As Gas Prices Surge By 28 Cents A Gallon In The Last 10 Days To $3.47, The APTA Informs Us How This Is Actually Great News

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As the bruised and battered US consumer continues to be fornicated at the pump, there is, we are told, an amazing silver lining to this inflationary catastrophe: according to the American Public Transportation Association, as gas prices spike they bring with them the
savings for U.S. commuters
who rely on public transportation, a transit
group said on Friday. See: and now the surge in price has been spun. Soon, when gas is $5 then $10/gallon, the administration will tell us how we are all saving so much money by using the subway... Of course until such time as the already insolvent MTA (and other regional transportation authorities) are "forced" to hike prices due to retaining those workers which even Wal Mart decided to pass on.

From Reuters:

 U.S. gas prices have increased 28 cents a gallon in the last 10 days to $3.47 per gallon. Individuals who travel by bus or commuter rail instead of filling up their tanks at that price would save $825 per month on average, the American Public Transportation Association said.

The group included the national average of $161.56 for an unreserved parking space in a downtown business district in its calculations.

Political uncertainty in oil-producing Libya is pushing up oil prices, and that in turn is forcing many Americans to pay more at the pump.

If prices remain high, individuals would save an average $9,904 each year, APTA said, adding that "this is the highest savings for public transit riders in two years."

And the kicker from the APTA:

APTA said a commuter who relies on public
transportation in New York City has the most savings over a driver --
$14,376 a year
-- followed by those in Boston, San Francisco, Chicago
and Seattle.

Next up: the administration touts the benefits of death. Just consider the amazing savings one will have by not having to spend tens of thousands of dollars on that barbarous relic, food.

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You are dead - feel better?

kaiserhoff's picture

I vote we stop sending food to the cities.  Think of the energy savings.  I keep reading recipes on ZH for pigeon and rat.  What's the problem?  Der phat banker problem kapute ist;)

Shameful's picture

Patience, patience.  That will happen in due time, don't rush it.  But I'm sure the cultured, well balanced, and rational masses will accept it with charm, grace, and calm.

edwardscpa's picture

Think about how much extra the unemployed folks are now saving since they don't have to commute at all.  That's gotta help GDP a little right?  ...of course, "unemployment" dropped today, so by double secret reverse psychology....


I'm not that bad off, but I can tell you I'm saving a bundle by not having to fill up a G5 I can't afford.

mynhair's picture

Hoping I can sell my place in line for the G650....

Citxmech's picture

God, I love the sarcasm - but any more articles like this and I'm going to need a new desk because of all the dents in the one I've got that matche my forehead.

Un-friggen-believable.  Don't these assholes understand that "Savings" isn't what happens when the other guy pays more?  Also, up here in Seattle, most of the buses run on diesel - and we've already endured multiple rate hikes.  I can smell the next one coming already...

PY-129-20's picture

Germany: per litre.

Diesel (l) 1,440 Euro Super E10 (l) 1,527 Euro Superplus (l) 1,610 Euro
willien1derland's picture

God Bless Germany & its people...

eaglefalcon's picture

stop using comma, and use point instead, "1,440" means tausendvierhundertvierzig to us

Lets Hang Parliament's picture

If the Germans think it's tough we pay the equivalent of $8.21 for a US gallon back in Blighty

theXman's picture

Those jokers at APTA must think American people are idiots. How is it savings to bus riders if car drivers have to pay more for gas? Does that mean, if gas price drops, bus riders lose money?

knukles's picture

I think so.
Like now that I quit driving those extra 3 miles a week it'll create another 127,304 jobs,
Where's my Medal of Freedom?

SheHunter's picture

Here.  You can have mine.  I can't afford to carry it around with me in the truck- extra weight reduces mileage and diesel is over 4 bucks/gallon.  Nearest subway is 6 hrs; nearest town is 29 miles, closest job site is 57 miles from home....I guess its suck it up and pay at the pump time. 

B9K9's picture

$3.93/gal for regular about 2 hours ago in the OC. Primo was over $4 - here we come.

financeguru500's picture

I say bring it on. Too many obese people driving around parking lots looking for the closest spot they can find to the front door of the shopping centers.

