Gaza Fires 50 Mortars Into Israel, Heaviest Barrage In Two Years, As Latest Black Swan Stretches Its Wings

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Whether related to the broadly escalating violence in the region or not, the latest development out of Israel is sure to bring even more geopolitical tension, especially with Iran adn Syria already on edge following their own violent protests (and arguably looking for a political scapegoat). BBC reports that "Palestinian militants in Gaza have fired dozens of missiles into southern Israel in what appears to be their heaviest such barrage in two years. About 50 mortars were fired - two Israelis were hurt, Israel says." Never one to step away from an escalation, Israel replied in kind: "Israeli tanks later shelled targets in the coastal strip, wounding at least five people, Palestinian officials say." We are confident newsflow out of Israel and Gaza will intensify as the latest and greatest Black Swan out of the middle east is now stretching its wings.

More from the BBC:

The Islamist group Hamas, which runs Gaza, said it fired some of the mortars. Three days ago an Israeli air strike killed two of its members.

The BBC's Jon Donnison in Gaza says this seems to be an escalation - both in terms of the number of rockets fired from Gaza and the fact that Hamas said it was responsible.

Hamas's military wing said it launched dozens of rockets, our correspondent reports.

Hamas and Israel have largely halted hostilities since the end of the Gaza war in January 2009, but skirmishes often break out around the border area.

Although members of Hamas's military wing rarely carry out attacks, the Israeli military says it holds the group responsible for all militant activity in the Gaza Strip.

The problem is that while in the past Hamas v Israel tensions have been even higher, never before has the entire periphery been involved in a cycle of revolutionary uprisings, thereby making the downstream consequences of any escalation even more unpredictable with social and religious stability in the region in a complete state of flux.

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Bearster's picture

"never one to step away from an escalation..."

You could just as easily have said: "No longer accepting the dogma of Chamberlainian appeasement..."

Or do you think that Israel would buy peace with honor, peace in our time, lasting peace by accepting the mortars without response?

HamyWanger's picture

Must agree with my friend Bearster on this one. 

No one should be legally allowed to criticize Israel. 

chumbawamba's picture

Well, I have a license to criticize Israel, and I say FUCK THEM.  And you.

When your national pasttime is running roughshod over Palestinian villages and shooting old ladies with flechette tank missiles, it comes without saying that payback is a bitch.

Well, this is your payback.  It is time.

To all those who stood by Israel all these years: wave as you go under.

I am Chumbawamba.

Bearster's picture

I must say I expected the hate from an islamist like "chumbawamba".  But the rest really blows me away.

Anyone here ever watch The Lord of the Rings?  You know that scene when Eomer meets Aragorn?  "Theoden no longer recognizes friend from foe."

You can repeat, Goebbels-like, the lie that Israel murders the babies of muslims to get the blood for their matzo, but it doesn't make it true.

One other observation.  If the mainstream perceives Jew-hate as being part of the same movement as end-the-Fed and financial system reform, they will conclude that ending the Fed is built on the same kind of violent, unreasoning hatred.

Haters: junk away.

Everyone else: maybe this will make you go think in the night?

Internet Tough Guy's picture

Please stop being logical. You are required to believe that Israel is the worst oppressor ever, and disregard the truly horrible acts committed by Arab regimes against their own people. Never mind that Israel was on the receiving end of these mortars. They are still evil and horrible, at least in the sick minds of jewhating anonymous internet bitchez.

Paul Bogdanich's picture

"Please stop being logical. You are required to believe that Israel is the worst oppressor ever, and disregard the truly horrible acts committed by Arab regimes against their own people."


While it appears clear that hamas is responsible for this latest incident the view that Israel is somehow blameless in this whole situation (the last 15 years) is equally illogical.  A little balance would be nice but nowhere to be found amongst this group of beligerents and their respective supporters.  I would remark that I find it curious how arabs are the new incarnation of the bogeyman much like European Jewery was the incarnation of the early part of the 20th century.  Everything is there fault, nothing good to say about them ever and they are all to be regarded as vernmin seems to be the order of the day.  Also your particular statement "disregard the truly horrible acts committed by Arab regimes against their own people." is equally curious.  Like that justifies anything?  It's like saying "Well Bobby was doing it."  Dangerous when that kind of arguement is accepted as a rationalization for the actions of a Nation State.




