George Soros: The United States Must Stop Resisting The Orderly Decline Of The Dollar, The Coming Global Currency And The New World Order

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George Soros: The United States Must Stop Resisting The Orderly Decline Of The Dollar, The Coming Global Currency And The New World Order

Courtesy of Michael Snyder of Economic Collapse 

In the video you are about to see, George Soros talks about "the creation of a New World Order", he discusses the need for a "managed decline" of the U.S. dollar and he talks at length of the global need for a true world currency. So just who is George Soros? Well, he is a billionaire "philanthropist" who came to be known as "the Man Who Broke the Bank of England" when he raked in a staggering one billion dollars during the 1992 "Black Wednesday" currency crisis. These days Soros is most famous for being perhaps the most "politically active" (at least openly) billionaire in the world. His Open Society Institute is in more than 60 countries and it spends approximately $600 million a year promoting the ideals that Soros wants promoted. Soros and his pet organizations have played a key role in quite a few "revolutions" around the globe over the last several decades, but these days the main goal of George Soros is to bring political change to the United States.

So exactly what is it that George Soros is trying to accomplish? Well, in a nutshell, what he wants is a Big Brother-style one world government based on extreme European-style socialism, strict population control and the radical green agenda. It would be a world where the state tightly regulates everything that we do for the greater benefit of the environment and of society as a whole.

However, Soros is not the "mastermind of the New World Order" that some have tried to make him out to be.  The truth is that to those in the international banking elite, Soros is considered to be something of a "black sheep" and an "outsider".  Much of what Soros is trying to accomplish lines up with the goals of the international banking elite, but what they don't like is that Soros won't stop publicly talking about a global currency and a "New World Order".  Of course the international banking elite very much want a global currency and a "New World Order", but what they don't need is a "squeaky wheel" like Soros running around drawing unneeded attention to those goals.

Also, Soros does not seem to understand that both sides of the political spectrum in the United States are deeply influenced by the international banking elite.  Sadly, the truth is that the same handful of elitist organizations has dominated the cabinets of every single president that we have had since World War II.  If you doubt this, just check out how many members of each presidential administration over the last 40 years have belonged to either the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission or the Bilderberg Group.  If you have never looked into this before, you will be absolutely shocked.  No matter what president we elect, it is always the exact same organizations that always dominate their cabinets.

But Soros still seems very much trapped within the left/right paradigm and he seems absolutely obsessed with destroying the Republican Party.  For example, Soros spent an insane amount of money attempting to defeat George W. Bush back in 2004.  According to the Center for Responsive Politics, George Soros donated $23,581,000 during that election cycle to political organizations that were trying to keep Bush from being reelected.

Soros has also been a tremendous backer of Barack Obama, although lately Soros seems a bit disenchanted with him.  Through organizations such as the Center for American Progress and, Soros is constantly trying to influence the state of American politics.

So what is George Soros thinking about these days?  Well, in the video posted below you will see Soros discussing "an orderly decline" of the U.S. dollar, the coming global currency and the importance of the New World Order.... 

Did you noticed how uncomfortable Soros was when he was saying the term "New World Order"?

The truth is that he knows exactly what that phrase means.  He knows that it is a phrase that he probably shouldn't say and that will get a lot of attention.

But he said it anyway.

Soros also seemed a bit uncomfortable as he discussed "an orderly decline" of the U.S. dollar.

Soros has been saying the the U.S. dollar needs to go down for quite a while now, and he speaks of the coming fall of the dollar as if it is inevitable.

The only thing that Soros seems to fear is that the "managed decline" of the dollar could "get out of hand" and could lead to global financial chaos.

Soros even had the gall to say that having the dollar be the reserve currency of the world is not in our national interest and that a move to a global currency is "a healthy, if painful, adjustment" that we are just going to have to endure for the greater good of the world economy.

But shouldn't the American people have something to say about all of this?

Perhaps the American people do not want a "managed decline" of the U.S. dollar.

Perhaps the American people do not want any part of a new "global currency".

Perhaps the American people do not want any part of a "New World Order".