Maybe as gas prices rise there will be less handicap spots at the fronts of these parking lots. It seems like lately half the parking lot is becoming handicap parking at some of these places.

Ironically, the other day I saw a handicap person circling the parking lot at a local walmart because all the handicap spots were taken. This is with some 30+ handicap spots at that particular parking lot. I won't lie, I laughed a bit at the situation.

Rainman's picture

Wally Mart beats the bowling alley for observing the real America, that's for sure.

Waterfallsparkles's picture

Under privilege steal the handicapped tags and sell them.  So the true Owner of the tag goes and gets another one.  Then it is stolen again.  So, 3 to 4 tags outstanding for every really handicapped person.

That is the way it is in the hood.

TonyV's picture

Gee, I wonder who junked you? Maybe the 300lbs fat-ass donkeys on this forum.

Fearless Rick's picture

Our local grocery chain - Wegman's (they're huge) now has gone bonkers. I'm at the local store the other day and notice a sign that says, "reserved for expectant mothers." I'm stunned and tell a couple of the boys working carts around the lot, "I want a spot reserved for old guys who worked hard all day."

They looked at me like I was deranged.

They're right. I am. I buy old silver coins. I drive a '93 van because my Gulfstream isn't practical for short hops.

Waterfallsparkles's picture

Heating Oil about the $3.79 for a 100 gallon delivery, will last about a month.

Careless Whisper's picture

at $5/gallon i'm buying this awesome car. TESLA S. out next year. a fast sedan that handles well. electric, and it goes 350 miles per charge. and i would never get a prius.


dark pools of soros's picture

it was suppose to be out last year...last spring was talking to the dealer in NY

what happened?


Careless Whisper's picture

They keep testing and refining. They want it perfect because they know they're not getting a do-over.


Careless Whisper's picture

The Volt only goes 40 miles on a charge. That's a deal breaker for me. The Tesla S has advanced battery technology and it handles like a BMW.

dark pools of soros's picture

the volt really needs to sell at $30,000 or less..

Tanz der Lemminge's picture

Please don't buy a volt - they use gas as well.

Please buy a total electric car.

I need some more growth in my coal stocks - thanks

faustian bargain's picture

And Tesla got how much from the government?

faustian bargain's picture

3.95 here up north...premium at my local station is 4.25.

TemporalFlashback's picture

I saw $4.15 for premium along the coast.

Rainman's picture

In 4-buck Cali we'll take that 3.47 and give you a dime rebate.

JonTurk's picture

no inflation -- read pragcrap

truont's picture

As Gas Prices Surge By 28 Cents A Gallon In The Last 10 Days To $3.47, The APTA Informs Us How This Is Actually Great News

Oh, good.

For a second there, I thought this sucked.

UGrev's picture

It does suck, but no one wants to look at what's fucking them in the ass. They just want to pretend it's not some degenerate sticking his dick in their pooper, rather it's some hot broad with anal beads getting ready to start them like a chain-saw. 

Don't look.. don't loook.. hot chick.. beads.. brrmm brrmm... 

UGrev's picture

And I got junked twice.. lol. They guess they get the humor behind it ala "JUNK" in the trunk.. muahaahh.

johnQpublic's picture

good news

free public shower before ride on mass transit to reduce body odor

accompanied by string quartet

right this way, no pushing

financeguru500's picture

You forgot to mention the free pat downs provided by your friendly neighborhood TSA.

UGrev's picture

now with 50% extra reach-arounds.. a freebie for kids under 10. 

StychoKiller's picture

Are you really an evil person, or do you just play one on the intrawebz?!  ROTFLMAO!

UGrev's picture

No. I try to speak what lies in-between the lines because no one else seems to want to.  God help the person that touches my kids' junk. God help them more if they try to grope us while getting OFF off any mass transit; that'll start a mother fuckin' war with me. What people don't understand is that the TSA is not mandatory. The states have control over the mass transit in their state. We all seriously need to start pushing back. 

dark pools of soros's picture

what if you grabbed a TSAs junk?

UGrev's picture

Oh... another one who gets the hypocritical, double-standards pushed onto citizens. 

cxl9's picture

$825/month? I don't like their math.

825 / 3.47 = 238 gallons. Even at 20mpg, that's 4760 miles per month. Are people really driving that much?