FX War Update: Rio Offensive Valiantly Defends The Fed's Beach Head

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Reinforcements from the BOJ, ECB, China, Mexico, Canada, Peru expected imminetly.



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Quick! to Isengaard

tpberg7's picture

Mordor Bitchez!  One currency to rule them all.....

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Link to Treasury with the maturity profile of US debt? Link to rule governeing fed purchase of any one partiuclar issue of debt?

EscapeKey's picture

Why? Why would anyone buy that worthless paper?

I can understand wanting to lower your own currency, but why on earth would they exchange their own currency for one which they have no way of competing with, in terms of speed of debasement?

If I was a CB'er, I'd sell my own currency and buy Gold/Silver (, bitches).


SheepDog-One's picture

I guess its all about kicking the can down the road for 1 more day. Insane.

Raymond K Hassel's picture

At the level of the CB - its monopoly money - money for nothing and chicks for free

tmosley's picture

Or, as was the case in yesterday, kicking the can down the road for a few more hours.

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If I was a CB'er, I'd sell my own currency and buy Gold/Silver (, bitches).

You're assuming the Central Banks always follow their own self interest (oops, sorry, I mean the country in which they are based and serve....self interest) and that there's no collusion among them. If so, I'll take the other side of that trade. :>)

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"Why? Why would anyone buy that worthless paper?"

Buy 'stuff' instead of USD's and you're only getting half the 'bang' for your currency devaluing buck. If you can up the other guys at the same time as downing yours, it's better than just downing yours.

cxl9's picture

True. And wouldn't gold/silver purchases in some measure improve a country's financial position, thereby partially strengthening its currency and offsetting the intended devaluation? From the competitive devaluation perspective, you get the most bang for your peso by flooding the world with your paper and removing dollars at the same time.

EscapeKey's picture

My point, though, was that even though you remove Dollars, Uncle Ben's Express can print them far faster than you can buy them, and hence make whatever you just bought entirely worthless.

If, however, you bought Gold/Silver, you might have to print twice as much of your own currency to lower its value, but at least you get something for it.

romanko's picture

If "you" could print your own money, and trade it for USD, wouldn't you?

It comes down to a question of which money is more conterfeit.

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I am sure buying gold over the acorded amounts is treason among central bankers. If some of them do it the IMF wont be happy.

scratch_and_sniff's picture

I love the smell of paper in the morning.

apberusdisvet's picture

Actually it smells like shit; just like the underwear at the FED.

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This will not end until we burn every last dollar in the fires of Mordor!

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Paging Ben Shalom Bukkake. Paging Ben Shalom Bukkake...

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Why attack a person's ethnicity?


Come out with a description of your antecedents so we can all have a shot


Explicitly state your bigotry so we can all know you for what you are.

Either way:

Quit using the pretense of expressing a legitimate opinion to spread your poison.

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Since when is Bernanke Japanese?

williambanzai7's picture

I am pretty sure he is not. However, he is a monetary bukkake artist

nedwardkelly's picture

Yeah... my comment was more at the anti ethnicity rant. When the only part changed is 'bukakke' I'm pretty sure the OP wasn't making fun of his ethnicity.

MarketTruth's picture

Wow, you have it so wrong and just don't 'get it'.

FYI: Am Jewish so that is not it. Look up the last word in his 'given' name above... then use grey matter of what the world, the Fed, etc are doing to the US dollar/him per se. Think, calculate, perhaps dare i ask you to critically think. This type of 'deep thinking' will then have you realize Ben Shalom Bukkake makes perfect sense.

Hephasteus's picture

He's a paid troll. Ignore him.

MarketTruth's picture

Am neither paid nor a troll. Just the new name for Bernanke made sense to me. Perhaps i am capable of deeper thinking than some others without tying it to some religion, race, creed, color, etc more than those who may have such biases.

So please remove your notion of such things and think more of the act and how it pertains to Benanke's US dollar action and those of other countries as it pertains to their actions.

Thank You.




francismarion's picture

Market Truth

Graffiti leads to broken windows. Broken windows lead to vice. Vice leads to felony.

Don't let the neighborhood go down. Kick that kid with the spraycan in the ass and make him clean up the mess.

