Full Barack Obama "60 Minutes" Interview And Complete Transcript

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Stopped watching after the first soft ball question was asked.

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stopped reading after the post title

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Unbelievable how stupid and gullible 'MeriKans are...95% will watch this propaganda piece without even a shallow thought passing through their cerebral cortex.

A thought like, "Hey, would the President of the USA actually be lying his ass off to raise his popularity?".

Of course the warmongers, the apparatchiks, the faggots and the mongrel tribalists will shoot a load and wallow in the emotionality of the moment - even this thinly veiled facade!

In fact, the (D) & (R) Free Shit Empire™ leadership is so cock sure of themselves they didn't even bother to use a graphics pro to fake Obama Bin Lying's pseudo birth certificate:


Go ahead morons, keep voting for Change you can bleed in...

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It scares me to think about what Obama might do as a second term/lame duck president. I could see him doing way more damage to this country because he no longer needs people's votes. I get the feeling that TPTB really want him re-elected as his campaign seems to now be in high gear and he is suddenly doing things to try to gain popularity. They may have big plans for his second term. We NEED to make Obama a one-term president IMO.

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Last time I checked he was polling 10% nationally.. I guess only 90% of americans will eat this crap up.

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Oh my god, the smooth shit shoveler as lame duck? Christ, he could get away with murder...oh wait :-p  Seriously, good point though, I was wondering why he got tossed operation insta hero, they want him in that role, as you described.  Change you can bleed in, I liked that, may be prophetic.

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I believe that 'operation insta hero' was actually 'Operation Book End' ... marking the close of 10 years of 'War on Terror' and the beginning of a new period of 'War Against The People' (as if we haven't suffered enough already)!

Instead of stomping all over the globe "seeking out terrorists" -- and conveniently snatching a few oil fields, opium fields and gold stashes along the way -- the focus of the Anglo-American puppet masters will now change to "defending from terrorists" by imposing many more draconian curbs on personal freedoms at home.

Since none in Washington have any intention of fixing the economy, O'bomber will be a natural for a 2nd term of keeping the sheep pacified in their pens.

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Wow. I've used AI and other vector/layer and bitmap graphic programs. That video sure looked convincing to me.

Could they really be that stupid to not have produced a printed copy and then scan it for the pdf?

If they are, we are in even bigger trouble than any of us have thought.

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Yes, they are really that stupid.

Even Herr Denniger, who thinks he tore apart Obama's birth certificate (still patting himself on the back, while Pika kisses his ass), missed the simplicity of their stupidity (he didn't try to open the PDF in Illustrator to see if the layers were still there, because he assumed they weren't THAT stupid).

I'm glad someone didn't assume, did open it in AI, and then put the whole thing on YouTube, as the Obama Bin Lyin' ain't done in court, yet.


I still can't believe they released it like that, so yes I guess that means we're totally and absolutely fucked, because the media is either dumber than the Obama Administration, or totally co-opted and would print whatever lies they're presented with.

They're even going after pro athletes that ask questions now, calling them that dreaded name *GASP* "a notorious birther":


It appears Freedom Of The Press has now become Freedom to spread Lies and Propaganda!

God help the USA...

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Until now, i had no opinion on the birth cert issue. I simply viewed it as another official story with holes, but where there isn't really clear proof one way or the other. Without the ability to verify it, the topic seemed rather pointless to me..... because the (to me) only aspect that would make it big, would be falsification.

And then....... this........ i don't even know what to say about it..... i just want to bang my head against a wall to make it stop.

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It really is mind-blowing, isn't it?

Anyone that wants to see the truth about the "birth certificate", click this link and to stay in Wonderland and see how deep the rabbit-hole goes:


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this shit is like amateur hour

They grabbed a BC that had some shit they could use and layered on the rest....WTF.

Where is the media?  Surely some kid on the internet isn't the only one who did any verification? 

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Anyone that wants to download the faked birth certificate, and perhaps open it in Illustrator for yourself, here's the link:


(yes, it's still there)

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It's a win-win for Obama, if it inspires more birther claims, it hardens his base of support, if it doesn't, it still put to rest all previous claims. What matters not is whether it is real or not, what matters is what the people believe, for every photoshop expert that claims it is fake, TPTB has one to say it is real - there is no winning this argument.

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This is NOT a photoshop job! Thats the point....... watch the video.... this is not a matter of figuring out if something is faked. ALL THE DATA THAT SHOWS THE MANIPULATION IS STILL IN THE OFFICIAL FILE! They forgot to remove the data that shows the manipulation.