But to men like George Soros, it doesn't really matter what "the little people" think.  In the world that Soros lives in, those with overwhelming amounts of money and power know what is best for the rest of us, and if "the little people" don't seem to want to go along initially then public opinion can be bought if you just spend enough money.

The sad truth is that we already live in a global economy.  Just go into just about any store across the United States and start picking up products to see where they were made.  Very few of the things we buy are still made in the United States.

Today, labor is a global commodity.  American workers must now directly compete for jobs with those making slave labor wages in China and India.  The fact that millions of U.S. jobs are being offshored and outsourced does not bother advocates of globalism at all because it is supposedly a beneficial thing for the overall global economy.

And most Americans have little to no idea just how much influence international organizations such as the United Nations, the World Bank, the IMF and the WTO have over our daily lives.

The truth is that we already live in a world that has been deeply, deeply integrated.  As this continues, at some point it will only seem "natural" for America to agree to a true global currency and full global political integration.

Let us hope that day never arrives.  Or at least let us hope that the American people wake up enough to not just go passively into a "New World Order".

A global economy is bad for America and a global government would be really bad for America.

But perhaps you disagree.  Perhaps you believe that integrating our economy, our currency and our government with the rest of the world would be a wonderful thing.  If that is the case, please feel free to leave a comment explaining exactly why globalism is such a wonderful thing for all of us.... 

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Guy Fawkes Mulder's picture

I use the term "New World Order" to mean the "evil" bankers' intended new World Order.

I use the term "new World Order" to mean some general new world order, undefined except that it will be new.

With the rise of corporate power and Rockefeller-style mafia capitalism after the Civil War, the "success" that America has enjoyed has had less to do with our brilliance and our "freedoms" than it has had to do with the fantastic economic growth sustained by oil and advancing technology.

Were the rich and successful capitalists evil men who only exploited the poor? No. I readily concede that the gains from trade concept benefited the poor during this period. The distinction I want to make is one that doe-eyed professors of economics are constitutionally incapable of making: that this system will probably not grow to the moon and the stars, to some glorious future that is always nicer than the present, and the poor will not always continue to benefit from the greed of the rich. Professors get their positions because they sing praises of the status quo, and deny that it is actually a vicious, psychopathic, law-of-the-jungle, survival-of-the-fittest, nihilist-take-all, mafia, gangland-style system. I'm not saying this is good or bad here, but I am saying that this is what it is, and so many people want to believe it is something else. They want to believe the system is benevolent in its nature towards the masses (they insist that the system will always drive up the standard of living for the masses, in general), but in fact this system is only eternally beneficial for those willing to serve as workers or managers in the corporate empire. When real economic growth stagnates, stalls, stops, or shrinks — when the Titanic starts taking on water — the mask of benevolence comes off of the bankers and the corporate empire they sustain.

So what does this have to do with a new World Order?

Americans want to believe in the illusion that "freedom", "free trade", and a "Republic" are what have given them their sweet standard of living. They are as deceived as all the professors of economics are. Corporations have exploited the energy and mineral wealth of Asia, Africa, and Latin America for well over one hundred years. Corporations have used naked fascism, imperialism, terrorism, and theft to get what gives them profit from the rest of the world. Americans have received the scrappings of wealth that trickle down from the super-rich corporatists and it is precisely these scrappings ("gains from trade") that amount to the totality of their prosperity. Now that Americans feel their standard of living slipping and increasing anxiety for their future — now that they see the are losing their special status in the coming New World Order — they start to whine, kick, and resist it. They rail against any new World Order. They think things like "we can go back to the Constitution" and the good times will come back. Unfortunately, the Constitution had nothing to do with the good times.

As H.G. Wells wrote in his The New World Order, a new World Order will be forced on us whether we like it or not, because our technology abolishes the significance of physical distance (we can see and travel to any desired point on the globe as we please), because of the amplification of the scale of our technologies' powers (bigger bombs, bigger markets, bigger audiences), and because of the restless, disenfranchised young generation of men who are willing to fight and revolt when they get mad enough at the abuses they suffer at the hands of aggressive and powerful elites.

