't go too well from what I read.  People with high IQs also seem to be abnormally afflicted with the "socially awkward" gene as compared to say Australian aborigines and other lesser IQed individuals---an easily observable phenomenon, btw.


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The Jews are right up there with the Asians.



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i checked this website out. the data outcomes are skewed because there is no control for bias in the collection of data. For example, they claim that the disproportionate imprisonment of white vs black males is normal due to the underlying criminlity distributions. However, those ciminality distributions are based on arrest rates. But how do you control for the flooding of black neighborhoods with drugs via secret (and now confirmed) gov ops? Drug distribution leading to general decay in the surrounding neighborhoods and family structures? Then initiate a war on drugs and what do you get? highly disproportionate incarceration rates. 

the data is being used to justify a particular bias, meanwhile the data is not being controlled for extraneous variable factors that are difficult to quantify because they are qualitative and HIGHLY skewing

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People take pain relievers to relieve pain. You can't sell drugs to people not in pain. (PTSD mostly FYI)



BTW the study you cite is only one of many on the site. They all come to similar conclusionsYes the crime stats are flawed. OTOH maybe criminals who are smarter are less likely to get caught.

acrabbe's picture

Is it possible that these measurements of "low iq's", impulse orientation, higher rates of rape, theft and violent crime have any thing to do with colonilaism, slavery, false/biased media reporting, statistical manipulation, etc? Is it even possible? Did you know that 65% of crack users are white but they account for 5% of crack arrests? How can you explain that? I mean, it's easy to explain, but how would YOU explain it? Do you think that might have anything to do with the judicical system in the US? Conviction rates based on race? Plea deal/no plea deal based on quality on lawyer which is based on income and race? The police patrols based on property taxes? Bob Dabolina you're just another nut from some squirrel. Anyway, not trying to get into some moral argument about race and ignorance. You should get out more. Meet more people. You know there are whites who act just as crazy as those ignorant blacks you like to focus on. And maybe the "high IQ" asians are so good at math and science because of the nature of their highly populated, highly competitive education system that DE-emphasizes other forms of intelligent communication? I cannot emphasize "highly populated" enough. The most common person on this planet is an asian male, so naturally if there are more of them there is a higher probability that they will have a higher proportion of X. In this case you re talking about IQ's. Now I'm rambling. The point is that you throw out bullshit that you've heard but haven't really thought about. Don't you think you owe it to yourself to think a little more deeply about certain issues? God forbid you actually share these thoughts outside of your usual circle of dumbfucks or encounter someone from one of these "low IQ" animal groups and are put to shame becuase of your own short-sightedness. and I'm sure you have kids or neices/nephews who you push these backward views upon...

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the people always spouting colonialism, sexism, blah blah blah are just tools for their elitist masters

pitting one culture against the other, and making the whites to be seen as devils

the genocides arranged by European, white cultures were fomented by elitist, sociopaths, and not your basic white normal person with a conscience

these devils exits in all races, Mao, Africans (ANC) etc

the god fearing peole need to unite against the pigs

acrabbe's picture

i agree with your statement here. i am not some leftist. i understand the machinations of the "elites" who transcend race. But their efforts are to confuse the average man and are successful. I do not mean to villify the average white man, we are no "devils", yet when we fall for the tricks of the top bastards we are worse than that! Anyway... enough of this moral soapbox bs...

bob_dabolina's picture


You are beyond resolve.

trav7777's picture

cite the 65/5 and explain its relevance to real violent crime.

Do you ACTUALLY think that this somehow can be taken to mean that whites and asians are really committing murders but that they are not being arrested or prosecuted for it?

Because if that is what you are trying to say by use of this irrelevant and likely untrue factoid, then you are quite clearly an idiot.

The size of the population does not affect its average IQ.  Racial makeup does.  Fact.

Ignore facts at your own peril, dude.

Those of you who talk shit about "circles" and whatnot; you are usually the people who live in your little whitopias and have one or two token blacks around you if that.  You're not only full of shit but preeminent hypocrites.

