FX Wipeout

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Wondering where the volatility went? Just look below. Countries now trade like microcap, 3x beta stocks. Thank you Federal Reserve. Oh, and while you are at it, please sell some FX vol Brian Sack. Below is a chart of the DXY constituents: everything getting creamed except for the JPY, showing the only currency not used to short the dollar against. We can't wait for today's CFTC Committment of Traders update to see how many specs got blown up by this move.

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Happy Friday the 13th.

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OT, but ECB's Stark says "Euro really isn't in crisis, just trust him," and Germany favors a Greek "voluntary restructuring" (what would that look like? Is it like when the doctor insists that you gave consent to have him shove his hand up your ass?).

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OR you loose all your money, OR only part of it:you can voluntarily choose

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Read the comment by a poster named 'commander' on that page.  Had me in tears.  LOL.  Too funny.

"Commander. 25 minutes ago Report Abuse 
Oh... Achmed, I see you brought a friend....

Hello, My name is Jamil.... I am the plumber... would you like to see my pipe bomb

Oooohhhh,,, yes,,, take me like an infidel you big stud,...

Oh Jihad, JIHAD...

 [Start background music, Sitar through Wa-Wa effect]"

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i saw that.  i think ben and obama need better coordination.  ben should call obama and alert him to the need for distraction stories for the public while the fed is ravaging the market to position.  expect more OBL stories to trickle out

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The Bernank says that the TBTF get their money for nothing and their chicks for free.

Those not TBTF? Get your own money and chicks.

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CAD- "Why do I have to be Mr Pink?"


POSX- "Because you're a faggot, alright??!!"

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What does the right axis mean? % change?

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standardized Z via Bloomberg (so, std. dev.; would elaborate but MUIR avatar is too distracting)

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I dont understand WTF is happening. I thought the US debt will hit its ceiling on monday yet the USD rises?

Im so fucking lost

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ben is softening the congressman up;  round one shelling with margin hikes; round two bombing the euro by buying dollars - theres a military term for it but i cant think of it at the moment

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Its called, prepping the battlefield.

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No, you aren't.  You are right but the market is irrational and it can stay that way long past the point of reason.  So learn from my mistakes: 1) stay unlevered, 2) store savings in something that will be worthwhile after the fiat currency crash.  By any rational measure the US, Japan, and the EMU zone are all insolvent.  Mexico bought 93 tons of gold in Q1 (http://www.zerohedge.com/article/central-banks-purchase-127-tons-gold-q1).  Be smart, buy your gold or a farm and don't get pulled into the paper sham.  It will end.


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No doubt, it will end..The sad thing is that alot of people that are on the right tract and are thinking correct will give up and go back to the system , thats when it will go down...

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Be smart, buy your gold or a farm and don't get pulled into the paper sham.  It will end.

Good advice. I'm as good on PMs as I can be, but I need one of my oil, silver or gold explorers to hit something so I can buy the farm next.

I'm not holding out a lot of hope for it though as I am sure the big boyz will find a way to rake the profits from any explorers that hit it big while leaving the rest of us with less than we invested. It  seems to be the way things work in today's world.

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Farm is good and all...  I'll be on the beach in Belize spearfishing all I can eat sushi.  It's a good idea no matter what.  Dow hits 30,000?  Still a good idea.  World ends?  Still a good idea.  

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Great day TBFD in silver!

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I like your posts, I mean your mesmerizing vid pic

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I'm sorry ... what did you say???

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You have a great set of personality

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I am looking you in the eyes.

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Your avatar is awesome in terms of form, function, lighting, motion, attire, and of course, size.  Kudos.

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Either the precursor shocks to an currency earthquake or a full blown heart attack.

Who is willing to give the dying their last rights? I nominate Tyler. I'm sure he will be tasteful.

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When i think of the American economy as a party, This is what comes to mind.


I think i saw pelosi in there somewhere.

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That's exactly why I never allow cameras at my get-togethers.

And BTW, none of the hotties in that vid looked as skanky as Pelozi.

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With a name like "manthong" i'm not surprised.

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Insiders responding to something bad? It wouldn't be the first time the EU dropped a nugget after the close on Friday.


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Plenty have sought shelter in the pre-determined bastion of safety that is PCLN. 

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Funny, CNBC now has a currency trading show on Friday nights. LOL  Another way for the Squid to steal your money.

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And look out Spanish CDS today - more fun fun fun for the Eurozone.

EURUSD long trade is over, hop onboard the short train folks.

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Jap housewives back in action...

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This was a slam dunk for a contrarian, a real contrarian versus alienated rebels who herd together and think they are contrarians.

I am still too much of a coward to speculate in bonds.

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This part of the dollar rally wasn't hard to call - over 95% bears.    The real trick is what do you do when DX gets above 78 to 79 (assuming it gets there)?   Bear sentiment getting wiped out fast.  

I'm bailing out of DX long today and shorting the ZB if it stays north of 124.75

Buying AU with the proceeds - whoo hoo....

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 You know you don't have to act with me, Top. You don't have to say anything, and you don't have to do anything. Not a thing. Oh, maybe just whistle. You know how to whistle, don't you, Top? You just put your lips together and... blow.

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Also noteworthy is 4, four, gaps down on the daily bar chart of Goldman Sachs since the beginning of the year.  

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Also noteworthy is 4, four, gaps down on the daily bar chart of Goldman Sachs since the beginning of the year.  

Danno Anderson's picture

Also noteworthy is 4, four, gaps down on the daily bar chart of Goldman Sachs since the beginning of the year.  

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Wait, we're thanking the Fed for the dollar rally?  I thought the Fed was weakening the dollar?  Did they change course without telling us?

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Sentiment changed. The Fed is not printing as fast so thats close to a stop. Other markets are printing like hell and they can't out run the US Fed; so when the Fed slows down the rest race to catch up to save there embeded exports.

Politics and policy. Untill it crashes into physics.

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Robo, put up a chart of TRE - Jim is about to bitch slap the shortie hedge funds.