G-Pap Releases Video Clip

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Don't ask. It's all Greek to us. But since he is not tearing up we assume no penis shots are involved.


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Dead man walking, bitchez!

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Title of the video is "Its time for responsibility"... and he starts and ends the speech with the word "responsibility"...


.... the rest is the usual blabla... but this time condensed down to 2 min.

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I was expecting a totally rad saxophone solo. I walk away disappointed.

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I think you mean an aulos or lyre...Zorba!!!

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...it's only words, and words are all I have...






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Rough translation of portion of speech:

“”Despite my own attitude, the opposition managed the whole effort with communicative terms rather than in terms of political and national responsibility. Before we even discussed the matter, conditions were made public, that can not be accepted, because they’d keep the country into a prolonged instability and introversion, while the major national issue is to tackle the debt “.

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How can anyone take a man seriously who cannot even tie a Double Windsor?

You'd think if someone got that high up in the power structure, they'd at least take the time to add a little gravitas to the facade. He might as well be wearing a clip-on.

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Bend over George, you're getting driven all the way to Cleveland.

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"Don't ask. It's all Greek to us. But since he is not tearing up we assume no penis shots are involved."

Tyler is freaking hilarious but thank God he has made the math problem cathcha's easier.  Those integers were driving me crazy. LOL!


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What's under the podium? 

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When can I put a bid in on the Acropolis?

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Let me know when you place your bid CD. I want to purchase 'Gyro Cart' and themed iPad sales license from you.  There's an app for that...

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

I'll make sure all my ZH friends get the first screwing on the back end.

[Practicing to become a master of the universe. Did my voice sound OK? I hope it didn't waver.]

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CD, you can do it right now - all you need to do is get Linda Green to sign the documents.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

I'll get Banzai7 right on it. He seems to have the Linda Green signature down pat.

Is there such a thing as a forgery of a forgery? 

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man I love your sense of humor!  Thanks again for the pictures of the cats wearing the tin-foil hats. 

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

My cat still hasn't forgiven me for posting that picture. Do you know what it is like waking at 3 AM with cats claws in your scrotum?

A little kinky actually. :)

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They give me cat scratch scrotum
Cat scratch scrotum 

It's nothin dangerous 
I feel much pain 
I've got to ch-ch-change 
You know you got it when you're going insane 
It makes a grown man cryin' cryin' 
Won't you make my bed 

I make the pussy purr with 
The stroke of my hand 
They know they gettin' it from me 
They know just where to go 
When they need their lovin man 
They know I do it for free 

They give me cat scratch scrotum
Cat scratch scrotum

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 i take it you got a linda green collateral agreement to prove it...

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Nope. I took delivery. Here's me diving into the deep end.

Arius's picture

love your stuff and comments...no wonder TD upgraded you to post pictures...thanks!

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

He has regretted it ever since. But I have compromising pictures of him and someone other than Marla so he leaves me alone.

Blackmail.....Bitches. :>)

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i've discussed the theme intro to ducktales for years, you'd get seriously injured trying to dive into a pool full of gold coins from any height. gold is extremely dense, and coins are not like foam balls, they will no disperse as your weight pushes through them.


if you doubt me CD try filling your bath tub with pennys ( only if its on the first floor or it might fall through the floor) and hop onto it.


not that i'm saying you don't have enough gold, but i'm just saying better to try with smaller lighter coins first as those would have an even lesser resistance to scrooge mcdiving than would gold coins.



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It's always funny when they think lame recorded statements are going to appease an angry mob.

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I wonder how the digging is going on in tunnel #2?

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All these puppet president and prime ministers must have been promised something pretty sweet from their elite masters to put themselves on the front line as they do... wonder what it is they have been promised... $1m annum job at JP Morgan?

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Shares in Pandora, Linkedin, Facebook...

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I ask myself the same question..... isnt that very little money to become such a traitor?

Are million of dollars enough to betray millions of people?

I cant believe it... not for such a cheap price...

There must be some kind of menace or even mind manipulation going on....

... a puppet doesnt have to be payed well... a puppet needs the wires and strings to be attached deeply and strongly.

Thats how it works... and for that the manipulator (elite) needs to KILL the autonomy of the puppet (if present)

Arius's picture

take it easy my friend - what is going on is on much bigger scale than a puppet or two....try to financially protect yourself and family (friends if anyone will listen) and things will take care of themselves one way or the other...nothing is forever - it always changes...gia...

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already on it! Why you think I'm lurking around here at zerohedge's..

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"All these puppet president and prime ministers must have been promised something pretty sweet from their elite masters..."

Obama Bin Lyin' is counting on the Tony Blair deal from his Uncle Jamie...

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yacht and a free slip on a greek island.

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He was so pathetic

He said that he will reform his Socialist Gvnt and will proced alone.

He wants to join the Ceausescu club

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This is a man who thinks spending other peoples money is an inalienable right...

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Fake library on the wall of the tunnel

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Greek-ass muthafucka...

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That's the look of a terrified man.

Arius's picture

same Bazooka talk....

thanks for posting!

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We can't watch the second video in Greece.

Tyler, do something

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Macedonia is the Glory of Greece.

Go read History you idiot