Gaddafi Starts Bombarding His Own Oil Fields

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Back in February we were wondering how long before Gadaffi starts a scorched earth policy on his own country, and primarily his oil infrastructure, in a repeat of Hussein's non-triumphal departure from Kuwait. Turns out the answer is about a month and a half. With it now becoming painfully clear that the whole purpose of the humanitarian intervention is to procure preferential terms of oil imports from Libya's rebel alliance, the "humanitarian" force has forgotten that despite no airplanes, Gaddafi will likely not take too kindly to not collecting revenues from what he perceives as his natural resources. From the FT: "Oil production in rebel-controlled eastern Libya has stopped after troops loyal to Muammer Gaddafi bombarded several oilfields, the opposition said on Wednesday. The assault came hours after the rebels exported their first cargo of oil into the international market, potentially opening the door to millions of dollars of funding to sustain their uprising against Colonel Gaddafi’s 41-year rule. The attack against oilfields in the east was the first against production facilities. Previously, only port facilities and crude oil storage tanks in the Es Sider and Ras Lanuf, also in the east, were damaged during the conflict." We are confident that this escalation will give NATO the caed blanche to commence a land-based campaign and prevent further infrastructure destruction before Gaddafi causes irreparable damage to even more facilities (although Halliburton naturally couldn't care less).

More from the FT:

While storage could be repaired relatively quickly, production facilities are far more complex, particularly if oil wells caught fire.

Abdul Jalil Mayuf, an official at the Arabian Gulf Oil Company, said production had been stopped “because it was not safe” following an attack on the Misla field by pro-Gaddafi troops. “It’s not safe in the fields,” he said.

The attacks on the fields came as Arab nations backing the use of force in Libya were being urged to help train and guide rebel fighters as western military planners prepare for involving ground forces.

Amid fears of a prolonged stalemate, the UK and France are approaching Qatar and the United Arab Emirates to provide or fund military specialists to bring some fighting discipline to a ragtag opposition force.

This guidance, which could be supplied by military contractors, would be modelled loosely on the clandestine ground support and air cover provided for the irregular Northern Alliance fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan in 2001.

Air strikes halted forces loyal to Col Gaddafi from advancing on Benghazi but the planners realise it will take more than that to tip the balance.

Look for changes to this shortly:

Nato members are unwilling to provide troops to train or co-ordinate the rebels, leaving a question mark over how the next phase of the conflict can be prosecuted to give the opposition the upper hand.

Providing military support through Arab partners in the alliance is seen as a better way to overcome political resistance to western ground forces operating in another Muslim country.

And the ironic thing is that any imminent land invasion will only exacerbate things, as the Arabic world will hardly look too kindly on such a NATO-based invasion, forcing Brent to continue grinding slowly to their old all time highs.

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Gaddafi goes OJ, says "if I can't have her nobody can, Zenga Zenga!"

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"+1 trillion dollars" - Bernank

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+ . . . for a trite comparison between two Africans?


In any case, Libya has successfully polarized the major powers into two main camps: the anglo-saxon camp of U.S., England, and France vs. the "other" camp of China, Germany, and Russia.

History certainly rhymes. The only difference today is that China will play a dominate role in the World War. Amusingly, Japan will sit out due to its lack of energy and overdose of radiation. Its collapse is fertile ground for Chinese chauvinistic imperialistic expansion.

In addition to this, the U.S. will lose this time around. The answer as to why is simple, and is found all over this post: oil. Hitler invaded Russia, despite the fact that such a move was probably doomed to failure, simply because he needed access to the Russian oilfields to power his vast, innovative tank battalions. Invading Russia was his only move, as shitty as it was.

The U.S. no longer produces enough oil to keep up with its domestic peacetime consumption; it would be impossible for it to produce enough to power its war machine in full swing. It cannot import oil during a world war, because oil tankers are huge, delicious targets.

