Fukushima Snapshot Update

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so how would the US govm't & MSM handle this differently from the Japanese?

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who cares? shit is hitting the fan. silver, bitchez.

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sadly, you're right.  TSHTF and all we get is offical double speak and lies.  thank God we still have the 'net, for now.

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With all the gamma rays, skyshine, neutron beams, fall out, radioactive steam, and radioactive run off, I would think that anyone left at the TEPCO facility would be written off as walking dead.  Just by the very definition of the word "problem", it only gets worse until it eventually creates its own fix, as time goes on.

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Blythe being deported to Fukushima.

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Blythe, Jamie, Lloyd & osama the indonesian...

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We need to wait that they contaminate the whole world before they (or should I say we?) cover the plant with sand and cement.

How come it seems you can't catch up with that logical?

Radioactive Cesium shower starting next June. Got a lead swimming suit, bitchez?

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newspapers and sawdust, with cement and polymers?




just like the gulf...and its back to leaking....foreshadowing of things to come

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1. Any reporter who would dare to say anything about it would have been put in jail.

2. Citizens would have received 50$ in compensation and would have been send to Guantanamo if they ever talked about it again.

3. You wouldn't have even know there was a Nuclear "accident"

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I believe we already saw the answer to that last summer, didn't we?

The similarity is striking.

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In a market for a new car, and thinking about buying a Toyota (which I currently drive).  Dealership pretty much told me that they anticipate a shortage of Prius models.  Even though the factory is in Western Japan, transportation and shipping "is a problem" in the words of the dealership.  Same goes for Lexus hybrids.

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did u ask about availibity of replacement parts should repairs be needed?

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I test drove the Ford Fusion Hybrid, which incorporates Toyota's hybrid system.  The sales associate indicated that in addition to a possible shortage of that particular model, the dealership was bracing for shortage of overall auto parts that are manufactured in Japan, although apparently it hasn't hit just yet.

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i had contacted a GM dealership about a new truck last week.....they offered to bring one to my house for me to test drive

desperation in spades....

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GM? Really?

Not classy john.

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I'm waiting for the Toyota Sievert.  I heard they were very hot.

The salesman said "You'll never need another car!"

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'Atomic powered' har har har  .... /sarc ... shakes head - can't believe I wrote that ..

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Powered by Mr. Fission. Just added processed uranium pellets.


Warning, do not remove Zirconium cladding.

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Does the Prius come in a 'glow-in-the-dark' model?

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Waterworld cometh......bitchez!!!!

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How many US Gallons in a Metric Tonne of seawater?


In the marine industry we used 1ton=1meter cubed=264 gallons



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USP grade purified water weighs 8.337 lbs per gal. add particulates(in sea water would be be alot, maybe 2 more lbs, as a gallon of milk weighs in the neighborhood of 14lbs) and rubbing alcohol weighs around 7 lbs per gal.

 So basically a ton of water in gallons(anything above 8.337per gal) would more depend on what/how much by weight of suspended particals/contaminates are in it.

napkin math= ballpark of 240-300gals

now through in the fact that the human body has a different bouyancy factor in salt water vs fresh...might through all my logic out the window...with out samples i can test in front of me. for example, 1 can take a 1000gal tank, brim it with 1000gals of water, and still add atleast 100 gals of rubbing alcohol without the tank overflowing (alcohol is lighter per gallon 7lbs)as the alcohol is absorbed by the water, the mass stays the same, but the weight of the tank has add 700 lbs over the initial 8773lbs of water. solids, if disolvable(into a suspension) have a similiar effect.

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"as the alcohol is absorbed by the water, the mass stays the same"


Ummmm, no.  Volume the same, mass increases.

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Finally, when the Americans where watching Muslims, the Japaneses got them...

And don't get me wrong : they fucked them damn good.

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"Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano says that if the current situation continues for a long time, with accumulation of more radioactive substances, there will be "a huge impact on the ocean.""

Or to put it correctly.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano says that as the current situation will continue for a long time, with accumulation of more radioactive substances, there will be "a huge impact on the ocean."

The "International Community" had better take a keener interest in solutions.

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The Japanese like fish head soup...soon their fish will have two or three heads to satisify them...

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I repeat: my deepest condolences to the Japanese people for this horrible set of events.