The above is my basis for stating the following:

I hear a lot of people whine and cry and revile talk about any new World Order that changes America and Americans' privileged status. But they have got to understand that the world is now one global sandbox for the world's adult children to share and play in. Our technology has made it this way. Heretofore throughout the brief history of homo sapiens (the "wise man"), we never been able to break out of oligarchy and oligopoly for very long. We shall have the "evil" banker New World Order of global oligarchy and oligopoly unless we can agree on a new World Order that abolishes oligarchy. And American history, since the post–Civil War period, has been nothing but oligarchs and monopoly men doing what they do best, accumulating power and control. So if you really want to break free of a New World Order such as Soros is recommending, the first thing you have to do is abolish any delusions that the "American way" has been an exemplary model to return to.

If we can't realize a sustainable new World Order, H.G. Wells believed that the human race would destroy itself. 

goodrich4bk's picture

The problem is not free trade or "globalism".  The problem is that the participants are governed by different rules.  Soros is arguing that the solution to this problem is to make the same rules apply to everybody, i.e., a "new world order".  

His logic is sound. If China were to overnight adopt our constitutional protections and environmental, labor and regulatory restraints, few would have any objection to trading with China because they would not be able to compete on price.  Problem solved.  A factory in China would not be able to manufacture a product and ship it around the world for a lower price than a factory in the U.S. selling the product here --- unless that factory was significantly more efficient to make up the shipping and middleman costs.  But I doubt the Chinese would support that kind of "new world order".  Nor would American consumers like the dramatic rise in prices or the immediately empty shelves at WalMart.

Alternatively, if we abandoned all minimum wage laws, child labor laws, environmental laws, SS, medicare, etc., and adopted the Chinese one party system of government, neither we nor the Chinese would be happy.  We'd look a lot like Pottersville and the Chinese economy would still implode from the absence of demand.

So that is why he argues for an "orderly" decline of the dollar and the eventual adoption of a global currency.

All very "logical".  As was the Imperial reach of Rome.

Until it wasn't. 

Idiots who follow Soros or the Vampire Squid or any number of NWO thinkers --- whether right or left, free market or socialist --- keep forgetting that freeing capital but not labor is the problem.  And because labor is "people" who don't want to be "free" to move to another country and learn its language and culture just to have a job, labor will never be as free as capital.  Hence, most rational people in free, democratic societies want nothing to do with either Soros or the Vampire Squid's vision of a NWO of freely flowing capital.

Hephasteus's picture

Globalism is a very wonderful thing. You see the problem is that the people with the most power are full of fucking shit and total assholes. There's people who think they are assholes judge them as assholes and treat them like assholes. That they are actually who they think they are in their meglamoniacal bullshit brain requires the big lie.

Everything that we've been taught and experienced has been to prepare us for service. Make an offering to the temple make an sacrificial offering to god. Suck up to get ahead. It's all subjugation. The fact that these people are the biggest pain causing fuck up's in the universe has to be white washed over. Everybody has to "agree" that they aren't the fucking assholes that we know deep down inside that they are. Which is why they give us little hints of their plans. Every tongue will confess that he is lord. blah blah blah blah.

See my view of George SorryAss. Is that if I ever see that motherfucker on the street I'm going to knock every single one of his teeth out with a hammer. Load them into shotgun shells. And shoot him in the asshole with them. Globalism simply means these motherfuckers want to be able to go anywhere they please with every police and army out to get everyone that hates the IMF for all the sick twisted shit it's pulled.

And to the poster who said george soros is a philanthropist. I say bullshit. A person who gives out permission slips for OTHER people to do their philanthropy for them doesn't mean jack shit. They are one person and only matter as much as one person because the fiat currency by FORCE makes them matter.

The big lie needs to find everybody who knows it's bullshit and change them to stop fighting them. It never happens. Even a cow will occasionlly kick a farmer in the head and kill them. You just can't pacify everyone enough.