The shit you write is rambling nonsense, illogical, fallacious, and stupid.  You refute nothing by saying "get out there and meet people."  WTF does that have to do with the FACT that blacks have lower average IQs?

Bringin It's picture

The whole IQ thing is like the bank's stress-tests.  The banks set-up the stress-tests and low and behold, regardless of how they perform in the real world, the banks did well on them.  What a surprise.

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in your incestuous IQ-test.

Let's drop by parachute, you and trav into the Oz outback with nothing but a pointed stick and bark g-string and see how many days you can keep breathing.

trav7777's picture

...spoken like a person with a low IQ.

So, aborigines can survive the outback but they can't do simple mathematics.  LOL.

GREAT, awesome, so you go live in a fucking mud hut and eat insects.  That's the life you want.  Why are you even on this internet created by people with high IQs?

trav7777's picture

dude, I don't "believe" that certain races and/or ethnic persuasions have lower IQs, they are TESTED AND DO IN FACT HAVE LOWER IQs.

I am not making this fking shit up, dude.  There's simply no emotional basis whatsoever for it; I grew up in a whitopia believing (as taught) that everybody was fungible and I simply found out otherwise just as soon as I was introduced to reality.  I encourage all of you idjits in your whitopias to pull your heads out of your asses.

Wherever you got that stat about crack use...cite it.  I can and have cited my stats.  Blacks very reliably commit slightly over half of the violent crime in the US, year in and year out.  That this is true is so easily proven that it should be accepted ab initio.  Only an ignoramus would contest it.

YOU are the one with the disfigured worldview because the basic ASSUMPTIONS you operate on are flawed!

Imagine if you were in my position, talking to someone like you who doesn't seem to understand reality, who is clearly very ignorant of it, doesn't know the data and really has a ton of wishful thinking on the matter.

Yeah, man, I get it...you really really really want to believe that the equality myth is true.  But it's not.  It's a myth.  And this is why you and people like you are CONFOUNDED as year after year the data and reality keep confirming what I am saying.  It's because your beliefs are bullshit myths.

The mental contortions I see people like you go through daily to AVOID accepting plain reality staring you in the face really amaze me.

WTF would I "know better" if I were more evolved, you cretin?  That blacks really DO have IQs equal to asians?  You're a freakin moron if you believe that.  You believe in a freaking fairy tale.

You freethinkers need to seriously pull your heads out of your asses and start CONFRONTING uncomfortable truths.  But you are incapable, emotionally, just like all the "sheeple" and "lemmings" you decry on a DAILY BASIS around here who you say won't take the red pill and who want to stay sheep.  That's YOU.

Because if you actually take a cold hard look at the facts, you are going to very rapidly - if you have a logical bone in your body - conclude that what you thought was real was in fact bullshit.  It flies in the face of all you've had drilled into your head since day one.  What looks like injustice wasn't, equality is phony, everyone is not the same.

Believing otherwise leads your mind into all kinds of shitty places, like the moral equivalence box, self-destruction, and a whole host of other dissonant states.

Notice how you argue ad hominem.  Rather than refute my facts you make up absurd accusations like my wife cheated with a hispanic or I got wedgied by black kids.  Your argument on that basis alone is FAIL.

zen0's picture

I feel your pain.


There is another problem with suffrage. Women vote for perceived safety and against action. This has led us down the slippery (yum) slope to dependancy.

bob_dabolina's picture

Only motherfucker that got away with Enron was Asian. He later became the 2nd largest land owner in Colorado.

And look @ Ping Jiang...that mother fucker outperforms the market like it's his calling in life. He might stick a marker up your ass and piss in your mouth but he is a solid performer against the market.

