FX Implications Of A High CPI From Citi

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I hope for a .3% increase in that case given my portfolio.

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and the manipulated number is 0,1%

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once you back out food and energy, throw in some monthly housing deflation of 1-2% and its easy to get .1% in "core".


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I just want a trip free life.

The nineties were great.

My toughest decisions were trying to figure out if i should put more money into reits or that janus fund.

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Good grief. I fthere wa a more asinine, manipulated NUMBer than BLS jobs, it's the CPI. Totally meaning-less. And it will move the markets.

And people still trade. Arrgh. Well, if you have genuine risk capital, I suppose that is good and all right, even then, just trade paper gold and silver. No? Triple ETFs will give you all the base-jumping risk-highs you need, no?

Good luck though, the Casino's chips are soon to be worth-less. A lot less.



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After all that they still failed to model the actual outcome. That's why it's so damned hard to win a pick 4.

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Again, why would anyone listen to these failed, insolvent bankers?