A contingency, of course, lies in the high possibility that Russia changes sides, like in all other World Wars. Slippery cossack sluts. However, in a final analysis, I personally believe that Russia will side with China when push comes to shove, because it is more geopolitically prudent for it to do so. The threat the bear faces is from its west, not its vast siberian wilderness.

The industrial powerhouses of China and Germany would be backed by the vast natural resources of Russia. A perfect, deadly combination. U-B-F lacks both the resources and industrial capability in comparison.

I had posted before that the major powers would avoid utilizing nuclear bombs in this war, because no elite, who owns all of the money, power, and women, would desire M.A.D. At all. However, I am changing my analysis for two reasons:

1) The entire world is slowly being irradiated by Japan, anyway, via its spewing of radiation contaminated sea water. This water will irradiate plankton, and move up the food chain in increasing amounts.

2) I recently read some of Einstein's thoughts on nuclear war. He states that such a war would NOT destroy civilization, because "there would be enough books and men capable of thinking to rebuild [it]." I tend to trust Einstein, although there are far fewer books and thinking men today than there were in 1945 (when he wrote the above thoughts).

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Have you heard the commentary of Lindsey Williams a chaplan from the north slope of Alaska oil fields? According to his theory the US has plenty of domestic oil reserves to power its military machine, its been sitting here domestically for decades off limits to local development and exploration. The US is awash in oil, the powers that be merely are waiting for the price to get into the 150-200 a barrel range before they reopen domestic production.


The US has been on a policy of using the US dollar to purchase and consume the natural resources from around the world all the while keeping most of our own domestic resources in the ground. I foresee the US being denied access to the foreign markets we now abuse to our hearts delight, and when that happens we still have plenty of crude in the ground to keep thinkgs going here at home for quite a while to come as long as the price of oil remaind high enough to turn a massive profit for our greedy US oil corporations. 


My take on this future conflict with CGR v UBF. I fear that the powers that be want to trigger a nuclear strike upon the west by China in which we will then be recast as the victims after absorbing the Chinese first strike. But then I live on the westcoast where we have already witnessed a Chinese ballistic missile being launched off our coast all the while the Pentagon tried to claim it was an optical illusion from a commerical  jetliner contrail.

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LW strikes me as a nice enough guy, a tad long winded but whatever...

Ever notice that as a Preacher he sells salvation and an after-life? Well, the Gull Island story is right out of the same play book...

Here is a sniff test: The TAP is getting to the point where oil flows will be insufficient to operate it. I can assure that the majors who have a interest in the TAP do not want to see that happen, so if there was oil that they could get to the TAP, they would jump at the oppurtunity...

Oil companies make money on the difference between cost of production and price...

Yardfarmer's picture

thanks all for the attempts at intelligent discourse before the thread once again inevitably returns to the yapping doggerel 

Flakmeister's picture

Yapping doggerel.... my, how erudite :)

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The guy has a decidedly hucksterish spin to him.  He talks a mile a minute, always in very grave tones, starts setting you up early for some news that he's about to reveal to the world, spends ten minutes building tension, then let's out the "secret" which is so banal and minimal that you'd be excused for missing it, then spends the last minute or so of his screeching pedalling his books and videos.


Even Alex Jones seems to be getting tired of his schtick.  Last time I listened to old Lindsey on AJ a few weeks back, AJ kept trying to get Lindsey to just spill the fucking beans already.

Can't blame him for taking advantage of the situation.  Pastors don't make all that much regurgitating the word of the Lord.

I am Chumbawamba.

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I believe that most of what is left domestically has poor EROEI.

I agree with your view that the west will try to trigger some sort of aggression from China; however, China is very patient. I don't think the dragon will be easily provoked.

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"[Japan's] collapse is fertile ground for Chinese chauvinistic imperialistic expansion."

Jingoistic nonsense! China has no history -- at all -- of "imperialistic expansion" ... unlike the US, UK and France.