Oh by the way George SorryAss. Take your dick out and smash it into peanut butter. It's a healthy painful adjustment you HAVE TO GO THROUGH. OR SOMEONE ELSE WILL DO IT FOR YOU.

yabs's picture

Soros is a zionist blood sucking c*nt and I have a nice knife ready to slit his throat when the shit really does hit the fan

I've got an even nicer one for Ben

yabs's picture

Soros is a philanthropist US style. The US has been toying with the definition of humanity and who is a human being since its inception.

The more I learn about this guy, the more I think this guy is an American on steroids. He thinks that he is the Human being, the others being something else. And therefore by doing himself good, he helps mankind and shows a true love for humanity.



what the fuck?


this guy thinks nothing oiftaking down whole countries by attacking theor currency and you think he loves humanity?

what drugs are you on pal?


Soros makes Stalin look a nice guy

AnAnonymous's picture

Soros is a US citizen on steroids. US citizens since their inception, have always hold a selective view on who is a human being.

When they do themselves good, they benefit humanity. They never hurt people because save them, all the others are animals, non human beings etc

So what? Soros thinks he and his close relatives are the only human beings on Earth. Doing himself good is philanthropia.

Just the US mind set extended by a few degrees.

Reaching for the skies is american.

yabs's picture

I think a lot of posters here are suffering the Stockholom syndrome

I cannot beleive the posts here

truelly sad thast people canno0t see whats right in front of them


If this isn't enought to prove all the NWO therories now exposed as fact by this Zionist puppet I do not know what will

strannick's picture

I love how the proto-fascistic Soros styles himself a 'philanthropist' while having bilked England out of Billions, and causing the attendant social strife. 'Bad is good'. Or better yet, 'there is no bad or good' (but then why are things so bad??)

AnAnonymous's picture

Soros is a philanthropist US style. The US has been toying with the definition of humanity and who is a human being since its inception.

The more I learn about this guy, the more I think this guy is an American on steroids. He thinks that he is the Human being, the others being something else. And therefore by doing himself good, he helps mankind and shows a true love for humanity.

l0nEr's picture

Honestly, i felt that Soros is old, and just trying to do his part contributing back to the society (although it can be seen as imposing his will on people, as the author has seen it)

I do agree with what he sees, which is the world in on an unsustainable path unless we do something about it.

Sad to say, I feel that most people flaming Soros seems to be Americans who cannot accept the fact that their era is about to be over, and they no longer stand alone in the center of the world. Globalisation has now spread around the world, and there is no turning back. The world is just going to get more connected with the Internet, trade and most importantly, Global warming and environmental issues. I believe that is what Soros wants to solve most.

With regards to him 'forcing his will' on people. Unorthodoxly (im definitely not a communist or supporter of totalitarian), I do think that there is need for strong UNCORRUPTED leadership to lead people out of the problems. Democracy is just the best out of all the worst form of political structures because it allows slightly more control over those with power. However, just look at how the Republicans are abusing their rights by obstructing all forms of progressiveness. When all are attempting to serve their own personal goals, Democracy seems like the worst form political structure. If you need another example of how messy things can get, just take a look at Thailand with all the Green shirts, Red shirts and Watermelons. If not, look at how all the environment negotiations went in Cancun and Copenhagen.

yabs's picture

how fucking naive are you?

George soros doesn't give a shit about you or anybody else

wake up buddy

Honestly, i felt that Soros is old, and just trying to do his part contributing back to the society (although it can be seen as imposing his will on people, as the author has seen it)

this is about the most naive post I have ever read

wake the fuck up

this is aaron russo laying out the NWO

is this what you want?


Snidley Whipsnae's picture

The world has experienced many eras of globalization. One was just prior to the US Stock Market crash of 1929 and the subsequent great depression.

Simply because we are living in an era of heightened world trade does not mean that it will last. Economic collapse, wars, currency wars, etc, can slow or stop the process of ever increasing world trade and off shoring of jobs.

If you don't believe this read Rogoff and Reinharts study of world trade, depressions, recessions, etc, going back 800 years..."This Time It's Different"...


aerojet's picture

If both sides are the same, why did Soros spend so much trying to defeat Bush?  Was it just so he could implement his plans even faster?  The guy looks like the evil emperor from Star Wars.

