Fukushima Reactor 1 Drywell Reading Hits All Time High 204 Sieverts/Hour

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Remember Fukushima, the worst nuclear catastrophe in the last 20 or so years which soon will surpass Chernobyl in total radioactive emissions into the environment? Well, the radiation in the now officially melted down Reactor 1 has just hit the highest ever reading since the crisis began, or 204 sieverts/hour, recorded in the drywell. Not Micro. Not Milli. Sieverts. It appears the "excuse" that the counters are broken isn't being used this time, although we are confident that the "spurious reading" allegations will fly.

Courtesy of ENEnews, which has more.

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I've always wanted a third testicle and nipple. 

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Cramer, is that really you?

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My mutated super powers are really starting to develop nicely!

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Japan just needs to up the max radioactivity exposure again to 50 TeraSieverts and issue its own brand new geiger counters, this time without the counter.


[on the serious side] From wiki  above 10 Sv (10000 mSV) Death.

So you'd be dead in under 3 minutes. Also, from the diagram they spelt Fukushima as Hukushima and also shows two different values under current values and it says "instrument failure". I can only hope these images are wrong.

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"So you'd be dead in under 3 minutes."

Nnnoo, you'd be Doomed in three minutes, not dead. Takes way more than that to drop you promptly. 

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"Hukushima" isn't necessarily wrong - just unusual. "Fu" for that syllable is an English-speaker's tradition. A Japanese person who did not speak English fluently would more naturally write "Hu."

And yes, you'd be dead pretty quick. In 2mins you'd be vomiting uncontrollably and within another minute or two you'd probably have seizures and more or less complete loss of muscle control, with functional shut-down shortly thereafter. Actual body death might take a day but there'd likely be no coming back after 3mins.

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According to my wife, Green isn't a colour for me...


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Well.....It just might happen.  You will not see this on CNN.  Cute little bunnies being born with no ears next to Fukushima.  Here is the article and Video.....So cute.


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You won't see it anywhere... this will be hidden from the mainstream media. See no evil, hear no evil... and yeah, van Gogh was ahead of his time. No ears!

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"Thank you for the precious movie. We don't know if it is a coincidence or a human error. There is no sin in rabbit. We don't want to give up and prevent as much as possible. It's good if we keep our health as a result of it. If a baby without ears is born to you and someone you love, you can never get away with it. We can't say it's cute." - G0ingMerry

some things never change...

on a serious note..., pray for Japan

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Naw, it usually ends up with weird testicular and breast cancer.

I wonder who the hell they would pay...anything to walk into a poison radiation soup.  I suppose it's official.  Chernobyl and three mile island are pretty much a play yard scrape at this point in time.  At least the Russians had room to run from it.  Japan is a tiny broke island.


Well we'll see an experiment at work over the next while I suppose.

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Excerpt from:  http://news.goldseek.com/GoldenJackass/1306353600.php

The Japanese Economy is enduring the biggest collapse in modern history. Let's see if its cities can avoid cracks and rising tides. Their trade deficits are assured, my forecast. However, this time around a paradox of trade deficits and reconstruction costs will conspire to LIFT the Japanese Yen currency. Their government wants to limit stimulus and associated deficits and bond issuance that would lift interest rates. Their ministry officials want more debt monetization to inflate the problem away. The Bank of Japan wants to hold the line with no more purchase of debt. The utilities are forcing rolling electrical blackouts in order to avoid higher prices for electricity. Their carmakers have registered staggering declines in output. Their industrial sector is reeling. The solution most politically appealing will turn out to be not the hyper inflation from debt monetization, BUT RATHER SALES OF FOREIGN ASSETS. The sale of USTreasury Bonds is most politically acceptable, with a national disaster offering strong cover for justification. Their sale will be brisk in heavy volume, all in time. The rising JapYen currency will force the Global QE, as purchase of USTBonds that Japan sells will join the USTBonds sold by the USDept Treasury. An extravaganza of debt monetization will go global. Why no analysts discuss this is beyond the reach of Jackass comprehension. Probably blind spots, corporate directives, preoccupation with the sovereign debts, attention to the USGovt debt limit, and a new foreign war every few months. To be sure, plenty of distraction out there.

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The Jackass, at least on this point, is showing here such a lack of understanding of the Japanese situation (and finances and control of government financial assets) as to render his comment worthless. As is often the case, lay-writers who only read the WSJ and other blogs for their basic information are less informed than they think they are.


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How very clever of you to make a worthless entirely ad hominem attack on the Jackass,     presumably in order to pre-empt the average illogical trolls who have nothing else to contribute.

 The back-handed way you take a position behind the analysis of Jackass is most notable.

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It is funny isn't it :).  Jim Willie has been so right for so long it makes you wonder where a nameless internet mouth-breather finds the hubris to attack him.  Modern marvels :).

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Why won't the Japs sell all their USTs?

Because Uncle Sam won't allow it, that's why.

The Fed will open up another invisible (ie, unaudited) currency-swap/liquidity window/skittle-extruding unicorn to the Japanese central bank and all will be well for everyone... except those rash enough to think USDs are a store of value.

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knew a guy with a third nipple, never seen ball #3 . . .

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Radio host Don Imus has claimed for years that he has tres huevos.

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Filed under '101 Things I Never Wanted to Know About Don Imus'.

However, the engineer in me wants to know if he gets extra happy time from three nuts.

Probbie not.  Mental thread closed.