To explain it for someone who isn't that technically knowledgeable: When you scan a document, it is ONE image. The file on the whitehouse site is not -one- image... it is a collage of multiple images..... the info about the "cut & paste" job is still there!

So, "verifying it" requires no guessing or "estimation"..... nothing at all.... the data in the file outrightly and unambigiously says "i'm a fake, and here is how it has been done". Denying that this is a fake requires outright lying. There is no way at all to "spin" this... only ignore it.

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People with Narcissistic Personality disorder are, by definition, pathological liars.

And they don't care if you know. The act of lying is rewarding in itself for them.

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Ahh... I don't know where I'd be without my regular dose of hate. Helps keep me refreshed and focussed on Party ideals.


Down with Eastasia! .. or was it Eurasia..I might have blanked out for a second during the interview...

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Spit Jameson & Ginger Ale all over the place and stopped after;

KROFT: How actively were you involved in that process?

PRESIDENT OBAMA: About as active as any project that I've been involved with since I've been President.

So, not at all.

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You are some one I like. You are just a protoge, of the real man!

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A waste of fine whiskey sir, but know that I understand. lol...

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I have no reason to junk your comment, so I won't.  BUT, mixing Jameson with anything but water and ice........... blasphemy! ; )

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Doesn't that degrade the Jameson? Try it straight.

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Try pouring it down the drain and filling it up with real whiskey - - - from Scotland.

(Ya mick bastards!!)

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I live in bourbon country and am a Kentucky Straight man.  But I appreciate your enthusiasm for the Scot's. +1

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In all fairness, he did add Ginger Ale to it. I would have spit it out as well.

As for me, when I drink, it's JD, when I sip, Oban or Talisker.

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You spelled Whiskey with an E, which is of course Irish whiskey, the irish were making it for about 500 years before the Scottish rip-off.
Scottish version spelled as whisky...
Just saying...

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Jameson is the shit! Whiskey or GTFO, bitchez.

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so he was on the Golf course then ...thought it'd be hard to find a bigger slacker than G.Bush but Obumma has topped him... probably in BS too!

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He's got the market cornered on bullshit ZG, no doubt about it.

Just got done grillin some rib eyes...gotta feed the kids first ya know, and yes, adding the Ginger Ale is blasphemy, to some, but I like it...accept when its all over my screen.

Happy Mothers Day to all you mothers out there ;-)

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Enjoy your family and +1 for your kudos to the Mothers.  Mine taught me how to work hard, save money and invest it wisely.  I can't thank her enough for that.  She also taught me there is no sin in protecting what's yours with lead.  God bless 'em.

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I was taught the same, along with numero uno, the prime directive, the less people know about your business the better off you are.

As a side benefit, it also drives statists, corporate data miners and general officialdom insane ;-)

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Why would someone junk that?

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Because he has an agenda.

Observe: Near all posts in this thread, who got 2-5 junks, were criticism of the obama administration. And yet, there are almost no posts in this thread, who are pro-obama.

Bottom line: Those who are doing junking in this thread, are not posting.

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Pich(Pork and T's) on me Hasidic Prick.


Statists and corperate data miners. You worthless prick. You get B_-26 billion in love money every YEAR. You schlep the UNITED STATES every year with your security agency. I'm CHRISTIAN, and fed UP with THE JEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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STFU! In case you missed the thread we were praising our mothers.  I think stormfront is missing you.  I'm a Christian and I don't remember hate being the 11th commandment.

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I see my arrow found its mark.

My warmest personal regards to you and every last one of your proteges ;-)

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I un-junk you 2Quadrillion - so junker, whoever you are, do the ZH log-in math on that.

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Didn't bother to watch.  Just ask yourself, wtf is the POTUS doing on some MSM-owned programmed shill?  If he has something to say to the American people, regardless of the topic, he should be doing so in a pre-announced all-networks telecast.

Concentrated power has always been the enemy of liberty.'s picture

All I do is quote a congressman and I get two junks.  Why junk a quote without a response? 

Also, the man lies...a LOT.

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For someone who isn't going to spike his touchdown, he sure is being an asshat!

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Wherever alCIAda pops their little head up, intensified killing and war spending soon follows.

If this little bit of theater didn't send Pakistan a message to stop dealing with Russia and China, nothing will.

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up next.. Royal Wedding Photos.


(ZH, the most successful wikileaks to date)

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My word. Is this guy for real? Could have gottena  teleprompter to be a president would have been cheaper. I throw up evertime I see Waffle House Interviews. Ok, then no TV tonight , time to drink and enjoy Guns and Roses.