Gallup Consumer Spending Data Refutes Commerce Department January Retail Sales Announcement

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I trust "everything" my government tells me...  Oops, there I go again, using words that are the opposite of what I really mean.

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A little optimistic with the use of "my government".  I suspect no ZH posters can afford to own any of this government.

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The USG data game will continue unabated...until it can no longer continue. I recall that every game of 'Hide and Seek' eventually ended when we got called to come in, take a bath, and go to bed.

Bath time is coming, and it's going to leave a nosty ring in the tub.

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Trust me sheeple...this is much more accurate. I run a nationwide retail store and represent hundreds of manufacturers/designers. I speak to them and others in my field constantly. I don't even need these polls to tell me. The consumer is in hibernation...and the government wants to spin (that means lie by the way) the numbers to increase confidence.

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As a consumer, I'll agree with you; however, I'd like to offer my own $0.02:

First, after being out of work for two years (26 months actually), I'm in no mood to spend money I'm lucky to have. I pay just above the minimums on my student loans and CC bills and save the rest. Until the job situation improves, nothing else matters. I spent the first three months of my current job waking in a cold sweat, afraid I would lose this job.

Second, even when I do find item(s) I would like to purchase with my meger disposable income, customer service at most retail establishments is downright awful. Absolutely nothing matters except making a sale. Even minor deviations, for which I'm certainly willing to pay, are unacceptable (i.e., properly wrapping my order to prevent damage during shipment). It's always the same: Upsell crap I don't need, push the store CC, talk up the return policy. Do everything possible to take my money--except actually help me solve a problem.

My observation is thus: The business community brought it on themselves by outsourcing good paying jobs and piss-poor customer service.

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I thought the "prop" for the January consumer buying was gift card spending? Residual holiday buying.

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From earlier today on Bloomberg:

regarding the gov report comes this

"Stockpiles Drop

A third report today showed inventories at U.S. businesses unexpectedly fell in December for the first time in three months as companies couldn’t keep up with increasing demand. Macy’s Inc. and Gap Inc. are among retailers driving profits up by keeping stockpiles lean after the biggest household spending slump in three decades."

Now I do not claim to know much less understand, but I thought a good deal of the Q4 GDP print was due to an inventory build and this sounds not that.  Can't keep up with increasing (consumer) demand - REALLY?




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This morning when I saw the retail data I automatically knew that the numbers were fudged. Then comes out a nice report from ZH and now we see how dismal the numbers truly are. The sad part is that the sheeple will only see the headline gov number and will believe it. Thats their problem if they like being lied to.

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No. They'll retrench super hard, not this pussy ass entrenchment. Then see what gets said.

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Market goes back up!  All the doom and gloom does nothing to stop it :(

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70% of the yoy increase in retail sales was from gas stations. Plus, yoy gad demand was down about 0.5% and distallate demand down 9%.

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Trust Polls?


In a New York Times/CBS News survey out Friday, 31 percent of Americans said the Bush administration is at fault for the current state of the economy while only 7 percent pointed their finger at President Obama and his team.

An additional 23 percent said the fault lies with Wall Street institutions while 13 percent assign the blame to Congress. Nearly 10 percent said the blame lies with all of them.



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"Nearly 10 percent said the blame lies with all of them."

I see the ZH readership was consulted on this poll as well.

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Spinning numbers, I am getting so dizzy. We just layed off about 50% of our workforce and clients have backed out of orders. QE had an effect for a while and now seems to be fizzling. The orders are for 20-50 million dollar yachts, not exactly retail sales but a good indicator of how wealthy people feel.

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I´ll bet some of the wealthy are buying gold so they stay wealthy.

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East Anglia Conjured Creativity Syndrome or Domesticated Numerical PR Twister; if it walks like one and quacks like one...

“People who have given us their complete confidence believe that they have a right to ours. The inference is false, a gift confers no rights.”


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"Hi, I'm from the government and here to help you."


If you truly are upset at what is transpiring, remove all funds other than what is necessary from your bank accounts, cash in all stocks and buy gold and/or silver (physical holding). This is the only way to vote with your money and send a message to the banking and investment system.

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 I have and I want to do more.

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I moved my cash from a tbtf to smaller local banks last year.  I'd like to do a little gold/silver too.  Who did you use, ( or would you recommend ) for PMs?

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Try You can use a credit card so if things feel amiss, you can tell your card company to cancel the charge.

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I believe the government knows what it is doing and has the numbers to prove the economy is rebounding solidly and we are on our way to 6% GDP this year.


Ok, now will you guys take that stick out of my butt?


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Maybe everyone is saving their money for an iPad.

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Leo Kavaslavapalavalapis as somebody just called him must be one happy camper - after all retail sales shot thru the roof !!

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Maybe we should be looking at sales taxes collected by the Feds to see what the real story is.

I don't see any upticks here, but I am unable to speak eCONomic jive very well. :-/

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In Orwell I Trust

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In Orwell I Trust

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Any numbers from the party in power are for one purpose and that is to make them look good. Welcome to Ministry of Propoganda!

We're all monkeys, know your drugs.



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Just survey ebay for the consumers' appetite, eBay is the last place tapped out consumers go to - when you cannot afford new, buy the used, when the real thing is beyond reach, oder a chinese counterfeit on ebay! When even ebay finds lesser bids each passing week, wear a tin hat.

But the point remains that government data affects markets for those who trade, and the people in power makes sure the MSM blast all data release loud. we like the blogs but the majority of lazy fund managers choose to use propaganda because it suits their interests.

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Happy Face, Happy Face, Happy,Happy,Happy Face. Let's all sing it! Happy Face, Happy Face, Happy,Happy,Happy Face. All together now!! Happy Face, Happy Face, Happy,Happy,Happy Face. I CAN'T HEAR YOU!!!Let's put the Happy News on all the SPECIAL UNBIASED NEWS OUTLETS!!! NOT

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It's not that bad, Kudrow said so...


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¨Lies, dammed lies, statistics¨... and GOVERNMENT STATISTICS

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