The Genesis Of The Gold-Tungsten: The Rest Of The Story

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The Genesis of the Gold-Tungsten: The Rest of the Story; Submitted by Ron Kirby, who first disclosed the LBMA/Physical Bullion disparity story in 2008 and 2009.



h/t RossInvestor

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Well, I can't get the report to load.  But, I'll get it later or elsewhere.

Hmm.  If this tungsten fakery is at a wholesale level, then THAT would be the brick that BREAKS the camel's back, and it all comes crashing down.

Buy gold now.  Not much time.

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Scribd sucks a nut.  If you have a 64 bit computer, you won't be able to read the article.

Error #2048

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Criticism fail. Works fine on my 7 ultimate x64 Vaio

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Oh Canada, what a neat way of debunking the poster and bragging about your computer. The key was the "ultimate" which is either an upgrade or it came standard on a (nearly) top line laptop.

Post a picture, not of the laptop, but of the girls in your avatar. :>)

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I didn't know a vaio was something to brag about. I'd hide the fact if it were mine, matter, I'd trash it completely. And that poster Hansel really needs to read this article because she is one of the debunkers of the gold manipulation scheme calling the believers of the piles of hard evidence all kinds of nasty names.

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"it came standard on a (nearly) top line laptop."

Sony freaks...

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I only use super ultimate gold with platinum plating edition. Because I deserve the best.

Not really. I use linux but I'm not saying what distro because everyone respects my judgement so much they'd all switch to it. LOL

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Hi CD, Just to let you know, all versions of Win7 (and Server 2008 too) have been cracked, and are now available for free. Hardware that will run 64 bit O/S is also pretty cheap too (BTW Sony now suck! :-). Like gold plated tungsten, everything is racing to the bottom. How anyone sees the economy recovering is beyond me! I'm a saver, by nature, but I know full well I'm going to be robbed of those savings one way or another!

The Ponzi we call the world economy is on it's last knockings, so why upset yourself!

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Doesn't work on my brand new Windows 7 home laptop.  Doesn't work on my old gentoo linux amd64 laptop.

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Document opens okay on the I7-930 I just put together.  Use the 32 bit explorer and you'll be okay. 

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Firefox baby!  No problems there...

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"Well, I can't get the report to load"

Click on Tyler's lead line the link and download the pdf. It took two tries but I got it.

I hate the SCRIBD. In the word's of my friend Tom the Fisherman:

"They're a worthless cocksucker..."

Tom is such an eloquent speaker...

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This article makes many interesting points but also throws out a boatload of extremely far-fetched conjectures as factual.

Bush I created "Project Hammer" which managed to successfully loot the USSR's Treasury and seize major energy and munitions industries in the Soviet Union?  Really?

Far too much wild-eyed conjecture here, and not enough evidence.

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Yes - lots of holes/inconsistencies... but some good leads for further research.

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Truth is usually stranger than fiction.

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Indubitably.  Albeit, the conclusion of ExpectedReturns' piece entitled, 'Is A Gold Rally Imminent?' doubtless accidentally strayed into the realm of 'fiction' (hint, it's the last sentence: "Look for rising long-term bong [sic] yields to signal the next major move in gold is near.")...

Is this...

What ExpectedReturns was talking about?...  ;)



Rich_Lather's picture

"long-term bong [sic] yields"


A Freudian slip perhaps...

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Indeed, and the truth is that Gordon Brown never sold the UK's gold.  In fact, it's sitting safely in a vault somewhere...for which Mr. Brown no doubt holds the key.

The only problem here is trying to figure out the end game.  Clearly, once the world awakens to this fraud of Biblical proportions (actually, a new Bible will have to be written after this is all over) it will be 6.5 billion people against a handful of people who would be Kings of the Earth.  How long before they start turning on each other to determine who gets to wear the crown?

Meanwhile, everyone just either goes on with their day--oblivious, blissful, ignorant--while we hurtle towards a conclusion that will leave everyone (even the perpetrators) stunned, or dead.

Many people will die before this is all over.  Many.  Are you prepared?

I am Chumbawamba.

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How long before they start turning on each other to determine who gets to wear the crown?

The real kings are behind the kings and playing all sides as usual.