Xkwisetly Paneful's picture

Thank the fukking heavens I am not Chumbawamba

or any of the other resident moronistas who are right less than a broken clock.


Just like to know why the western world led by the woman that stood by her philandering husband sent Hamas billions instead of their wealthy arab brothers taking care of their own?


Hey arab ass lickers- where can I go to piss on Arafat's grave and the billions he stole while his peeps lived worse than cavemen?

bankruptcylawyer's picture

this is precisely the issue. there are real problems and specific people causing them, and then there is the problem of people mis-identifying these problems due to prejudicial tendencies of lumping all people as perpetrators of fraud. 

there are plenty of greedy people amongst all creeds, races, and religions. are there greedy jews heading goldman sachs and jpmorgan, and the fed. sure. are there greedy non-jews in positions of power, yes ...many.  to cast aside common sense and blame a group of 15 million people for causing all the worlds problems is absurd. 


if you are against the state of israel's existance, than you are against the existance of any state that was created in response to the persecution of a minority by a majority, are against the existence of the u.s.

cosmictrainwreck's picture

congrats, Hamy...keep reeling 'em in... can't believe only 7 junks - I'll give ya one more. Hey, if it's good enough for BLS.......

cosmictrainwreck's picture

well, he's up to 13 now, might have hit statistical inflation barrier, unlike  BLS, or pace slows because readersip has fallen off. Here's #14 for ya, Hamy

sunny's picture

No one should be legally allowed to criticize Israel.

You really, really,  REALLY need to read the book BLOWBACK  by C. Johnson before making comments like that.

After reading that book, you might wish to reconsider the implications of such blanket endorsements.


Savyindallas's picture

And not only that  -we should all be required to bend over and kiss their ass. That's pretty hard to do since we're already bent over taking it up our ass.

Mr T's picture

Buy? Buy? They steal.Lives, Land, resources. The Palestinians have no right to fight this Illegal occupation?Israel is a made up country with racist  delusional leadership and extremist religious beliefs.  mentioning Israel as a country should be illegal since they have never defined their borders. Or do you believe thats ok cause their god gave the chosen ones the world and all thats in it for dominion? Shame on all those that birthed this monstrosity a little over a century ago.

By the way I junked you you are an israeli disinfo dweeb being first.


Bearster's picture

I noticed that for all the junks and spewing of profanity, no one actually dared to address my question.  Does anyone honestly fucking believe that if Israel decided to absorb those mortars it would buy them peace?  Does anyone have a fucking clue who Chamblerain was, or what he did and said or what the cost of his policy was?


Internet Tough Guy's picture

Most racist twits have four-letter vocabularies and a thought process that would shame a neandrathal. Just expect the 'hate jews' meme.

Freebird's picture

You`re talking the "peace in our time" Chamberlain right?

Triggernometry's picture

I know who Hitler was, and the longer Israel pisses on the Palestinians and international law, the closer it gets to posthumously awarding him vindication.

Hitler was wrong, no human beings should suffer what the Jews did, which is exactly why Jews, above all others, should know better.

Savyindallas's picture

You read far too much Post WW2 propaganda. Read Buchanan's "The Uneccessary War". Chamberlain was right to give back the Sudetenland to germany  - it was german territory, inhabilted by germans  for centuries, and never should have been given to the Czechs at the stupid Treaty of Versailles- Everyone but the idiot warmonger Churchill understood that back in 1938.  

you have no understanding of history. Go ahead and tell me how the fool and buffoon Woodrow Wilson was a great American President  -and you will confirm beyond any doubt that you do not know what you are talking about.

