Futures charts; May 21st

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Your standard late night futures entertainment featuring all of our usual guests; FX trading Japanese housewives; FED 3am Cayman SPV/SIV, and our newest guest; PBoC [feat. Swiss Central Bank] with their special performance; "Prop up the Euro" [executive producer; FRBNY/Ben Bernanke]. So, relax, put the kids to bed and tune in at app. 8 pm for yet another adventure in  *que music* "The Outer Limits .... of Finance". Standard visual help offered below by our usual sponsor; Finviz.com. 











Agricultural commodities








Heat maps



And instead of providing you with a recommended read, as we usually do; we give you a musical interlude to enter you safely into, yet another night in a world in which "....money never sleeps, sport."


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gemini....... 21 May – 21 June

Individuals born when the Sun was in this sign are considered Gemini individuals.

Gemini is considered a "masculine", positive (extrovert) sign.

Generally, Gemini is considered compatible with Libra,

goddess of beauty, VENUS. miss september, here†

                                         got to wax first, than you will see.

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so everythings comin down..what are the best short (put) position to take,,,i mean like companies,,,,etf,,,index,,watever,,,dont say physical gold..cant afford that,,,n yea cheeky,,,do u work as an anlyst,,broker or in hedge funds,,,,m looking for a sumer internship,,,,

bad days will come n then good,,,so yea jus thinkin of preparin ma self for both good days n bad ones,,,wat do u say,,,wanna take me as an intern,,u can make me work 14 hrs a day,,,with min. wage haha,,,but wanna learn ....

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Nice tune, but if you like Arabic music check out;


I have no idea what she is saying, and I don't care.


Mark Beck

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She is saying "I love you, and I want to see you!"

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No, no, no.

"I'm living, in a material world...and I am a material girl..."

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For several days I warned of EURUSD buying support as detected by my indicators - and this has been confirmed by the recent Euro break out.

The proprietary indicators I use can identify trend changes before they occur.



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Thanks for the effort on the freebie chartosis.

 A few threads back we were exhorted to come clean for bad deeds of the past.

 I junked you twice for foul language, as I found that was not to the standards that we should try for here. Now that I am reduced to the foul language myself I will junk myself for my rage of today.

 The best to you Mr. Bastard.

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come on in, the water's fucking great!

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bye cheeky, it is very hard to follow a lot of this ZH content.

so i wish you well, ok!

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Contest?  That's Lord Blankfein the Squeaky...didn't you recognize His Verminousness?

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I shorted the American intelligence futures market today.

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looking around, i'm not sure there are many available shares...

if based on growing scarcity... a short might not be the right bet.

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cheap food getting expensive and expensive food getting cheap. green shoots everywhere i look.

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Holy-moley folks.  Here is the link to how to use FINVIZ:


I think Mr. Bastard has done enough to get the ball rolling.

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it's a great site. anyone try the premium? any good?

tnx CB - finviz and CB commentary. looked forward to as much as robo.

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Look at dem bonds almost 125

Bear's picture

Mr. Cheeky, thanks for the heat map today ... it must have taken you a long time to put it together.

Cheeky Bastard's picture

let click ----> copy image

left click----> paste

its all provided by finviz.com

Bear's picture

Like I said hard work . click . copy . click . paste ... knowledge is power 

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Can you put up some 3 month charts? 

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I really thought it would take at least until tomorrow until I heard "Hey everybody stocks are on SALE!"  but Bob Doll (he should change his name) of Blackrock just emerged from his cave and said it on Bloomb Asia

anony's picture

Never fails:


"Sell, and sell short, in May and Go away."

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I was not expecting that...thanks Cheeky Bastard!

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And now we're in that portion of the day where three people throw futures contracts at each other for a while.

It's all rather relaxed.  I wonder if this will be the calmest part of the evening...

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Great time! Props don't come to work until 10pm Eastern

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That S&P500 futures bustout below 1070 is supposed to be deeply concerning, but I cannot recall the article/thread that warned of such.

Can anyone help me out on that question?  Link, maybe?

Bear's picture

Try: http://www.zerohedge.com/article/market-depth-if-1070-taken-out-futures-watch-out-below

I just bought 4 at 1061.75 on low of the day breach ... I will hold for 10 minutes only ... Woops, I just got out at 1064 .... however, I do expect to see at leat 1070 once again this eve.

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interesting the way corn, wheat and rice etc are up?

people always need to eat.

Citizen of an IKEA World's picture

As an alternative, with a few spare tires, a sack of potatoes, some MiracleGrow BloomBooster, and a marijuana grow lamp anyone can grow potatoes in a garage or basement...as long as electricity is available.

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cheeky talk to me, please!

what makes them heat maps? b/c red color.

they are utterly beautiful, especially the S & P.

chart art†

you arrange the charts very artistically, like collages.



got my webmaster on top of it.

Cheeky Bastard's picture

nice first pic. very nice.

heat maps, because of the colorization of price movement .

velobabe's picture

I'm not a pro, but i do spend north of 16 hrs a day/6-7 days a week with my head buried in this.


colorization of price movement, that is very intriguing to me.

colorization of price movement, that's a beautiful phrase, actually.

tell me how, more please.

should i take off my shirt next. or would that be consider pornography.

Cheeky Bastard's picture

no, it would be ok, since there is a dude here with a vagina as an avatar [THE best avatar here]

colorization of price movement means that all negative movements are assigned to red, all positive to green, all neutral to grey. 


I'm not a pro, but i do spend north of 16 hrs a day/6-7 days a week with my head buried in this.



for the lack of a better phrase; simplicity of it all +  a new area to explore.

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Jesus, I thought I was on Sesame Street for a minute.

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When heatmaps are red we are becoming more communist.

When heatmaps are green we are becoming more capitalist.

The colors chosen (and what these colors represent) to represent advancing and declining is quite fitting.





velobabe's picture

a real one? don't know if i have recognized it yet, funny. check inbox†

assigned red, primary RGB. not

CMYK color model
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CB, I posted this question in an earlier thread so sorry for the dup.  What's your call on EUR now.  We got the rally via today's short squeeze.  Is it sustainable?  Do you think we can get EUR 1.3 prior to JUN futures expiry?  Your input is greatly appreciated.

Cheeky Bastard's picture

Yo Joeman ... i left a response under your comment

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fascinating . . . the master plan is trilateral parity . . . and i'm guessing 100-ish jpy/[usd|gbp|eur] as well!

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Great stuff CB.  Gonna pull up a chair in front of the terminal, pop some corn and watch the nikkei and the topix do their thing tonight.  many thanks.

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What the hell happened to palladium? did the russians go back to shooting political enemies?

Porkbellytrader's picture

ultra thin--no liquidity..it is prone to this sort of thing

silvertrain's picture

Thank you cb, much appreciate..