Smart Asian SOB's

BKbroiler's picture

you make up absurd accusations like my wife cheated with a hispanic or I got wedgied by black kids

Here's the rub, Beavis.  It is usually something that happens in your personal life that turns you into a bigot, or worse.  That's why the wedgie/hispanic thing is so funny.  You must have really liked the girl.  You can get all Bell Curve if you want to, but a man with your apparent education who still believes that IQ plays a larger factor than family upbringing and education (both of which generally being dictated by economic situation in the US) in achievement and good citizenry is obviously carrying some pretty heavy shit around.  Maybe God gave you a small prick.  Maybe you got cut from Varsity football and blame the colored folks.  Hitler got rejected by the Jews academically, which formed his bias. The anthrax mailer got rejected by some sorority girl.  History is full of examples.  

Using fancy sentences to say stupid shit doesn't change the fact you're still saying stupid shit. 

Bringin It's picture

Some of your post is Ok, but some of your post is goofy.  For example, who is the anthrax mailer?  And I think Hitler had a beef about the banking practices.

trav7777's picture

here's the rub, butthead...nothing happened in my life.  Ever.  Seriously.  I just moved to NYC and was like any rational person, I said holy shit what I was taught was bullshit.

Where the fuck do you think IQ COMES FROM, moron?  Your PARENTS.  Stupid IS as stupid DOES.  Dumb people raise dumb children in shitty environments.  Smart people raise children in good environments.

In fact, you clueless oaf, they did a study a few years ago comparing high IQ kids against low IQ kids and found that IRRESPECTIVE of environment that high IQ kids SELF-STIMULATED and constructed an environment for themselves with higher amounts of mental acuity related tasks.

Also, if you are not too stupid to get this, but there ARE longitudinal studies, TONS OF THEM, whose subjects are identical twins separated at birth where they check the eventual outcome to compute correlative factors around environment, income, etc., and HEREDITY dominates.

this is a fact known by everyone who has ever adopted.  The bottom line is that you are totally ignorant.  Look at how you fucking defend something unsupported by fact!  You are a LEMMING and a SHEEPLE.

Making ad hominem cracks about my dick...your argument is EPIC FAIL.  You lose, checkmate, it's over.

gall batter's picture

rescinding my crush on trav.  i read that study and i thought it meant that high-IQ kids self-stimulated by masturbating in an environment they constructed through higher amounts of mental acuity related tasks, in other words, the introduction of VARIETY.  i must be dumb--too dumb for trav.  moving along, i'll look for someone else here on whom to crush.    

acrabbe's picture

You haven't stated any facts. You've just repeated myths, while at the same time declaring my views as myths. The fact is that all statistics you may have heard or seen supporting your views were themselves biased and based on an agenda. The statistics in regards to conviction rates between equally burdened defendants of different races bear out the notion that the judicial system is still flawed. it doesn't take a leap of the imagination to understand that America being a country founded on genocide of the Natives and slavery of millions of African is still a little biased against "people who look different". Recall the treatment of the Irish and the italians. Yet today, they blend in, but blacks and mexicans will never blend in, so the lowest common denominator of human character is exploited via racial supremacy propaganda. 

Someone like you will grow up and make decisions affecting others with those bigoted views at the forefront of your decision-making process. THAT is America. THAT is why the data is skewed and the actual results reflect the ignorance and institutionalized racism. Don't run from your white fear/guilt. You need to confront it so you can be rid of it, because there's NO reason for you to feel guilty/scared. But there's also no reason for you to think on such a hateful level either.

Your view seems to suggest that you gain some sort of ego support via reinforcement of superiority by thinking that other people cannot possibly be as intelligent as you, based on race. Or maybe you gain some comfort in feeling as though you understand the world? Whe truly you don't. Anyway. I won't convince you of your own ignorance. Maybe you will have a change of heart before you stop breathing in this lifetime. Hopefully it will be well before that day, so you can lead a richer life.


bob_dabolina's picture

Here are facts:

Bottom 16 nations are from Africa. It's the white mans fault for not educating them right? The white man has starved them of knowledge. Maybe because the knowledge comes from the Europeans & Asians....but why would that be?


Now go cry in your beer.

slewie the pi-rat's picture

well!  i'm just beside myself for using the "b" word, there!  only on zeroHedge!  Engineers' Local #474:  Bulldozing & Dynamite! 