China creates trading alliances rather than imperial conquests ... and has been doing so for all of its recorded history. Turn off your TeeVee before it totally destroys your mind!!

thefatasswilly's picture

"China has no history - at all - of 'imperialistic expansion.'"

Are you being sarcastic? By the way, I don't own a television.

sun tzu's picture

China has a long history of imperialistic expansion. They just never had the navy to expand beyond East Asia. Korea and Vietnam were once under Chinese rule. Japan was attacked several times as were other nations near China. Tibet was also conquered by China. China itself is an empire. It used to be several different kingdons before a powerful Chinese warlord conquered the neighboring kingdoms. Learn a little history before spouting off on something you know little about.

i-dog's picture

You, wise master of war, are the one who needs to bone up on some history ... particularly relevant history ... before spouting your mouth off!! :/

Firstly, "China" wasn't even China before the original warring states in East Asia were joined into a single kingdom now known as China -- 200 years before Christ and 1,900 years before the first "United Kingdom"!! -- so that tangent is a non sequitor for a start! (As another example, "Italy" wasn't Italy, either, until the many principalities were joined into a single kingdom).

Secondly, China considers Tibet part of its own territory (as it also considers a disputed part of Kashimir that it would like to have back, thank you very much!). Tibet was originally settled 3,000 years ago by migrants from what is now northern China!

Thirdly, I know of no such Chinese "attacks" against Japan (other than in self-defence after being attacked first by the daimyo class of Japan). Perhaps you can enlighten me with some links to your history sources?

Fourthly, China had a great navy that sailed around the globe to such places as the Middle East and the Caribbean -- long before your ancestors even knew what a boat was! China was still the leading maritime power in the world by 1400 A.D. (but for trading, not for building an empire). Even by the late 1800s, when England, Spain, Holland and Portugal were stomping all over the world building their opium, silver and slave empires, China had the largest fleet in East Asia and the 4th largest in the world -- again, for trading, not for empire building.

You armchair Rambos -- who call for war against everyone, yet habitually use false flag incidents to claim that they attacked you first and then leave your fellow countrymen to do the actual fighting -- literally make me sick!

You don't just know fuck all, you know fuck nothing!

thefatasswilly's picture

Wow. You are so ignorant it's amazing.

The empire known as China has risen and fallen many times over the past few millennia. Every time it fell, it fractured into little kingdoms which were eventually united again due to . . . military conquest.

More recently, please tell me what China is doing in Kashmir and Arunachal Pradesh? The Chinese military forces there are just keeping the peace for India, right? Idiot.

i-dog's picture

As with 'Sun Tzu' above, you are all insults and no facts, troll.

Quote some facts about China's "imperial expansions" and [unprovoked] "attacks on Japan" and I might debate with you ... otherwise, go back to the [Plato's] cave from which you two so obviously crawled.

thefatasswilly's picture

I never said that China attacked Japan, you fucking moron.

I may have insults, but I do back it up with fact.

If you don't know that China has risen and fallen/fragmented and reunited via military conquest again and again, you are entirely ignorant, and not even worth debating. Idiot.

Haywood Jablowme's picture


*Thanks for the junk....oops I mean "love" :P

BTW....give em' hell Gadaffi LOL


hedgeless_horseman's picture

Long Boots and Coots (HAL).

Joe Davola's picture

Haliburton now owns Red Adair's company.

krispkritter's picture

Why you gettin' junked? It's true. They bought it just before BP blew up the GOM. How f'in convenient was that? 

SheepDog-One's picture

I said he had that planned from the beginning. You want to come steal my oil? OK youll have to start totally from scratch, making the war and recovery a -scratch- game for you after I destroy all wells and refineries.

EscapeKey's picture

You're preaching to the choir.

SLA-recrute's picture

The K-daff sure paid attention when Sadam had to exit Kuwait...

AdTheNad's picture

And apparently we didn't.