Hannibal's picture

America will Fall Under the Weight of its Own Evil & Lies.

Seasmoke's picture

if a NWO ever really came about, how do you think Americans would be treated ......perhaps some payback for the past 100 years of foreign policy and world domination ......i wouldnt trust any of them

Tic tock's picture

Holy Shit. A bunch of you fucktards really have no idea where or how the current problems came from or how they function....let's turn it simple; there are two sides, Bernanke vs. Soros, Left vs. Right, if you like. Just start with that assumption - that there is a war going on and these are the two opposing generals.

Bernanke extends liqidity swaps to his allies so that an unstoppable amount of unaccounted money can flood the FX markets, Bernanke aims to control the major flows of all money - he can do this because of the nuclear threat 'he can turn the music off and then everybody has no clothes - if he fixes any of the problems, he loses his advantage. Fine, so what is his goal? Why is he out to control all flows of money? There is only ONE solution where this works out, it is when there is only the dollar, or at least when it is the currency of choice for the first world. It might not even work with the rapid eminence of China.

Soros is saying 'disavow the false currency, it is a veil of enslavement, the uniform of tyranny'. That we (economic policy-makers) must all band together on the footstraps of civil movements, to initiate a response to banker-owned governmental organization. -Soros is wealthy, but he is not quite in the same league as the Mellons. In that repect he's a revolutionary shouting from the wilderness.

But take a step a back, Prices have been severely out-of-equilbrium for too long. This is what you really need to understand. The costs to the Consumer have been extremely high; things that cost 7c (15c inc. salaries) to put on a shelf are sold for a $1, the profit has dissapeared through accounting tricks offshore and into the ether. The point is that disposable income has been hammered in real terms, even while costs of production have significantly fallen, in real terms. Right there, you have to understand that the current crisis has grown into this monster because the Prices that we pay throughout these economies have grown to fabulously lop-sided. That is why, when faced with the cliff of reality, it appears that the Equity market is priced way over value. This is where Bernanke's doctrine of fighting Deflation springs from. 

If, tomorrow, governments regulated permanent windfall taxes on profits over a industry-wide ROI -if it regulated the 'excess' profits, if it normalized transfer-pricing by material, weight and labour-hours and if it set mandatory ratios for the distribution of pay and benefits within companies..that would be 90% of what is needed to return stability to the economy. It's been said for decades, the problem is the rent-seeking economy, the quest for excess profits and that is what Congress and the bankers', in corruption, has facilitated. It isn't a question of Globalization, it's about unravelling a Kleptocracy.

crazyjsmith's picture

Great Post Tic: some really good perspective and points made. Thanks for that break down, no sarcasm either. I agree on idea of the two sided battle. It does seem to be the US based Corporate elite ( Bernanke ) vs. The European Socialist Elite . One controls the manufacturing and technology, the other the actual money supply. Both are getting fat off the hog, but both are trying to pave two different roads to the same destination. Both want to pitch, but someone has to catch, if u know what I mean. Where I disagree is the Globalization comment. I think the push for radical globalization created this Kleptocracy that you speak of. I think these two factions rushed to Globalization with NAFTA, WTO, and then the EU. And as you mentioned, cost of production plummeted largely because labor became a tradeable global commodity, and with GATT/WTO for example, created a scenario where the Elite could feast on those lofty profits. If you are able to dramtically drop the highest cost of every product=labor, and use the world as your Tax Shelter, then you have just killed a few Trillion birds with one stone. But at what cost? First cost is the US Mfg Base=Middle Class. How this thing unravels? We'll just have to wait til after this next commercial break.

Snidley Whipsnae's picture

Interesting post, tic toc.

"If, tomorrow, governments regulated permanent windfall taxes on profits over a industry-wide ROI -if it regulated the 'excess' profits, if it normalized transfer-pricing by material, weight and labour-hours and if it set mandatory ratios for the distribution of pay and benefits within companies..that would be 90% of what is needed to return stability to the economy."

