The G7 Turns On Itself: BOK Sells Its Share Of Japan Rescue Dollars, Sends Greenback Plunging

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Remember when the G7 stepped in to valiantly sell yen when the Japanese currency was threatening to take out all of Wall Street with its hundreds of billions in wrong way carry trades? Well, it seems that today's bizarre sell off in the dollar was due to that particular plan crashing and burning, with Korea defecting from the pact first, and selling its $7 billion in USD acquired in the process of bailing out Japan. It seems it is fair game to buy the Yen once again. From a trading desk:

USD getting spanked today is Bank of Korea selling $7Bn USD it bought during the coordinated USDJPY intervention, and buying GBP and EUR with it. I can understand why they would get rid of the USD, but why buy GBP and EUR with it???? Either way, goes to show how useful it is to do an intervention, they drop the reserves 2 weeks after... we'll be back to square 1 in no time if everybody follows suit!

Remember - he who defects first and all that jazz...

(and yes, if $7 billion can move the EURUSD by 180 pips, we dread to see what the actual carry unwind instead of just impairment would look like).

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in fact the only reason the Dollar is plunging is because the clowns at Elliott Wave have been predicting it would rally for 14 months

nobody and i mean nobody is better at calling it wrong than Rob Prechter and his EW team of loons

Roy Bush's picture

Anybody heard from Martin Armstrong since his release?  I know he can't write but any info?

Pladizow's picture

Dont know when he was released, but his last writing is dated 3/11.

Anybody have any details?

SheepDog-One's picture

Funny how again all the bad news comes out after Friday market close. 1/2 Trillion worth of fake UST's seized in Europe...wonder how that would have effected the close?

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One of his requirements is NO PUBLISHING while under house arrest.  The items appearing on his web sites are not new items, or they are being written by someone else.  Lot of old stuff, that is pertinent is being re-issued.

tmosley's picture

What the fuck kind of requirement is that?

I guess we will all be under similar restrictions before long.  Christ.

chubbar's picture

You gotta be fucking kidding me? They couldn't shut him up in prison but let him out and all of a sudden they can restrict his right to communicate? What the fuck are the PTB worried about him telling us? This isn't a restriction about writing to his aunt, this is about keeping the public from knowing what is on his mind. I clearly don't understand how this passes muster with the justice system. What a bunch of absolute assholes running this system.

SilverIsKing's picture

Wasn't he incarcerated for contempt?  What does restricting him from writing have to do with his "crime"?  He was actually allowed to publish his newsletter while in the clink but now that he's out, he can't?

I know why they don't want him writing but to link his ability to publish his writings to his probation is ridiculous (but consistent with everything else the PTB does.)

linrom's picture

He stashed about $14.5 million in gold coins that the judge wanted him to turn over. That's a small fortune now, probably worth $70 million or more. He is most likely going to end up working as an advisor for some hedge fund(banker) or perhaps even Goldman Sachs. Unlike most people, he admires bankers--he's une of them!

We're about to hit Martin's low in June on his Economic Confidence Model after hitting peak in Feb 2007. Yeah, a low.

gosseyn's picture

Get with the program, please.  You don't know whether or not he stashed anything.  More importantly with regards to lumping him with bankers, it was a lying sack of sh** from  GS who was responsible for his incarceration.

I think I need to buy a gun's picture

once gold is revalued he'll be able to write again

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Armstrong has another dandy with "How and When". He sees the possibility of gold consolidating to $1100 by June 13/14

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only if the mayor uptrend between 1971-1999 of $1372 is not held in a monthly closing in 2011. So far, 1372 hold pretty good between end of January and end of March. The low for 2011 was on January, $1320 (low for the uptrend) then start a dramatic rally into 2015-16. Gold need to hold the $1372 1971-99 long-uptrend support in order to start a new rally only after things shake a little bit once QE ends in June...right after that, is a "to the moon" scenario.

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Me and Martin, we agree on that. I'd go even lower. much lower.


Back when...oct 18th 2010

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Funny how the guy who's been right was jailed yet the ones who've have been epically wrong, think Pr***er amongst countless others are allowed to be free. All part of the game. Suck the newbies in to be fleeced.

Temporis's picture

Hey Pladizow...

I like my job and don't want to add to the unemployment numbers... can you drop the boob picture so people at work can continue to view this site please.

Votewithabullet's picture

Fuck that, that fucking photo is the coolest thing ive ever seen. What the fuck job do you have that you wanna keep whilst you spend your time reading the news? Are you @the SEC?

MachoMan's picture

That and, practically speaking, what kind of fucking hawk can see the tiny avatar tits on your screen?  You can't alt + tab out of here like a pro before the secretary walks in?  Do you work for the SEC or italian legislators or something?

Pladizow's picture

You obviously dont like it enough to spend your time doing what your paid to do!

And I did'nt junk you - I junk no one.

falak pema's picture

You won't have many people junking your avatar either. Its the best thing after good black chocolate 

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sheep dog is that you talking in the video?

..and that seized fake u.s. bond story's been out fa' evah...

SparkyvonBellagio's picture

USD is backed by Warheads and Alien Technology.

End of Story.

PS I'm sure that the US will turn their backs if the Crazy Bastards in North Korea start to make a move South.

Oh we're out of money to help you. LOL

Phat Stax's picture

+1   remember now (for the 48th time) silver is topping and its next move is down.  Also the market looks exhausted, blah blah blah.  The short call since July has been spot on, just like the previous one from Sept. '09.

cossack55's picture

What do Iceland and Korea have in common?

It appears they are both fed up with the BS and they are both cold as hell in the winter.

Sudden Debt's picture

that I don't care about any of them?


T0mmy's picture

at wintertimes it gets much colder in chicago than in reykjavik

that means something too?

Steaming_Wookie_Doo's picture

But, consider this:

Chicago snack = chicago-dogs or deepdish

Iceland snack = fermented shark

Fred Hayek's picture

No.  Consider this:

Chicago women look like Dan Hampton and Refrigerator Perry.

Icelandic women look like blond versions of Natalie Portman. 

Translational Lift's picture

Yea but our f'ed up military will send everyone from Chitown to Iraq and everyone from Houston to the Artic............

werealldoomed's picture

Looks like we have a new member of the axis of evil..

Sudden Debt's picture

I have a theory about all this. It's not 100%, so if somebody disagrees, please step in.

The theory is this:


I know it's a radical idea, but after watching this market for years it always seems to come in pairs.


truont's picture

the Nash Equilibrium falters...

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Huh?  I have the Yen DOWN >1% on the day?  If they are selling dollars, they aren't buying Yen, unless the BoJ is printing 3 Yen for every one those guys buy.

SheepDog-One's picture

Hey Tyler how is the 1/2 Trillion worth of fake UST's going to effect the tail?

YouTube - 1/2 trillion $$$ worth Fake Bonds get ready for hyperinflation!!!!!

tmosley's picture

Why doesn't he just post the link to the story on a blog rather than read it with that dumb voice?

tmosley's picture

Wow, that looks incredibly incredible as in not credible.

Where are the primary sources?

Bill D. Cat's picture

Thinking the same thing , can't find anything else though .

magpie's picture

Does Lyndon enjoy April Fools like the rest of us ?

frippy's picture

What??? Did this happen again? I can't find anything about it. Got link?

falak pema's picture

you do know what day we are? April where are your smelling salts?