Is Fukushima's Earless "Nuclear Rabbit" A Harbinger Of The Mutations About To Hit Japan?

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This is not good. From the RT clip: "A nuclear rabbit has sparked online panic in Japan. Amateur footage shows an earless mutant rabbit, and the person who made the video claims it was shot just outside the exclusion zone near Japan's crippled Fukushima plant. The clip has given rise to fears the radiation threat in the area is far worse than previously thought. The funny bunny has caused an online frenzy, with predictions that babies in Japan may soon be born with mutations."

h/t Louis

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could you repeat that, i'm a little hard of hearing on account of being born without ears.  thx.

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Maybe the equivalent of the Japanese guy from the Tv show "Hero's" will be born at then he can save the world?

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It is Binky's and Bongo's earless japanese cousin.

I must remember to be non-mutagenic.

I must remember to be non-mutagenic.

I must remember to be non-mutagenic.

I must remember to be non-mutagenic.

I must remember to be non-mutagenic.

I must remember to be non-mutagenic.

I must remember to be non-mutagenic.

I must remember to

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Anyone interested in HOT news especially from FUKUSHUMA should read


And BTW the earless rabbit is old news from two weeks ago.....

andthen read this

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Please stop spamming us.



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Informing us of the source of the news isn't spam.

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I am just posting links of sites that I find very very very very important and should be read everyday for news and events!!! TD cant cover everything!!!!

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Okay people, Fukushima scares the shit out of me, but we must check our facts.  Earless rabbits are not that uncommon.  From what I have read it sounds like it can happen when the rabbits are young and the mother overgrooms them, basically licking off the little ears.  Google "earless rabbit".


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Thank you for providing us with unsolicited links to your website. I apologize for the criticism. Next on my list is to click on each and every one of the penis enlargement and options seminars in my junk mail folder.


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THANKS WHIZBAG but they are not mine... I do take it as a compliment though and I accept your apology with a big rock of salt. Next up is to add your email to the penis enlargement mailing list as you have admitted openly that you are in need of a larger member. Godspeed

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HEY WHIZBAG is it SPAM if you would have known about the mutated rabbit two weeks ago??? I THINK NOT!!!! Its just another news site with tons of great topics all in one....... dont be an ass... i can list probably a dozen impoatant things that I read on those two blogs that never even got mentioned here.... not that TD doesnt do a fucking awesome job just that there is so much going on that other news sources are valuable.... I think its prudent

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Do they have anything that helps with spelling or grammar on there?

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Do they have anything that helps with spelling or grammar on there?

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Actually, I am buying gold crucifixes. Gives me double coverage for upcoming events.

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Don't forget silver daggers as an investment and to protect against mutant glowing green vampire bunnies.

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Wait a minute. I think everything you said in that comment is true.

Just in a entrepreneurial kind of way.

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Maybee I should post a ball sack since Tyler can not run a forum with some reasonable groundrules.

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What's up doc?


Nothing. Rabbits born with no ears happen here and then. Anyone born on a farm knows and experienced that. It is no sign of birth defects due to radiation.

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I agree. No obvious tumors, missing fur or skin. Shit, they might have just cut em off for the news coverage.

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Hmmmm thats interesting how often??

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At least he doesn't have to listen to anymore bullshit.

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They named the bunny harbinger.

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They actually have footage of it attacking someone!

Buy Gold!

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Pretty cute mutant rabbit.  I would definitely take one home if I wasnt afraid that it would feast on the flesh of my children due to an aberrant gene demanding human sustenance.



MSM reporting Fukushima is shitshow.

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Pretty cute mutant rabbit.

LOL.  When d'ya ever think you'd string those four words together?

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I know it just doesn't seem right does it?

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Just wait until he grows up to 40 stories tall and starts stomping skyscrapers.

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And some thought "Teenage mutant ninja turtles" was an oxymoron...

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...was there evidence that Chernobyl produced Central Bankers?

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dontcha have a Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch?  sheesh

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Earless Nuclear Rabbit. 

Shouldn't Jane Curtin be broadcasting this story?

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Atsuyuki you ignorant slut...

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Jane's meat curtains have nothing to do with this.

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Maybe Gilda could give an encore reprisal of either Emily Litella or Baba Wawa for a commentary: You wacky wabbit..... never mind.

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Rabbits raised in captivity have little use for ears. The energy put into creating ears which won't be eaten are betetr spent on "fattening" up the rabbit for consumption. This bodes well for future japanese food supplies. Long Yen!

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Japan's own Ministry of Education and Science's  simulations show that Tokyo and Kanagawa saw pretty heavy Krypton-85 surface concentrations on 3/15/11.


also the original pdf release(note you may need to install Japanese fonts into reader):

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that was from a Superman overflight

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I was wondering who would say something like that. I honestly didn't think it would be you.

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I have been following everything on Fukushima since day one because it was the marker or tipping point I was looking for that would bring about the full collpase of the economies. And the powers that be know it...... be safe...