Yardfarmer's picture

what is there to celebrate after all? dropping white phosphorus
incendiary devices on elementary schools in Gaza? slaughtering women
and children? Yes, this is the face of the new America, the
obamanation. To feed the cavernous maw of
Moloch, the slaughter of the innocents must proceed apace! It is
really no coincidence that the rupture of the Israeli-Hamas cease fire
negotiated back in June 2008 should occur on the very eve of the American
election as IDF forces crossed into Gaza, dynamiting tunnels and
assassinating Hamas "assets". The very next day, in a haste the import
of which could scarcely be mistaken, the annointed one rushed to
deliver an address of support and congratulations to AIPAC. A splendid
way to kick off the new "administration".And here even the right wing
crazies offer their support and best wishes to the demagogic seraph
who floats so serenely above the blood and fire of the armies of the
night! And why not? After all, there is absolutely no disagreement
when it comes to the state of Israel and the phony machinations of the
"war on terror". This ultra transparent scheming initiated by the
super-hoax of 911 and undoubtedly aided and abetted by the Shin Bet
Israeli intelligence has attained the unassailable character of
religious dogma in the minds of the ever gullible sleepwalkers of
fortress Amerika. And so it is we take one step further into the
abomination of desolation from which there is no return. what is there
to celebrate after all. Weep america. Your end is near at hand.

cossack55's picture

Ok. Lets take those carriers covered in cesium-137 over to the Med and start protcting civilians by bombing them.

pton09's picture

I hope Hamas doesn't back down this time.  But most likely this won't escalate too much. 

dark pools of soros's picture

this is like the old IRA nonsense..  attention whores.  50 mortars and 2 injuries??  rednecks hurt more of their family in their backyard range

Ray1968's picture

Gotta agree with you here. This weekend there will be more deaths in Baltimore from random crime than what's going on in Gaza.

Papi_Al-Mahdi's picture

Yeah, these mortars are drops in the ocean compared to the violence and crimes Israel commits.

Savyindallas's picture

Most Palestinians would die for their cause - moreso than the rich, spoiled and corrupt Israelis - besides the Palestinians have little to lose. People oppressed such as these people turn very religious. Hezbollah showed in Lebonon that they are very formidible and disciplined warriors. 

Id fight Gandhi's picture

Meh. Let them fight it out.

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

Agree.  There will not be peace as both sides want the same piece of real estate (Israel).

Get it on and get it over with already.

Id fight Gandhi's picture

Why can't two people, the leaders of both sides just enter a death ring fight winner take all. Save a lot of money and people.

Oh to be honorable.

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

Not all that much honor over there.  They talk it, but don´t walk it.

Besides, everyone knows Netanyahu would kick any Arab leader´s butt, so it would be an unfair fight to begin with, LOL.

chumbawamba's picture

Netanyahoo is a nigger.  Watch what happens when Hizballah gets involved.

I am Chumbawamba.

Bearster's picture

is there any collective or tribe you *don't* hate?

zaknick's picture

Only the joooo vampire tribe, racist rednecks and banksters (wait, isn't Lord Blankfein, Rothschild, Rubin, Summers etc joooooos tooooo?).

You people want wrap this as racism but we don't hate you cause you're a specific race but by your criminal, genocidal, uncouth behavior.

I have seen the jooooos in many countries always conspiring with other outside joooooos to feed off their host. AIPAC anyone?

Evil, dirty, dirty jooooos.

Oh and fuck you too DoChen joooo loving, ignorant fuck

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

Chumba:  I agree with you re a badass Hizbollah guy vs. Netanyahu.  Hizbullah are trained fighters (put their best up against Israeli Special Forces to make things equal).  What I said was put him up against any Arab LEADER (dictator or King).  Netanyahu vs. Col Q?  Game over.  Net vs. any Arab King?  Same.

zaknick:  Your reply speaks for itself.  Your racism and potty-mouth lend your comments little weight.

Canucklehead's picture

Hizbullah are lab mice running around in a maze.  Where are they going to go and how to they concentrate their forces?