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Quite frankly, I thought Bush's project hammer to destroy and pilfer the old soviet union common knowledge. Guess not. Putin has been lying in wait.

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by Missing_Link
on Sat, 04/03/2010 - 11:43


This article makes many interesting points but also throws out a boatload of extremely far-fetched conjectures as factual.

Bush I created "Project Hammer" which managed to successfully loot the USSR's Treasury and seize major energy and munitions industries in the Soviet Union?  Really?

Far too much wild-eyed conjecture here, and not enough evidence.




Yelstin was paid in Vodka?


We bought Russia's freedom...

          Office of the Press Secretary
For Immediate Release         April 1, 1992

The "FREEDOM Support Act of 1992" provides a flexible framework
to constructively influence the fast-changing and unpredictable
events transforming Russia and Eurasia.  The Act will:


We bought China's freedom...

New participants in an emerging market economy have been created, as by the Company Law that became effective in 1994 and by legislation dealing with capital markets. New legal relationships appropriate to a market economy have been defined, as by the General Principles of Civil Law (a truncated civil code) and by laws on contracts that evolved into a new Contract Law that was adopted by the NPC in March 1999, replacing two previous enactments that had separately addressed Sino-foreign contracts and those involving only Chinese parties. n7 The new law represents a further step forward in the attempts of China's law drafters to establish legal institutions that are more compatible with a market rather than with a planned economy. Practice under the law will hereafter determine the extent to which it can stimulate reliance on the legal rules underlying the law of contract. How quickly such a new law can change the mentalities of economic actors, judges and administrators is an altogether different issue.


the exact road map used? Money... the roads where made of Money... did the U.S.A squeeze the commie pinko's? did the C.I.A. buy people, stock and / or other? YES! on all counts... How many warheads are now pointed at Iran that are not just ours? You think China or Russia will let or want anything to happen to their Biggest and Best customer or consumer of thier goods / services?


The corupt commies want thier monies and we have to be here, healthy and consuming for them to get thier monies... no magic.

chumbawamba's picture

Except that Iran is not threatening us.

Loathing over Iran is imbecilic, malinformed paranoid xenophobia.

Get out of their backyard and they won't have to shoot at us with the rock salt.

I am Chumbawamba.

jeff montanye's picture

you are probably right, imo, on investments but you are near certainty on u.s. foreign policy.  from your keyboard to yahweh's ear.  

Steaming_Wookie_Doo's picture

"How many warheads are now pointed at Iran that are not just ours? You think China or Russia will let or want anything to happen to their Biggest and Best customer or consumer of thier goods / services?"

Russia and China desire Iran's energy capabilities. They would be stupid to point missiles at it. Guess what? If the US hadn't toppled Saddam Hussein in Iraq, then Iraq would've continued to be the buffer, continuously engaging Iran in pointless strife. Now Iran can be the Shia pillar and have greater influence in the middle east, and it's making the Saudis (those lovers of human rights and freedoms) shit their pants.

As for America being a "Good customer"--we haven't paid for the crap we got. We run a massive trade deficit and we gave them a bunch of t-bills and dollars. Can China buy anything big in the US? No. [remember them wanting to buy Unocal?] If they try to cash in their t-bills, they will cause a crash, rendering their investment worthless. They have been given a white elephant. Why would they stand around waiting to get another one? Those corrupt commies, as you put it, were done in by our even more corrupt oligarchs.

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wild eyed conjecture?  Like the russian billionaire just 'profiled' on 60 minutes last week who took over mining operations in russia including gold/silver mines?  Siezure of energy, munitions and precious metals mining...they left the metals mining out...conveniently.

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AHHH!!! Now I "know too much".

Better buy some more dead-bolts for my doors! Oh, and some Gold...

(Just kidding about the dead-bolts)

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That was my thought as well!  Damn, Tyler really knows how to spread the risk, though.

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Wow,  Lets bust them!  Great article. Thank you for putting it all together.

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The presence of Tungsten filled gold bars ties in perfectly to the revelations recently brought forward at the CFTC testimonies, particularly how much the whole market is gamed and how little physical their really is backing forward sales.    No wonder we have tungsten filled bars.   It all fits.   