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Agree, proLib. My deepest condolences to the Japanese people and to Mother Earth.  Meanwhile, Jeffrey Immelt, in Tokyo, is confident in the safety of nuclear power: http://www.reuters.com/article/2011/04/04/us-ge-japan-idUSTRE7331WP20110...





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As RobotTrader said, there's nothing infinite paper and suspension of accounting rules can't solve.

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Only physical silver and gold will solve your coming inflation, dick headed.

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<<<  A central bank survey, underlining the concern over the impact of the crisis, shows that big manufacturers expect business conditions to worsen significantly in the next three months, though they were not quite as pessimistic as some analysts had expected. >>>

Better than expected.  BTFD.

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"Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO) began to release more than 10,000 tonnes of contaminated water from its crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant into the sea" 

Is it time to boycott Pacific Seafood?   Pacific Salmon anyone? 

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"Engineers also plan to build a giant silt curtain in the ocean to stop the spread of more contamination from the plant."

now that's thinking with ur noggin...reverse osmosis...add a buncha wood pulp, mayonnaise and corexit, and there ya go!

hell they could have that up and going in a week, not as if the local fishing boats (with their nets) can't implement this rapidly, i'd think there rather jobless right now anyhow.

but i still like the "boron impregnated bottle rockets(with extra confetti added) for the airborne stuff, after i see (as a former aerosol chemical compounder) how mortar type fireworks blast in the air.... 1 could maintain an airborne paper confetti blanket over the whole complex. then in time bulldozer it into reactors for long term disposal. 

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For the Confetti Blanket, they can shread their multi Trillions $$$ of worthless US Treasury Bonds and Notes piled up and sitting idle in their bank vaults. Doing so will free up space in what will soon be the only habitable living space (inside the bank vaults) for anyone that is still alive there on the island a year from now.

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Next month they will be dumping this months contaminated water at 30,000 times radiation levels. Just wait till June when they start dumping May's contaminated water to make room for Junes more contaminated water. Does anyone else see what is going on here? Insanity. Everyone better get a concrete and sawdust suit ready.  

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Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO) began to release more than 10,000 tonnes of contaminated water from its crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant into the sea to free up storage space for water with much higher levels of radioactivity.

...in addition to the 990,000 tonnes they have already released. So now it is A-OK to wilfully pollute our oceans with radioactive isotopes? Where in the fuck is the "international community"? What in the fuck happened to international law?! The Japanese "government's" handling of Fukushima is an object lesson that there is truly no greater danger to society than the state.

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"The Japanese government's handling of Fukushima is an object lesson that there is truly no greater danger to society than the state."

Except by the fact that TEPCO is a private company. This shows the great recklessness that is to assign the handling of a national security emergency to a private company.

In Chernobyl, the "evil" State acted quickly, using all its national security apparatus. This is why Fuskushima is going to be much worse than Chernobyl. The privatization of nuclear disaster response is not a very smart idea, as we are seeing in Japan.

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I wouldn't make to much of TEPCO being a private company.

The Japanese Government cannot be blameless just because TEPCO is private.

It is at the very least a National Emergency.

The Japanese Government might have let TEPCO a day or two.

When it became obvious that they were failing the Japanese Government should have taken control.

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Thank you.

It's a pretty clear argument against the "Privatization makes EVERYTHING better" argument when you can be punked by the Soviet Government.

I think it makes for a pretty good measuring rule of thumb for everythng.

If (Soviet) > (You) then = Epic Fail!

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Agreed. As I said above

"The "International Community" had better take a keener interest in solutions."

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Don't worry folks - Nuclear power is totally safe - one of the liquidators told me.



Bullish for wheelchairs right?


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After reading that article and seeing some of the more extreme cases of deformity (the baby with it's brain in a pouch outside of it's head) , I think it's definately a case (for some) for euthansia.

Those poor kids...

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Don't worry folks - Nuclear power is totally safe -

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

So's coal, and gasoline!


What about the gasous fuels, propane and natural gas?



Action point is at 50 seconds in ...

2nd white-out explosion at 1:27


Quoting Porky Pig: "That's all folks!"


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that's where i am.  at 50 seconds.  BLEVE*#***^EXplode.  my life is hell.

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...I also heard that GE will be offering 'any help requested' to fix the problem.


We are in some deep shit now.