Azannoth's picture

"(although Halliburton naturally couldn't care less)." I think they wil allow a certain degree of 'creative' damage just so they will have a pretext for 'rebuilding'

serotonindumptruck's picture

How many engineers does it take to repair a broken window?

Flakmeister's picture

Nothing like the smell of "Scorched Earth" in the morning...

Mercury's picture

You don't get to rule a country full of hostile clans of crazy Arabs for 40 years by letting yourself get pushed around by people who don't know what they're doing or why they're doing it.

John Law Lives's picture

This is what can happen when you stick your nose in other people's business.

Pants McPants's picture

Not that US citizens overall care, but I'm interested to hear the justification behind US boots on the ground......three weeks after we were told the opposite.

If this plays out as forecasted, Rockwell's law holds: always believe the opposite of what the government tells you.

SheepDog-One's picture

Justification? Because Obama the great I-Am said so, and americans will never stand up to tyranny so why should they worry?

sun tzu's picture

Obama is trying to overthrow all of the Muslim dictators and become the next Caliph

SheepDog-One's picture

Amazing americans are so under the spell of evil they cheer on outright theft as a good stock trade. Funny. But wont be for long.

chumbawamba's picture

What you sow is what you reap.

sun tzu's picture

I don't know of anyone cheering on this new war except for the government and lame stream media. The the Sec of Defense is against it.

falak pema's picture

He wants the Benghazi crew to stop exporting their piece of oil cake...As he is much richer...he can afford to wait and BUY time with his mercenary army...The NATO crap artists, as usual, are bombing friendly troops, as in Iraq & Afghanistan!...they've killed 5 men from rebel's that for coordinated cooperation!

I see Q-daffy sniffing at Benghazi before the WE unless the NAto moves its ass efficiently...Which is a BIG IF!!!

SheepDog-One's picture

Hes had 25 years to prepare, he probably has everything rigged to blow.

the not so mighty maximiza's picture

I am sure they are french explosives.

j0nx's picture

They all look the same from the air. Bombs away bitches!

sun tzu's picture

Boots on the ground boots on the ground. Lookin like a fool with your boots on the ground.


Yay more Western invasion of Arab/Muslim countries is exactly what we need. 

youngman's picture

I do not think we..the USA..nor NATO....nor France, Germany, Italy...know what the hell we are doing and why we are doing it....who are we defending???  This is one of the strangest conflicts that we are involved in that I can remember.....something going on here in the back least I hope there is something..otherwise we really look stupid to the rest of the world...

sabra1's picture

according to Lindsey Williams, Hillary CLITon was meeting secretly with the muslim brotherhood to rule each country after the present leaders are disposed. saudi arabia will be last, which will result in the oil price reaching its ultimate goal!

EscapeKey's picture

A friend and I played buzzword bingo yesterday during the LW segment:

His words: I'm pleading with you - YESMr X - YESWrite these words down - NOVoices of the Elite - NOBombshell - NOWon't be able to afford food - YESNew DVD (which costs like $100!) - NO

My words: The Elite - YESNorth Slope - NOBakken - NOken fromm - YESgold - YESgull island - YES

According to his records, I won 4-3! :)

Haywood Jablowme's picture

We're there for the same reason we're in Iraq and Afghanistan - the resources.  Hello?  McFly?  Is anybody home?


youngman's picture

Sorry Haywood....but what does Afghanistan have that either of us would want.....they have nothing..absolutly nothing...except target practice....and a great testing ground...

Haywood Jablowme's picture

you really have no clue do you?  "Google" much as I hate the company, it can be your best friend at times.


SilverBaron's picture

You overlooked the fact that their opium fields provide us with black ops money.

Haywood Jablowme's picture

and who fuckin' needs a bunch of worthless rocks?  LMFAO

yes, what interesting things you find within the matrix...

*pre-thanks for the junk....oops, I mean "love".  namaste LOL