As the world's attention turns away and focuses on Arab vs Arab, the IDF can go about their business in a methodical manner.

Everyone wants old scores settled.

alien-IQ's picture

By "get it over with already" do you mean they should unleash one of the most heavily armed military forces in the world against the worlds largest outdoor prison camp (AKA Gaza)?

If this turns into another Operation Cast Lead, I would not expect, given the current climate in the ME, other Arab nations to sit idly by as Israel conducts a redux of the December 2008 massacre.

dark pools of soros's picture

Israel probably launched the mortars themselves..  only two injuries?? just wanting a reason to storm with tanks

Missiondweller's picture

Yeah, they fire on themselves from the Gaza Strip.


Makes sense.......if you're a jew hating nut job.

alien-IQ's picture

Yeah you're right...It's crazy to think that Israel would ever engage in any sort of False flag activity.

Like the Lavon Affair

Or the attack on the USS Liberty...but I'm sure that they just attacked that US Flagged ship by accident...For three Hours non stop.

bankrupt JPM buy silver's picture

no different than the Lusitania or 9/11, its fraudulent pre emptive media coverage to then have a legal UN reason to 'defend themselves"

alien-IQ's picture

It wouldn't be the first time, that's for sure. Funny how the vast majority of these rockets tend to land in empty fields, huh? And they are, of course, always retaliated to with a massive bombing campaign thanks to all the military hardware the US provides at scrap metal prices. (A special thanks there to Dov Zakheim).

Max Hunter's picture

Zackly!!  Don't forget the timing.  Always during holidays or when other big events will allow MSM to completely ignore the response from so called attacks by Palestinians..  We're not suppose to figure that out..  The poor Jews..  got some sand in their eyes from shells that never seem to hit anything.  Fucking joke.. I hope the entire Arab world declares war on those racist, greedy, parasitic mother fuckers.

Papi_Al-Mahdi's picture

A good quote from 1984: "In some ways she was far more acute than Winston, and far less susceptible to Party propaganda. Once when he happened in some connexion to mention the war against Eurasia, she startled him by saying casually that in her opinion the war was not happening. The rocket bombs which fell daily on London were probably fired by the Government of Oceania itself, 'just to keep people frightened'." - or in this case to allow the zionists with fresh cover for past and future atrocities.

Papi_Al-Mahdi's picture

@missiondweller - So it's racist to accuse someone of commiting false flags? I don't get the connection..

Anti-Semetism is abused and used to discredit and mutilate legitimate questions and critisism. Granted it's only a theory that Israel is launching mortars on themselves, but you certainly can't call someone racist for suggesting the theory!

One can be aganst Israel's crimes and not hate Jews. Israel / Zionism is not the same thing as Judaism. They are two different things - In many ways even opposing things. Zionism does not = Judaism.

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

@ alien-IQ above

I would expect the Arabs not to be idle either in the event of another Israeli Gaza invasion/perversion/massacre.

There will be NO PEACE in the Middle East until the Israelis and the Arabs fight (any of them who care to fight anyway) it out 100% to the end.  They hate each other and want the same peace of land.

IMO of course.

Max Hunter's picture

How convenient. White, light skinned, light hair so called Semites claim and invisible man gave them Palestine a few thousand years ago. We can't actually confirm this happened but Christians in America buy it like cold beers on nickle draft night.

 Arabs don't hate the Jews, never was a problem until the European (ashkaNAZI) Jews landed in 1948 and began the raping and pillaging of Palestinians.. Now it's a age old understanding that they hate each other.. BULLSHIT.. Fucking read something besides MSM headlines.. Just once..

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

Max, even the Quran says to kill the Jews.

I try to read a variety of sources of news.

Max Hunter's picture

The Bible says some hair raising things as well.. Care to comment on that?

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

Yes it does, you are quite correct. 

That does not negate my point that the Arabs and Israelis hate each other, and that it seems unlikely that this will change.

Just IMO.