Futures Plunge On New 7.4 Magnitude Earthquake, Tsunami Alert

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ES just took a big leg lower. It is unclear if this is due to breaking news of a new 7.4 earthquake hitting Tokyo and a subsequent Tsunami alert. Then again, there may be no reason whatsoever: this is a self-aware SkyNet after all. Follow the latest developments on NHK here.

And location of the Earthquake:

Follow the latest news on NHK:

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The Lord Creator has His own view on this matter.

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Yeah - he's smokin' the planet over your infringed patent.  Got it.  He must have gotten bored helping out his favorite athlete finally go 2-4 against a curveball.

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Patent is not infriged. It is simply NOT USED. It can ALSO save hundreds of human lives and health from electric shock and electric radiation each year.

It is used somewhere in Azerbaijan and Russia.

It GREATLY reduces Electromagnetic Radiation.


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Electromagnetic Radiation... too classic. Hey, your epidermis is showing.

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your a turnip, but at least we all 'get it' now...

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Lamer than most, indeed.

Check and see if you missed your meds last few days in all the excitement...

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Spidey sense is tingling - Fukushima DaiNI "no abnormalcy seen at the moment". Hmmm. Anyone got any links to current info re: DaiNI (i.e. recent sat photos)

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Last picture of the day by the webcam is from 19:00 JST - someone left a couple of lights on, but else there is nothing to see (normal or abnormal or other wise)


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Wall Street sees the entire destruction of a nation and its reversion back to Third World status as a buying opportunity!

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Uncle Henry auntie Em it's a twister it's a twister!!!!

Airplane reference in case you're slow.

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Tsunami warning lifted.

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And so the BOJ gets more chances to print money.....

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Dam earthqauke fuked up the rally man, all that pomo gone to waste


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Haarp website has been down for the last couple of days. Correlations have been made between Induction Magnetometer readings that were previously available from their website and the Haiti & Japan quakes. Plasma orbs seem to be correlated to haarp activity. Check out these videos:

Day before Haiti quake: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f0RzX3uqAls&playnext=1&list=PL32D3A90BBA583815

Two days after 9.1 Japan quake:





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1m of water coming at you 950 km/h. No probs! I can swim!

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Does anyone know the Earthquake rating for the Putzmeister pump with its 70m boom fully extended (to reach SFP of reactor #4)? A 7.4 quake should shake it quite a bit. At least more pumps should be on their way by now ...

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I'd stand under one during an earthquake ,they are very stable when the stability arm's are extended

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God must be very pissed at these people.

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but seriously folks.


Japan nuclear plant workers evacuated following quake

TOKYO : Workers battling to control the stricken nuclear plant on Japan's northeast coast were ordered to evacuate after a 7.1-magnitude quake hit the area and a local tsunami warning was issued, operator TEPCO said on Thursday.

"After the earthquake and the tsunami warning, all the workers evacuated to a safe area. The company confirmed all the workers have cleared the plant safely," a spokesman for Tokyo Electric Power said.

"We have no information immediately indicating any abnormality at Fukushima Daiichi plant," a spokesman told a press conference.

"We will release new information as it becomes available," he said.

Workers have been grappling to secure damaged reactors at the plant, which was badly hit by the massive tsunami that hit Japan's northeast on March 11.

Cooling systems were knocked out, leaving the temperature of the nuclear cores to rise and setting off a scramble to prevent a meltdown.

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Wow. Can it get any worse for Japan? Even the Sushi is not safe.

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Instead of 'it was software in cyberspace, there was no central core"


"it was HFT algos in the market space, there was central bank intervention"