GOSPLAN HERO's picture

Are the natives restless tonight?

MrBinkeyWhat's picture

I grew up in the 50's, when everybody that could was firing off hydrogen bombs for fun. "Duck and Cover"...I am glad we have evolved enough to know better, and am very sorrowful for my Japanese fellow humans, but as "Cognitive Dissonance" has wisely pointed out...until we change ourselves...nothing else matters.

disabledvet's picture

still, there is a certain "honesty" in "firing off hydrogen bombs for fun."  great way to impress your girl, ya know?  "look at that, honey.  and we have LOTS of those."

zen0's picture

It is very difficult for the average person to know if the radiation levels are too high. They rely on their local radiation experts.


The only way to to tell if things are out of hand may be to find out who takes the readings and if they are relocating their families or not.

Bruce Krasting's picture

WaPo has this at the bottom of their story. I wonder what other countries they mean?

With such a release, stochastic health effects over a wide area, perhaps involving more than one country, are expected.”

slewie the pi-rat's picture

right now, i'd say we're talkin russia, korea, china, taiwan, viet nam to aussie/kiwi, canada, u.s., mexico, with n./s.a., greenland & iceland on deck.

slewie the pi-rat's picture


not sure, tho, just bullshit.  i recently saw a map of the fallout from chernobyl.  don't know if it was straight info or disinfo, but it kinda amazed me.

it was like a newspaper page, with black dots on a map, heavy black = heavy fallout.  fukin dots all over the world, but the really heavy dots?  south from chernobyl, nice & wide, swing a little SW, and fan out real black over the  whole Middle East!  total blackout over israel, saudi arabia & eastern mediterranean countries to iraq.  

not the pattern i would have expected, offhand.

don't know what the fuk_u fans will look like.  i think the japan/pacific current and the jet stream will dominate, dammit.   i'm not sure we'll even get straight data as it is collected.  why should that start now?  all righty!  now that one or two websites are following the story, let's be sure to tell the whole freakin world how bad it is, ok? 

slewie the pi-rat's picture


just noticed bruce's use of the word:  stochastic, from the quote,...,... 

"those are some real killer stochastic oscillators around hawaii right now!  looks like the REIT's are still waaaay overbought!"

Tsunami Effect's picture

If this headline doesn't burn your eyeballs and make you want to put your fist through the computer, then the MSM has rotted your brain completely.


"Japan May Raise Nuclear Accident Rating asRadiation Increases"




In their own article the story is that the level was raised to 7 i.e. passed tense as in HAS RAISED.

How about the truth Bloomberg.  



"Japan Is Another Chernobyl as Nuclear Accident Level Raised to Maximum Level 7"




And its about time that those dopes who just took everything spewing out from Japan, TEPCO, our Govt. the UN, the MSM at their word admit they were wrong and shut up!

The vindication of this site and those who took the time to make some sense out of pictures, video, verified fact, nuclear experts who were not on the payroll of some MSM outlet or university and people reporting on the ground is a sad and horrible victory.  

Sad because we were right about the seriousness of this disaster.  Horible because at this point the MSM has beaten the story down so much that nobody seems to care that this problem is getting exponentially worse every week!


samsara's picture

Here Here.

(and we should all try and stay out of hot tubs & Single engine aircraft for the foreseeable future)

westboundnup's picture

"Because the forbidden zone was once a paradise.  Your people made a desert of it, ages ago."

Madhouse's picture

From the WSJ Editorial Page today: (You cannot make this stuff up)...

"We know enough to say with some confidence that the radiation- related risks are small immediately outside the 20-kilometer zone evacution zone in Fukushima, very small in the rest of Japan, and miniscule in other countries, including the United States. Clearly, the radiation risks are not big enough to change our travel plans (even to Tokyo or Kyoto), and certainly not big enough to stop drinking the water or even the food even close to the evacuation zone."   Some Nuclear Industry Payee Named Brennan...

WSJ: Smart reading for the average business wanna-be. Thanks Rupert for your continued contributions to humanity.