Can you imagine the size of the government bureaucracy that it would take to implement your suggestions? Every time another bureaucrat is added the opportunity for fraud and plain old incompetence is compounded.

Happy New Year...

Watauga's picture

"I do not believe in NWO conspiracy theories at all, but just maybe a benevolent NWO (i.e. some form of world government ) is what we need as a species to survive."

And just what, in your study of history in this world, leads you to believe that such an organization is possible?  The Nazi attempt to provide its version of a benevolent NWO?  The Soviet attempt?  The American attempts (Lincoln's War, League of Nations, UN, the Bush Family Wars)?  Oh, maybe go back to the Roman attempt?  Or maybe Alexander's? 

Benevolence is not something that governments or "world order organizations" are interested in.  What they are ALL interested in is POWER.  It is that simple.  Why?  Again, it is simple--men make up governments and "world order organizations" and men are, BY NATURE, fallen.  In other words, they are interested in what they believe is in their own, selfish best interests.  This is why capitalism works and communism doesn't.  It is also why politicians and kingmakers like Soros are constantly at war against people who just want to be left alone to make a living.

Read THE ROAD TO SERFDOM and ECONOMICS IN ONE LESSON--read the NOW!  Available at the Mises Institute.  And read ZERO HEDGE, Chronicles (A Magazine of American Culture), and THE BIBLE.  It all becomes clear very quickly (I would have thought a reading of the first few chapters of GENESIS would have made it all pretty clear).

Good luck.

Gigliola Cinquetti's picture

"And just what, in your study of history in this world, leads you to believe that such an organization is possible?"

Not much , I agree completely .

Snidley Whipsnae's picture

The New World Order is simply a ploy to allow the financiers/bankers to gain total power over a world currency.

Every transaction in the 'NWO currency' will be taxed by some NWO agency and routed through bankers...for a transaction fee of course.

The NWO pushers don't give a damn about individuals or countries...they care about money and control.

If the NWO pushers are allowed to accomplishs their goals we are all screwed.

Under the NWO how large do you believe the financial sector will grow? It will be a monster!

jnesfield's picture

The New World Order should be called the New World Chaos as it has only produced based on flawed quantitative methodologies losses that exceed any regulatory threshold of sound and reasonable behavior.  Soros or anyone else that has access to funding is simply trying to influence opinion in any direction so as to profit from it.   Soros would become a devote Catholic if there where money to be made.  Old joke if a Zurich banker jumps out a window there is money to be made on the way down.   The increase in unpredictable behavior is fodder that feeds a speculators engine.  Stability, Peace, and Tolerance are the death of speculation.   Soros and the Bush family as well as anyone with access to funds for speculation want chaos and war because they are most profitable.   Managed Healthcare allows for an opportunity in Black Market and Offshore Healthcare providers.  Jeb Bush has already formed alliances in Cuba to provide the Baby boomers cheap healthcare just as the system is getting overloaded.  Soros is not pro-population control but he is interested in influencing people so as to speculate on their behavior.

Arius's picture

the system is broke - after all folks all good things must come to an end.

i hope they come into this new path and New World before Chinna takes more, builts more and becomes more powerful. 

you need people w/ a different view, open view and outside the box of official Washington/New York to see it and act upon it - and give us a better standing in the new camp.

unfortunately, the current leadership does not seem to be up to the task.

Gigliola Cinquetti's picture

I do not believe in NWO conspiracy theories at all , but just maybe a benevolent NWO (i.e. some form of world government ) is what we need as a species to survive . Nationalism is so 19th century , and a flawed philosphical concept with no basis in reality . You can actually interpret it as turbocharged tribalism ,with all the dangerous side effects like world war II showed us . Surely , rational thinking has moved beyond the tribal stage . Reality is that we are 1 species sharing 1 planet with limited resources . National borders are artificial constructs wich dissapear if planet earth is viewed from space . If however you believe in the myths of manifest destiny , American exceptionalism , the God given right to a lifestyle that can only be sustained by raping the planet , stealing resources , suppressing the rights of other peoples to the same lifestyle , overthrowing democratically chosen governments and replacing them with dictator regimes that do your (i.e. your corporations)bidding , supporting terrorism when it suits your imperial agenda , preventive war etc .. . When you believe that you are outside the laws that you hypocritically impose on others and are happy to live in that kind of cognitive dissonance , then yes , the perspective of some kind of world government that may level the playing field a bit , may look very daunting . But maybe the rest of the world population will have a different idea about it . Just consider it .

