Gadaffi To Try Hand At Feudalism, Will Announce Power-Sharing Arrangement With Libyan Provinces

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In another TV interview that is supposed to air any minute, the Libyan leader, hopefully in a less surreal presentation than that from last night, will announce the devolution of power, and will provide local governments with semi-autonomy and their own budgets. Per Al Arabiya: "Gaddafi will announce on new provincial ruling to govern Libya with independent budgets." Next thing you know, some Sahara warlord will be forced to explain to his people how $10 trillion in budget deficits over the next decade is an incremental positive for regional employment trends. Needless to say, this attempt at recreating Feudalism will do absolutely nothing to pacify the population that by now is likely rather sick and tired of getting shot at by the Libyan airforce.

We will bring the interview as it becomes available.