Futures Down After Shanghai Composite Plunges On Slowdown In Housing Prices, Foreign Trade; BoJ Policy

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Empty homes do not a boom make....

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NFIB Small Business survey declines..from 89 to 88.1.

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If all this negative news would have been announced in the US markets, we would have finished up 3%! Damn Chinese need to take some lessons!

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Another gift to traders....BUY THE DIPS!

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Leo can you write another 99% cut n paste article please, and WHERE is that big employment jump you've been yappin about for quarters? 'Buy the dips' derrrrrrrrrr.

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If you think doing what I do is easy, by all means, start a blog. The reality is you can NEVER do what I do, so I suggest you piper up, and enjoy the time & effort I put into my posts. On employment, the wage bill was up, so consumption will remain strong, but the GDP downward revisions were brutal, suggesting the output gap is wider than first anticipated. On the stock market, I've been making money, buying the dips. There is no imminent collapse of the world economy. PERIOD.

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I was going to make the same comment, but "tounge in cheek".  You appear to be serious with your suggestion.

What do you believe should be bought in this morning's dip?  I'm guessing solar.

Would this include FSLR?

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Keep an eye on JASO this morning, and LDK solar tomorrow.