Off my soapbox    

yabs's picture

are you trying to act like a dumb fuck or does this come naturally?

The conspiracy theories say that people like Soros want a one world governmnet with a  world currency which they control

and the rest of us are global serfs

This guy has just admitted thats exactly what he wants and we should accept it, but you do not believe in the theories that he has just admitted to

This is the biggest smoking gun there has ever been since


wake the fuck up

Gigliola Cinquetti's picture

I do not deny what Soros said . But I do not believe in secret societies (Illuminati, Jesuits ..) that are plotting an evil plan to take over the world and make us al serfs . Leave open the possibility that Soros uses the term to propose a possible way out of some problems we face on a global scale (whether it would work is another issue), without actually referring to an actual plan , (hatched by mysterious evildoers) in the making , where he is privy to . I do not believe that any secret elite cabal  (of bankers ? )is capable of taking control of the world . There are too many conflicting interests . Or do you believe China will just go along with this , just because Soros or some secret cabal want it ? And I don't believe in Santa either .

AnAnonymous's picture

The conspiracy theories say that people like Soros want a one world governmnet with a  world currency which they control

and the rest of us are global serfs


Well, Soros is just an ambitious guy then. The US People already had slaves and have serfs and vassals all around the world.

Soros want to maintain the streak by increasing the number of serfs accross the world so he can up his life standards even more.

What's wrong with that?

ColonelCooper's picture

You took so long typing, your granola got all soggy.


Gigliola Cinquetti's picture

You did not take long typing I hope , given the length and grammatical challenges of your reply  . The quality of the content however reflects it .

In the mean time , I would seriously advise against a career as stand up comedian . The short term prospect for now  will still include living in a trailer and eating road kill .

However , if your debating skills move just a bit beyond name calling , I cannot exclude a future career with Faux News


yabs's picture

so here it isd prrof that NWO is not just a conspiracy THEORY

but conspiracy fact

Will he be admitting that 9/11 was an inside job to set the stage for this NWO?

what an evil c*nt

its time for everyone to rise up now

This is no longer a fringe theory, he has just admitted that the banks want to rule us witha  one world government.

gee this is freaky

I have been researhingthis for a while but there was always a thread of doubt about the NWO but now I know what all the conspiracy theories say ARE TRUE


margaris's picture

FYI This Interview is quite old already.

It was published October 23 2009 at the FT Website. Look here:

just to correct you if you think that George Soros is sharing his views about the starting year or something, which is not true!

2028's picture

Within 10 years there will be one currency. The plans are laid by the elite and they see the finish line like hungry dogs. Bernanke is just doing exactly what the elite want. This means the whole global system will have to equalize. US goes lower in standard of living to meet the rest in the middle. Soros is being used by the people much higher than him. Soros is worth billions and the Rothschild’s are worth trillions. Believe it or not there are 10 bloodline families above the Rothschild’s that will unite a one world currency with also some major false religion backing. Our government was established with accultic ends. Do you think that all Seeing Eye on the dollar bill was the all seeing eye of God or Lucifer? Do you think the in God we trust on the paper money is the God of Abraham Isaac or Jacob or Lucifer? Do you think the obelisk in DC is just a monument?   The real people behind this are going to guide the mindless sheep into this one currency world order and make sure they become spiritual dead with their mandates. . This will not only be a battle on the physical level but spiritual. Count on it. No way to stop because God's word says it’s going to happen. How this will all go down in 10 years who knows but count on it. Gold and silver will help thru this transition but in the end Gold and Silver will be thrown into the streets as the world currency will be brutal in enforcement of their one world legal tender. They may even let you convert your gold and silver at maybe not a favorable level but to do so will be allegiance to their god Lucifer.