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Stuart: The speed of sound in tungsten is almost twice what it is in gold.  Anyone who wanted to check their gold could "ping" the bar with what is in the US at least, readily available instruments. The "tungsten filled bars" could be processed one after another in a relatively short period of time.  Maybe the Russians would be careless enough to initially accept them but I can't believe they would retain possession without checking once the possibility has become general knowledge to the extent that this story has.  

There is "dumb" and there is "too dumb to believe".  This aspect of the story is, IMO, too dumb to believe.




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It almost makes me want to open sealed 1 ozt bars just to hear them...

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It is  not cost effective to tungsten/fake small bars or coins


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They're already out there...saw a chinese company link that produced all manner of tungsten-cored fakes.  Big gold bricks, 1oz coins of various types.  The link was over on TF or here, I can't recally.

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wrap chocolate in gold coin look alike tinfoil,, looks just like chocolate wrapped in tin foil.. but fooled the kids

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The tungsten will really come in handy for machining the metal for the war machines that all of this will lead to

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This will be an interesting week.

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well done tyler for keeping this gold/silver manipulation story going. if people don't see the implications of this and consoliditate their physical holdings immediatly then they will be kicking themselves for years.

i can't see the gold and silver markets lasting another year in their present format ( famous last words. i know).

the only way they can head this one off is with a 'false flag' . there are so many layers to it that it will take ages to reveal itself when it does hit the mainstream.  exciting times indeed.

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Tyler has done an awesome job of bringing us the best.

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29 JANUARY 1995





IT MIGHT almost be called The Greatest Story Never Told. The article was typeset and scheduled to run in today's edition of The Washington Post. It had the enthusiastic backing of the editors and staff of the Sunday Outlook section, where it was to appear after eleven weeks of soul-searching and debate. Lawyers had gone through the text line by line. Supporting documents had been examined with meticulous care. The artwork and illustrations had been completed. The contract with the authors had been signed. Leonard Downie, the executive editor of the newspaper, had given his final assent. But on Thursday morning the piece was cancelled. It had been delayed before - so often, in fact, that its non-appearance was becoming the talk of Washington - but this time the authors were convinced that the story was doomed and would never make it into the pages of what is arguably the world’s most powerful political newspaper. They have withdrawn it in disgust, accusing the Post of a cover-up of the biggest scandal in American history…………….


Armstrong was invited all over the world as a guest
speaker to comment about his views of the markets. To
give you some idea of the scope of his firm's worldwide
presence, I took the following off the web site:

"PEI seminars are held around the world in Tokyo,
Osaka, Hong Kong, London, Munich, Los Angeles,
Princeton, Vancouver and Edinburgh, with normally
annual events held in Beijing, Sydney and selected
cities in Southeast Asia.

"All seminars are recorded and transcripts are normally
available. Selected seminars are also available on
video tape in NTSC or PAL. Audio tapes are available,
as well, normally in English but also in Japanese for
those held in Japan."

Before I get into the matter, here is the latest to
bring you up-to-date about Martin Armstrong:



Lord Keynes gave the name "Gibson's paradox" to the correlation between interest rates and the general price level observed during the period of the classical gold standard. It was, he said, "one of the most completely established empirical facts in the whole field of quantitative economics." J.M. Keynes, A Treatise on Money (Macmillan, 1930), vol. 2, p.198. And it was a paradox because contemporary monetary theory, largely associated with Irving Fisher, suggested that interest rates should move with the rate of change in prices, i.e., the inflation rate or expected inflation rate, rather than the price level itself. Yet when Keynes wrote, data for the prior two centuries showed that the yield on British consols (government securities issued at a fixed rate of interest but with no redemption date) had moved in close correlation with wholesale prices but almost no correlation to the inflation rate.'sParadox.html


I guess someone could say this a bonafide "TinFoil Hat" story?! but I think that a lot of lines intersect.

I wanted anyone to be able to click and read... this is fantastic work Tyler! (and friends or Tyler in all of your many forms)

Thank You!

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Typical paperbug refrain.

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gimme a break bates. stop sucking up to the new guy to try and get him on your side. just take your well deserved 'junks' like a man.

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the paper hanger refrain,


standing in a hole,, and want to dig deeper to get out ,

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May I add, Get Your Hand off It, MB. It makes typing easier. Post CFTC revelations, your arguments? stand as either ignorant or clouded by tunnel vision.