There is way too much racism on the net today. It stinks and a little puppy becomes a howling pack pretty quick as you must know.

Market Truth, I am sorry if your intent was innocuous. But you are on thin ice. Be conscious that others are watching with less than benevolent intent.

I enjoy reading all comments and laugh and wince all the time without thinking about calling something out of bounds. But racism is my red line.

Hopefully you will read my comments on other subjects. Sometimes I like to jump someone for the fun of it, though not this time. 

Have fun. Yours in ridiculous outrage, FM

hedgeless_horseman's picture

But you are on thin ice. Be conscious that others are watching with less than benevolent intent.

Please, go fuck yourself.  You're too stupid to get his/her witty and intelligent comment, so you take it as racism, and reply with a threat?  Go fuck yourself.


francismarion's picture

I may have misunderstood someone's intent. But enough about me. 

Let's talk about that running sore under your nose. In the face of such suppurating eloquence, I am breathless, I marvel, I bow before the depth of your understanding.

I expire in your quintessence.

MarketTruth's picture

Francismarion, politely said and respect the way you said your peace. Agree it is a 'wince' moment, yet there was this word, a type of act i could insert into Ben's name and it made sense to me. Sure it is risky, perhaps a bit overe the top... yet so was the acts of many who help make a change in the world. Am but a small man, frankly, yet perhaps the name may catch on elsewhere and carry with it a meaning as was intended.

scratch_and_sniff's picture

GTFOH you moron...thought police alert!!! Dont mention race!! arrrrgggghhh!! its too close to the bone, its too scary, i could get fired! ohhh, people are different, thats fucking really scary.

For the record, personally I would be more offended if someone made fun of my big nose than the colour of my skin...no, hold on, that doesent work. I would be more offended if someone made fun of big ears than the colour of my skin. Its racial horseplay, if you take offence then, other than being irritating to the nth degree, you are totally demented.

francismarion's picture

If you are white, you are just silly and ignorant.

If you are any other color, boy, are you different from the people I have known before.

Race matters. Too bad for your world view. I suspect you know better and are just posing. With your big face hanging out for every one to gasp at.

Minion's picture

I agree - race exists and there are patterns to be seen.  Instead of being ashamed of being Jewish, why not celebrate being human?

merehuman's picture

i dont know since when truth is racism but the folks in charge of the USA are primarily Jews. Not sayen jews are good or bad, just the facts are what they are. Does this statement make me a racist? yet any statement made regarding this oddity gets junked. So are the jews racist or are we so bound by liberal political correctness that we fail to see the danger signs.

its like the other elephant in the room no one acknowledges. There is no law, no justice for average americans.

francismarion's picture

mere human

As with all your other comments I have read, I find nothing offensive about your observation.

It's when someone draws a false conclusion based on that kind of information that it may become inflammatory.

Personally, I do not look for justice in this world. Maybe I look for a little law from time to time, but my experience is it's dispensed bent as often as it is straight.

In the meantime I don't mind being anybody's fool as long as I can get my licks in.

Personally I very rarely junk. Usually for profanity. If that makes me the thought police, sobeit. A lot of people here are just stretching their lungs and let it all hang out. Me too a lot of the time. But there is a line and if you don't see it, too bad for you.

Max Hunter's picture

Personally I very rarely junk. Usually for profanity. If that makes me the thought police, sobeit.

Are you kidding?.. Stop being disingenuous.  You know why you were being fingered as the thought police.  Give me a break.. Wow.. ohh  yeah... and FUCK your thin ice!

francismarion's picture





Max Hunter

You are one scwewy wabbit.

I have seen some of your previous posts.You are another one that loves to hate. I'll be calling you on it one day if you keep it up.

See Max, bigotry is stupid. I like to point out what is stupid about it. I can see how that might make you shrill. Tough.


tamboo's picture

the original hate document says any criticisms are not to be tolerated!


it also states that any non jews who study it are to be executed!

the biggest haters of all are quick to charge others with hate/antisemitism.

StychoKiller's picture

Profanity just points to a small vocabulary.

"May the fleas of a thousand camels infest your armpits!"

Now creative insults, that's where it's at. :>D

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Yes, NEVER point out tribe membership.  It leads to THE HOLOCAUST