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Bigger "Money shots"!  ;-)

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The critical point here is differentiating between external radiation ( " a plane trip across country" ) which is truly background radiation, and internal emitters which are radioactive particles ingested and radiating the body from the inside. The bad side of the inverse square law is that internal emitters ingested through the food chain or inhalation radiate local cellular DNA from incredibly close range (even alpha particles " typically stopped by skin") as they are already intracellular. The argument can be, and is, made that there is no safe dose of these internal alpha emitters. Geiger counters don't pick them up, it just shows up eventually as increased cancer and birth defect rates...way too late. As a physician and questioning ZeroHedger, the threat level is unclear, but very concerning. Anyone interested in following and deciding for themselves ought to check out Enenews.com and Fairewinds.com. This is serious shit and I am amazed at the lack of coverage by the MSM, let alone the EPA, etc. Beware and be safe. Mark

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Thank you Mark. Yes it is very serious.

Here is a link to AG's wife interviewing a senior grad student at Worcester Poly who specializes in radioactive airborne transmittal. It's worth watching.


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You assume this extra ball and nipple will be in the right places.

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you could end up looking like a quail...

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At those levels, no time to grow anything, question is how close can a person walk towards that area without dropping over immediately.

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I always asked myself what would look like eggs cooked with gamma radiation.

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I've always wanted a third testicle and nipple. 


but did you want them in the middle of your forehead?

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Kinda give you that tingly feeling..

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As much as a good laugh helps to ease tensions associated with the unknown, this is not a topic that we should joke about.

The implications at these levels will have an impact on our food chain. Sea water is still being circulated back into the ocean. Airborne particles dispersed by the jet stream.

As #1 goes over 200 S/h, how long until all 4 are in full effervescent mode?

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Maybe you should post a list of all the things we shouldn't joke about. 

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Looks like we'll need a new scale.

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ZH did outdo itself in this coverage.

Kudos friends.

Keep up the good work.


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Those look heavy, can i hold them for you?

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they were already exposed to a couple of thousand seviert, hence the size.

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""excuse" that the counters are broken"


BTW, Zerohedge had it right when it reported high radiation numbers that were later retracted as a broken counter.  As a chemical engineer and attorney, I've seen these games many times before.  Facts are always the same.  Someone gets a reading they don't like, and then claims it was a bad reading.  It's almost never true.  But the mass media accepted the excuse w/o question, even though no facts were alleged to show otherwise.  And some posters even attacked ZH for reporting a number that had been officially retracted. 


ZH was right.  If you get a reading from a calibrated machine, it is likely a valid reading.  You can't fairly discount it b/c it doesn't fit the official story. You can only try and consider the reasons why.  In other circumstances, someone might say they didn't have a representative sample.  Someone might say the machine had to be recalibrated.  Some will try to dilute the data by taking a whole bunch more readings that give an acceptable result.  But that doesn't change the fact that the high radiation reading existed, and was believed enough by the engineers doing the work to get reported.  Kudos, ZH.  Kudos.   

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Got Lead?

Lead Jacket? Lead Walls? not bullet lead, thats wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy to small!

Lead to block the "X" / "Gamma" Rays!

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See the girl Naomi at the end discuss the Corporate Leaders.. Like Tepco!

Keiser Report: Savers vs Speculators (E149) http://t.co/j3zcSF4

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we need some coverage on this Lovely Lady Please!


Tyler, Ilene.. George Washington you just keep doing what you are doing! dont change a thing Bro! C.D.? how about you!





snippet! http://www.democracynow.org/blog/2009/10/6/nomi_prins

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you see the way she looked at me.

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My wife is in her second trimester with our first child. The failure to take action by the Japanese government is an act of war. If a terrorist organization had achieved this level of radioactive release via dirty bomb or whatever we would have declared (yet another) war by now.

astartes09's picture

Not sure bombing the hell out of Japan (again) is going to solve anything.

TomJoad's picture

You are right, it won't. This lack of effective action is absolutely unconscionable though, kind of like our lack of action against the criminals running Wall St. and the Federal Reserve. Their actions will probably be more harmful to my unborn child. AAARRRRGGGHHHHHH!


Jump! You Fuckers!

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"The failure to take action by the Japanese government is an act of war."

I totally agree. In such times a superpower should be able to move in and take over and cap it. Washington knows this!

What is taking so long!?

Take gold from .gov.jp to pay for our efforts and close the mess down.

Complete idiots should not be allowed to utilize NP.

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Agreed! You know that if anyone so much as farted near nukes in Pakistan, the US would be rushing in "to safeguard them". 2.5 months this shit smolders in Japan and not a fucking finger lifted.

As an aside, I'd recommend large doses of niacin, USP grade DMSO and bentonite clay for detox.

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Riiigggghhhht...just like they did with Macondo(BP)..."Done! Nothing to see here folks move along(that missing appendage shouldn't hinder you)..." I won't eat GoM seafood or anything out of the Alaskan fields for quite awhile. My aquaculture tilapia in high tunnels will do for now. There should be a more uniform effort from affected countries to control, contain, and confirm exposure to this f'in disaster. China, South Korea, ?, etc. TEPCO management should be completely removed from this chain just like BP should have been from the spill. These ass-wipes are conflicted in everything they do and should have no say in this except, 'We'll pay the bill.'. Any exec who doesn't thing this viable is immediately placed into the middle of the fuckup and allowed to expire as needed...have a nice retirement...