Widowmaker's picture

George Soros is a viper.

He's one of the few that speak.

Fix It Again Timmy's picture

New World Order?  Yeah, right - local politicians can't even successfully manage a local municipality and from this level as you step up the political hierarchy, the mismanagement only intensifies.  Nevertheless, it will be interesting to see what this huge mess morphs into, but a NWO?  I don't think so.

Twindrives's picture

Die George Soros, die soon, die today, die now.

Mercury's picture

Soros was, for all practical purposes, a fucking Nazi in the 1940's...rounding up the undesirables, the whole bit.  He may be right about the dollar - he's no slouch in that area although his argument is hardly unique at tis point.  But he can take this "New World Order" shit and stick it up his ass.

If some foreign, mega-Republican supporter said something like this the MSM would never shut up about it.

nmewn's picture

True dat.

"Well, of course I c--I could be on the other side or I could be the one from whom the thing is being taken away. But there was no sense that I shouldn't be there, because that was--well, actually, in a funny way, it's just like in markets--that if I weren't there--of course, I wasn't doing it, but somebody else would--would--would be taking it away anyhow. And it was the--whether I was there or not, I was only a spectator, the property was being taken away. So the--I had no role in taking away that property. So I had no sense of guilt. (George Soros, 60 Minutes interview transcript, December 20, 1998)

Right Georgie...not having any sense of guilt, shame or morality has been your calling card throughout your life.

Dr. Porkchop's picture

The American empire is having trouble holding its ground, yet I'm supposed to believe that a world empire is about to take over? I'm not one to believe the official line on most things and like to look at contrary opinion but this NWO stuff is in the tin foil zone for me.

Alcoholic Native American's picture

Soros is spot on. National sovereignty is already gone you retards.

living on the edge's picture

Soros is spot on.

Soros knows exactly what is happening and the truth is he is scared shitless. We are in the midst of a Kondratieff Winter. Soros's single largest holding is in gold in preparation for what is yet to come. He can talk all he wants about NWO or new reserve currency but all bets are off with the destruction that's just on the horizon. Something tells me these elitists miscalculated as they always do. 

MarketFox's picture

Countries should retain...and not abort their soveignty....

Soros supports the abortion of sovereignty....

Soros is just another albeit rich "booktalker"....


The world is like a giant football game....the team that lost previously....may be next year's winner....The countries are the teams....


THIS is the right game ....not globalization....


NEVER trust corporate media....word of advice....

4horse's picture

football metaphors  .  .  .


seein through the game ain't the same as winnin it

                                                                              north-dallas forty

Sudden Debt's picture

The new world order is a load of crap.

The difference between cultures is just to big.

Look at Europe, every nationality hates the others.

In my country for example, we don't even like people who live in cities 50 miles away from our home!

We only like people who live 300 miles minimum from us, BECAUSE THEY LIVE MINIMUM 300 MILES FROM US!!


cosmictrainwreck's picture

sweeet! intra-national xenophobia. ecellent. hey, you guys even have 2 languages, don'tcha? ya'll be really fucked-up. keep up the good work; there may be hope yet

Gigliola Cinquetti's picture

"you guys even have 2 languages" , Small correction , make it 3 , you forgot german . Why that would be something bad , has always baffled me . The  hysteria  about spanish making inroads in the US is beyond me . It enriches one's culture if you make the effort of learning a different language .

DeltaDawn's picture

Agreed that Americans made their own bed with the mess we are in, helped along exponentially by our corrupt and selfish leaders, but we would like to manage our own way out of this instead of the IMF, UN, and global elites forcing us to do it their way. And yes, we need to stop meddling in the affairs of other nations as well.

AnAnonymous's picture

But the IMF, UN and  other global organizations are an extension of the US that have been operated for the benefit of the US.

There is a difference between no longer benefiting from a system that was approved beforehand and repelling a system before it is implemented.


The US is a product of globalization, has been benefiting largely from globalization.

Misery for the US is not globalization but it is that globalization is drawing to its end. With the slowlier increase in benefits this implies.