German Banks Hiding Stress Test Data Further Undemine Geithner's European Scammery Tour

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Hot on the heels of our earlier disclosure that the Landesbank stress test passage is either a joke or a scam, comes the knowledge that 6 out of the 14 tested German banks, including Landesbanks, have decide against posting their stress test details, specifically withholding the breakdown of their sovereign debt holdings. "Every other European bank, bar Greece’s ATEbank, which failed the test, complied with the disclosure requirement. Analysts said the German banks’ non-compliance would fuel suspicion they had something to hide, and risked further undermining faith in the whole stress test exercise, already criticised for its benign scenarios." Um "further undermine"? Has it not been made abundantly clear that the entire stress test soap opera was merely a pretext for Liberty 33 and Johnny 5 to ramp the market for the last hour of trading on Friday? Are people still confused that whenever Tim Geithner "plans" something, be it for the US, for his own tax estate, or for another continent, scammery, corruption and opacity are pretty much a necessary and sufficient condition for any "swiss watch" plan's execution.

More from the FT:

Officials from the German regulatory authorities – Bafin and the Bundesbank – said local law meant they could not force banks to publish such details.

However, one banker told the FT: “There was a discussion in Germany about whether to publish the sovereign debt holdings, and at one point the banks were told that it was to be compulsory, but in the end Bafin did not require it.”

Mr Vossen would not comment directly on why Germany had backed out of the agreed publication but said he said he would be picking up the phone to the German authorities. “We agreed that these disclosures would be done,” he told the FT. “This is one of the topics we will follow through on. We need to have a chat.”

The European Commission echoed that sentiment on Sunday, saying it “encouraged the few banks who had not disclosed the information to do so”.

Yeah, whatever. Only when the EC and whoever the other brain dead zombies of endless corruption in the failed European experiment are, disclose the haircuts on the trillions in shadow debt, and what forms of government backstops are being taken to prevent another shadow banking system run, this time originating out of Europe and not Hawaiian Tropic in Times Square, will anyone even pretend to listen to the zombiecrats and their artificially jiggered tests meant to give a golden star to anyone who so desires.


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knukles's picture

Oh, come on, picky, picky, picky.
Really is a Who Cares, you know?

After all, the new IMF Bazilliontrillion$Fund is going to loan out money to all comers with no strings attached. 

Who needs Transparency when we've Institutionalized Opaqueness?

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Thank you. I couldnt have said it better. Im tired and bored of all these chartwatchers who says this cant be done or that cant be done because the charts forbid it. You know what? Its done, and we just sit by and bitch everyday about how the Market went positive. The Banks will fuck us all. Goodday my fellow Serfs. My lord is calling me

tom a taxpayer's picture

Only Jean-Claude "Merlin the magician" knows where the pea is. 

Jean-Claude: "Ich bin ein Merliner. Catch me if you can."

bugs_'s picture

Audit the FED!  and also audit the Euro ... um... scammeries!

obamaphobe's picture

the lesser evil is unknown...

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“We agreed that these disclosures would be done,” he told the FT. “This is one of the topics we will follow through on. We need to have a chat.”

Funny crock of shit here. There was never a plan to have these German banks stripped nude in front of the world. Now why would they want to disclose all that soverign dog shit on their insolvent balance sheets?

It's to the point where these fuckers just lie. Again, this crap is going to keep going until one of these central banks really screws something up that they can't control or fix by throwing money down the rabbit hole.

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Funny how a few of the industry "experts" on CNBC have been saying how the EU stress test data is transparent and open for scrutiny. I guess not everyone got the memo.

As is the case in the US, the goal of the elite in Europe is to burn the house down and flush all unfunded social liabilities and pensions down the toilet. As usual the clueless sheep say Baaaaah.

knukles's picture

When the test results were being released, at the height of the MSM feeding frenzy, Sue Herrera on CNBS said in an airy voice amazingly reminiscent of Marylin Monroe singing "Happy Birthday" to JFK; "They're so much better than people expected." 

Jesus H. Fucking Christ on a Crutch, nobody had yet any details whatsoever, and they're already so much better than Ms. McGillicuddies' monkey nut soup.

Then on RAN Squawk;

07-25 08:56: US Treasury's Geithner says EU made 'significant effort' to boost disclosure MOM! Timmy's doing it again!
Ripped Chunk's picture

+ 1000 "Ms. McGillicuddies' monkey nut soup"

I am still cleaning up vomit as a result of Timmy's 2 TV appearaces yesterday.  Pure fiction. Total joke.

traderjoe's picture

"is either a joke or a scam"

- um, do we have to choose? 

One of the real nails in the coffin for me was the timing of the GE dividend announcement (15 or so minutes after the stress test release) - and the clear complicity of the MSM is using the "20% dividend raise"  (still 60% lower then pre-crisis) as a "clear show of corporate confidence in the recovery" to obstruct the stress test monstrosity. Just like the GS settlement announcement getting leaked 15 minutes before the close of a terrible market day, it really does demonstrate, IMO, how many people are in on the stock market scam. GE, MSM, SEC, etc., etc. 

