Futures Plunge On New 7.4 Magnitude Earthquake, Tsunami Alert

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ES just took a big leg lower. It is unclear if this is due to breaking news of a new 7.4 earthquake hitting Tokyo and a subsequent Tsunami alert. Then again, there may be no reason whatsoever: this is a self-aware SkyNet after all. Follow the latest developments on NHK here.

And location of the Earthquake:

Follow the latest news on NHK:

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John Law Lives's picture

Some believe the Central Banks of the US, Eurozone and Japan etc. intend for there to be one primary global currency.  Some take it a step farther and believe this would be a precursor to World Government.  These really are scary times.  BenLucifer pretty much does whatever he pleases with little restraint.  I have never seen such arrogance.

BTW, plenty of people do believe in Eugenics.  Scary people.

Ruffcut's picture

I tried that eugenics work-out program.

Damn near killed me.

dogismyth's picture

i'll volunteer as a sex slave but only if i get to choose

gall batter's picture

This is heartbreaking news.    

Water, water everywhere,  

Nor any drop to drink.  Coleridge

Jim in MN's picture

NHK just misspoke--Tokyo Electric Cower Pumpany--what can you say....

"TEPCO says there is no problem--repeat no problem--with the facilities at the nuclear power plants"

sangell's picture

Yes, they evacuated ALL personel to safe ground so who was it exactly who is on scene to conduct an inspection?


Drag Racer's picture

I heard thet too and gad to laugh hard as I heard cower punkany.. Tepco's elite cowering punks.

Josh Randall's picture

Wonder how many other lackeys they have willing to take the podium and snivel after this new disaster. People of Tokyo, better get the hell off the Rock and into a country where they can start a new or ride this thing out. Sad stuff

Byte Me's picture

Coffee machine still works then Jim...

andybev01's picture

"The patients condition is unchanged; he's still dead."

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Very cool EQ monitoring program FREE and 'Bug Free' :



John Law Lives's picture

Is this HAL 9000 doing its BTFD?  This was quite a sharp reversal on the selling:


Caviar Emptor's picture

The scars from the flash crash and 2008 run very deep. All it takes is a one-foot tsunami to trigger deep deep fears.

John McCloy's picture

All clear..Everyone back to the trading desks.


Josh Randall's picture

++ The squid is sending that exact email to their Tokyo employees as we type 

Shell Game's picture

I had to feed the cats and missed TFD...

Max Cynical's picture

Quick...someone check in with Larry Kudlow on his take of the situation...

falak pema's picture

If those reactors burst we will have flying fish on nuclear fuel all over the pacific...Cape Horn will be full of six headed monsters...like they said in 1521...but they were dumb christians who thought the devil was behind every trick of nature...Now it man, or is it?

solidsteele's picture

What are the chances that TPTB can't cool the 'Fukwrindpshit' reactor,

and decided to try and create another tsunami in order to cool the reactors?

I guess a 7.4 needs to be 7.4^10 to be effective.


That would explain the "we're dumping radioactive material in the ocean" in

order to hide this strategy.



ziggy59's picture

interesting thought...people cant access haarp site for awhile now..


Waterman Jim's picture

 another Haarp system test? 


ooh thats digging deep..

Catullus's picture

Bullish. Carry Unwinders press wrong button while shaking. Click Internet porn instead. Forget to repatriate life savings. Bullish

FlashCrash's picture

It is funny.....I used to trade orderflow....and now, I trade swanflow...

VogonPoet's picture

Are there any white swans?

Ruffcut's picture

I could go for a black swan. I have a black cat and dog. This would give me the matched set.

Ethics Gradient's picture

No. I ate them.

They taste like golden eagle.

Kina's picture

What ?


BREAKING NEWS: No info on abnormality at Miyagi's Onagawa nuke plant: Tohoku Electric

Jim in MN's picture

TEPCO press conference:

Nine workers sheltering in seismically secure building on site.

Damaged unit control rooms are only visited once every six hours to check conditions.  Unable to carry out monitor at the moment.

Water injection is continuing by remote control. 

Tsunami advisory rather than warning at Fukushima.

Onagawa plant: Two of three external power feeds have failed.  No known change in radiation readings. 

Many gas leaks and fires on coast nearby.  Widespread water and electrical failures.

John Law Lives's picture

So much for "Operation Extension Cord" saving the day.

flattrader's picture

I've been watching/streaming PressTV which is the Iran English speaking new service.

Surprisingly, their coverage is often not bad re: the Nuclear Disaster.

I just saw a woman on the street interview from Korea.  Damn are they pissed about the fallout wafting over them.

You will never see this kind of thing on MSM that's for sure.

Some of the "experts" inside Japan that they've interviewed sound wholly credible and are definitely not what the Japanese Government and TEPCO want you to hear.

So, if you want other media reporting, you may get it from unlikely places.

franzpick's picture

USGS marked it down to just a 7.1

Going for more tuna and salmon.

ziggy59's picture

how does that work? How do they down grade a seismic graph that goes to 7.4 on many instruments? is it the same personel as the BLS? just asking..

RichardP's picture

The initial reading is usually from just a few recording points.  There are many recording points all over the world.  As time passes, they get data from more recording points to feed into their formula (which accounts for record-point distance from epicenter), and adjust the reported magnitude.  When they have digested the data from all recording points, they generate a final, official magnitude for the earthquake, which may be larger or smaller than the figure put out in the initial reports.  They do it this way for all earthquakes.

Drag Racer's picture

Onagawa nuclear power plant in Miyagi  prefecture looses power

Fantasy Planet's picture

"This is Tower 1, additional massive amounts of Black Swans are clear for take-off."

Drag Racer's picture

that is almost funny since there is a fire near one of the airports in the north from this latest quake.

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Black Swan squadron has consumed worm payload. Ready for crapping run.

Kina's picture

Market wont tank unless the Bernanke slips on a banana skin.

franzpick's picture

Warned several days ago about the new moon EQ window from around 4-1 to 4-9, and got junked.

RmcAZ's picture

Yep, and the "supermoon" a couple weeks ago caused several large earthquakes too. You know, the ones everyone was shitting bricks about.

DrLamer's picture

I have an explanation here:

First of all, and most of all - Japan got (and will get) the punishment for it's robotic/computer idolatry.

It was a real fun to read here on ZH questions like "I dont get it - why japaneses do not simply send a dosen of robots to fix the problem on Fukushima nuclear station?".

Second .... it was a gift right for my birthday this year. 15+ years ago I was granted a patent on a method of ... (does not matter). This method is very simple and cheap, it also reduces the risk of electric hazard in any electric device, AND reduces losses in *any* cable from 1% to 3%. I have sent a detailed explanation to the three biggest electric companies, and after that - to Sony, Matsushita etc. They all rejected it. The names of the three companies are .... yes, You guessed it right, General Electric, Toshiba and Hitachi - the makers of Fukushima nuclear plant reactors. Actually, I got a threat from a legal department of GE - after sending them a letter with my very informal response to their rejection of my cheap and simple method. I almost forgot it, but my Big Boss did not and gave me a very special gift this year right before my birthday.

Now is payback time. The japan people will now pay for computer idolatry, attempts to substitute humans by robots IN ANY ASPECT OF LIFE, for calling robots "almost human", etc.

Note to self's picture

Well paint me orange and call me a turnip - is THAT what this is all about?