Generali CDS Surges To All Time Wide

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Fri, 07/08/2011 - 07:58 | 1435475 hugovanderbubble
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In Spain Generali ( has AcquireD Banca di Gottardo few year ago) = has lost 70% AUM last 18 months.


Other interesting short plays regarding Insurance in Europe




Catalana OCcidente



 Zurich Re

In US...---------> Short Plays will be: or if prefer short KIE US EQUITY




Fri, 07/08/2011 - 08:25 | 1435575 Bohemian Clubber
Bohemian Clubber's picture

Why AXA??? i thought it was one of the strongest french companies...

Fri, 07/08/2011 - 07:52 | 1435487 PaperBear
PaperBear's picture
Now Italy is under financial attack.
Fri, 07/08/2011 - 07:59 | 1435503 hugovanderbubble
hugovanderbubble's picture

and Spain and Belgium

Then Holland

Fri, 07/08/2011 - 08:02 | 1435514 Thomas
Thomas's picture

Assgen? Nice nomenclature.

Fri, 07/08/2011 - 08:09 | 1435530 hugovanderbubble
hugovanderbubble's picture


Fri, 07/08/2011 - 07:59 | 1435505 qussl3
qussl3's picture

No smoke without fire.

German eyes must be twitching like mad about now.

Fri, 07/08/2011 - 08:06 | 1435512 augie
augie's picture

I think the more likely physiological response is oral salivation. Fox in the chicken coupe, this will not end well. fortunately i keep my feathers numbered for jus' such an occasion.


Fri, 07/08/2011 - 08:03 | 1435518 milanitaly
milanitaly's picture

Help us!

We are too big to win a bailout 

Fri, 07/08/2011 - 08:13 | 1435541 hugovanderbubble
hugovanderbubble's picture

Milan, In your opinion how many and which italians financial institutions could fail Stress Funny Tests?

Fri, 07/08/2011 - 08:23 | 1435568 milanitaly
milanitaly's picture

We always know how to pass tests: lying!

Fri, 07/08/2011 - 08:01 | 1435508 Franken_Stein
Franken_Stein's picture


This morning London whistleblower Andrew Maguire told King World News that the launch of the new gold and silver exchange in China will destroy the remaining gold and silver shorts.  Maguire stated, “The launch of this new gold and silver exchange has flown under the radar, but certainly has my attention.  I firmly believe we are marking a pivotal point that will in very short order affect current precious metals price discovery dynamics.  We now have an additional factor to be vended into the supply demand equation.  This factor will ultimately destroy the remaining short positions in both gold and silver.”



Fri, 07/08/2011 - 08:04 | 1435520 Franken_Stein
Franken_Stein's picture


All the companies that were heavily traded in Goldman's Sigma X dark pool.


You can't make this stuff up.

It's like a cheap movie.


Fri, 07/08/2011 - 08:15 | 1435547 Josephine29
Josephine29's picture

The situation in Italy seems to be deteriorating quite quickly now as the analysis below demonstrates.


Having just enjoyed a holiday there I can put my hand on my heart and say I have done my best to help! However the “black hole” that is the Euro zone crisis is beginning to slowly suck Italy into it as her ten-year government bond yield closed at 5.22% yesterday. This is a slow-burning influence as it has effect only when Italy issues new debt or refinances existing debt but of course Italy has a lot of exisiting debt to refinance……


Lets face it as well as Italy's figures come under closer inspection is there anybody who does not expect to see manipulation of the figures?

Fri, 07/08/2011 - 08:16 | 1435553 Tense INDIAN
Fri, 07/08/2011 - 08:25 | 1435573 mayhem_korner
mayhem_korner's picture

What's a few hundred bps among friends?

The IMPORTANT thing is whether this means markdowns for Paciotti and Armani. :D

Fri, 07/08/2011 - 08:29 | 1435585 oogs66
oogs66's picture

they cannot fix portugal, greece, and ireland without banks writing down some is becoming clear in europe...stocks are oblivious

Fri, 07/08/2011 - 09:18 | 1435947 Cthonic
Cthonic's picture

Blowin' it out the AssGen.  Word.

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