G-Pap: "You Love Me, You Really Love Me".... Greek PM Releases Statement On Passing Confidence Vote By A Margin Of 4 Votes

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Once again, the non-Greek speaking population has the opportunity to poke fun at G-Pap's vote of confidence reception speech courtesy of Google Translate.

The Prime Minister, George Papandreou, the Ministerial Council of 22 June 2011, recommended the following:

"Our government took a vote of confidence yesterday by the Greek Parliament.

This vote is a confirmation of the mandate for the continuation of the difficult, national effort that began 20 months ago.

A tough battle to save and change the country.

Battle within to put our house in order and promote the great changes that are hungry all the Greeks.

Battle in the EU and internationally to ensure the smoothness of the course.

To ensure the financing of the country and make it manageable debt.

The overall international environment is tough. It is unstable and often embarrassing.

But we know where we go. Is there a specific national plan to implement in 2013.

Greece will succeed. As he did so far, despite the scaremongering and misery of some.

We are in constant and tough negotiations with our partners.

Our decision is not guarantee in any way and we guarantee the stability of our course, the prospect of our society and the radical change in our country.

This decision is not negotiable. "

Council of Ministers discussed the following issues:

- Draft Law: Law of Efarmostikos Medium Term Financial Framework - Rapporteur Mr. E. Venizelos

- Draft Law: New way of licensing and control building construction - Rapporteur N. Sifunakis

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Lets see how easy those votes come in for the required austerity. 

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I hope at least 5 PASOK members have the guts to go against their party, but I don't know. I am thinking they would have announced their intention to vote against the plan ahead of time, and made a clean exit before G-Pap and PASOK come crashing down. On the other hand, it would be absolutely brilliant to reveal their opposition only at the last minute so as to prevent G-Pap from bribing members of the other parties to vote for the plan and make up for the difference. I am afraid, though, that there aren't 5 people left in PASOK with a conscience.

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Do as I say!

...meanwhile money flows into G-pockets from unknow source?

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C'mon - 1.33% would be considered a HUGE beat in the USSA?

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And they would report it as 101.33%

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It's like telling an addict that if he continues on with his ways, then it will not turn out and then he goes for another hit and tells himself that those scary mean people did not succeed-- absolutely delusional and you can't help feel sorry for the Greek people and soon to be everyone else around the world that succumbs to the slavery of the debt and system.

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I was looking for a sentence in there to say "They tried to set us up the bomb."

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All of Greeks love to change.

Money is immaterial for success of Greece, as democracy is in bosom.

Continue to support us as we bums need to succeed without work.


Same old shit different day. You can put 10 pounds of cinnamon on chicken shit and only the politicians will now deem it chicken salad. They're gonna default; if not next month, then soon.

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The Greeks have to make a choice, either ditch the current government and join the productive class or continue a life of self entitlement at the expense of other people.

It's really that simple.

Charlie Bravo

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You understand that fraternities are identified in Greek?  They don't see  choice A as an option...

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Of course they don't.

Something is going to give, whether it be the Greek people....or the Germans....

This bullshit cannot continue forever.

Charlie Bravo

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I'm pretty sure that the majority WOULD actually agree, if someone promised to:

- Leave the EMU

- Default

- Cut spending across the board - for rich, poor and the government and its politicians

- Invest in encouraging LOCAL production AND consumption. Protect against corporations who abuse imports/exports.

- Implement laws that require that in the future all significant monetary decisions, including loans, must be told to the public transparently.

- Persecute a bunch of politicians and bankers who played a significant role in recent financial corruption.

- Change the constitution to grant the population the ability, to veto any government program via direct vote, so that their opinion cannot be ignored anymore in the future.


But alas, what are the chances, that the above will be proposed? See, thats why they will not agree - i also wouldn't.

Politician: "Yeah, well, we're broke.... so, you folks will now have to suffer, so that us can get away without any scratch."

Rynak/Greeks: "How about you instead go fuck yourself with a screwstick?"

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Well, Merkel's been getting awards, so I'm assuming she's gonna take one for the Greeks. Which means the Germans are screwed.

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The Greek government has the highest % of population working for the government. Until they freeze hiring for several years to bring the % down, nothing will get done. Changing the gov. may be worse as they will in turn hire their friends and their friends children in good gov. positions.

Best solution is to default, roll out the drachma, devalue it and let the people make money on tourism, which BTW is untaxable as it is cash business. 

Greeny's picture

"which BTW is untaxable as it is cash business"

And that's the main source of the problem. Everyone likes to

screw the system by not paying Taxes, but sucking everything

possible from it.. They want pensions, healthcare and no

cuts in benefits and also pay 0% TAX.. Good luck with that

cash Business, then you are on your own. Don't ask anything from

the .Gov then. Greece should be sold alone with people to Germany,

Germans like ogrnung..

CrashisOptimistic's picture

"Until they freeze hiring for several years to bring the % down, nothing will get done."


No, until bullet holes appear in skulls, nothing will change.

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Yes but it was the previous goverments (and especially Gpap's father) that changed the culture by encouraging people to go and work for the government.  So after 30 years it is only natural that many/most have become lazy bums.

In other words, there is something very fishy. They knew the deficits were unsustainable yet they continued to make the gov't an indispensible part of Greek culture.  Once that power is gained it is easy to manipulate the outcome.

So now they have people begging (errr...sorry protesting) to keep the status quo. I say they sucked everyone into a trap. Had the people never been so dependent on the gov't, none of this would be happening.

The only other solution is that Greek governments knew they didn't have the ability to speak the truth or the power to tame the Greek people and so sucked them in only to throw the blame on some distant, unapproachable organizations.

The only other possibility (and it is posssible) is that in the eyes of the gov't, the general population is so freaking stupid that they have to be so heavily manipulated "for their own good".

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Who's a happy Prime Minister? G-Pap smiles for the cameras while Athens burns.

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The police did a brief beat down for an hour after the vote, getting in some extra practice for next week. Not many countries ever have a 48 hour general strike with no change out of it.

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FYI Monedas Alert (wooup ! wooup !) : Yesterday was travel day ! Thanks for missing Monedas ! This morning a groggy Monedas was even more confused than normal when the first hour of Rush Limbaugh sounded like Zero Hedge verbatim ! Monedas 2011 Great minds tend to synchronize over time like the menstrual cycles of female sports teams !

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"Our decision is not guarantee in any way...This decision is not negotiable"


Short version

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interesting article on the trojan horse....

Trojan Horse Rescue in Greece

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I love it when a 4-vote margin becomes a "mandate." 

Then again, maybe Boy George meant "man-date" and this is a coming-out speech...

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G-Pap just went "Full Sally".

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My question is, IF the votes are in and Greek gets the "package"

Can French, Germany (and whoever involved) banksters safely pull

out their money from the Greek investments? The only reason I see

to dump 100 billion after the bad money, to pull out much

more and then let it default or whatever..

DavidC's picture

One can almost sniff what is coming... Ah, the smell of napalm in the morning... DavidC

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"This decision is not negotiable."

 - G-Pap

"Diese Entscheidungen sind alternativlos"

- Merkel

Oligarchy at it´s best.

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People may know that G-Pap's Papa and Grandpapa were Prime Ministers. People claim they were so much better than G-Pap. Perhaps. But here's an article that is critical of all three: "The Curse of Three Generations of Papandreous" or "Grand-Pap, Pap-Pap, and Little G-Pap sucked":



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Greek People: It was nice knowing ya. We'll be right behind you (Hoser/USA). Germany, there's room for you too........