The complete lack of credibility on the part of any of the comments of the FinMins, the politico's, etc., etc. This might have been one last opportunity to actually fix the underlying aspects of the problems. But no, just shoveling more BS. 

Anyone read about the FDIC issuing senior certificates to try to hide the taxpayer-needed bailout?

One more political institution morally and fiscally BK. 

obamaphobe's picture

unfortunately we didn't need the open book test to know of their moral and political bankruptcy

deadhead's picture

It's hard to believe that over one year ago I was ranting about what a piece of shit Geithner is.  

He's even a bigger turd over one year later.

Today's proclamation by the worst U.S. Treasury Secretary ever that the chances of a double dip are "..unlikely.." confirms for me that we are about to leg down into the large intestine of a big old smelly bear.  

Someday these puppies will come to the realization that this time is not different.


spekulatn's picture

Good to read you again, deadhead. Hope all is well.

DoctoRx's picture

IMHO They realize just fine.  But there are sheeple to be sheared . . .

tom a taxpayer's picture


I think Hank Paulson is forty lengths ahead of Timmy in the race for the worst U.S. Secretary of Treasury. Hank "the mole" Paulson jumped from Goldman Sachs CEO to U.S. Treasury Secretary, and when a golden opportunity presented itself proceeded to wipe out Goldman Sachs competitors Bear Stearns and Lehman, to save GS from billions in counterparty risk at Fannie, Freddie, and AIG, to allow the Goldman Sachs group to control key positions at the U.S. Treasury and to advise him on how best to enrich Goldman Sachs.

Geithner and Paulson have screaming conflicts of interest which should have disqualifed both from serving as U.S. Secretary of Treasury. Geithner can not be expected to investigate himself for his potential crimes at the NYFRB. Nor could Paulson be expected to investigate Goldman Sachs, or himself as former GS CEO, for potential crimes.


Paulson is the Godfather of Wall Street. Geither, was and is a "go fer", a lap dog for the Wall Street dons. Among the Wall Street Mafia, Godfather Paulson is a man of respect,... Geither is just a "front man".


Hank Paulson was the evil genius at the heart of the crisis, bailing out Goldman Sachs and his bank buddies, and putting taxpayers in cement overshoes and tossing them overboard to sink to the bottom of Wall Street's cesspool swamp.


Ned Zeppelin's picture

You are correct sir. Paulson was and is a lying, thieving, scum traitor to these United States. we need trials, judgment, and punishment.  He put GS over his country.

monopoly's picture

I just wonder at how much longer the lies, deceit, and total bullshit will win the day. I find it truly amazing that so few of us know the truth at what is being called "the word". What is wrong with the citizens of this country. Why are there not 2 million of us marching on Washington to bring this corrupt administration and idiotic Congress to their knees.
Washington, Jefferson, Monroe, the tears, the eternal tears they shed for us.

This will end at some point and the truth will be known. Or else we are all dead.


zen0's picture

People are busy trying to survive. The marches on Washington are usually bankrolled by corporate interests, like unions or other such organizations.

The common people have no such organ of assembly, and are therefore excluded from the fascist progression.

That's why.

Amish Hacker's picture

When all is said and done, a lot more gets said than done.

zen0's picture

I am not one to promote violence, but the reason the Tibetans get lip service and the Palestinians get billions of aid dollars is that the Tibetans don't blow shit up.

Seriously. That is the only difference. Come on, all you Tibetans, get your jihad on! Chanting gets no respect.

traderjoe's picture

A national campaign to move all consumer deposits from the large TBTF banks to local credit unions (who have some of their own issues) and simultaneously file in court to have the servicer/bank produce the original mortgage document -

Fight fire with fire. 

williambanzai7's picture

My what fine new clothes the Emperor wears.

JimboJammer's picture

The  Powers  that  be...  cover  up  again...  fudge  the  numbers..

Keep  the  common  folks  in  the  Dark  ....  again..

Nikki's picture

As long as we keep cheering the liars, they'll keep telling them.

Ross Perot told us NAFTA would cause manufacturing jobs to disappear. They did. Unions still supported Clinton. MFN for China purchased with direct bribes. Bush was no better. Obama suit is made from the same sack of shit.

When we all turn our backs to them and their media, we'll have a chance..

barkingbill's picture

sorry a little off topic but wikileaks manages biggest intel leak in history:

Johnny Yuma's picture

Someone please grab the wooden hook and yank "Timmah" off the stage... This comedy show has run it's course... 

RockyRacoon's picture

This is great news.  My neighbor and I can swap IOUs and declare them as assets on our balance sheets.  Then when our bank wants documentation we can use the same excuse as the EU Banks!  Wouldn't this be "...withholding the breakdown of their sovereign debt holdings."?  I can really crank up my net worth.

Mentaliusanything's picture

Do you really think that the Europeans don't smell a Rat. By God they have been lied to by the best for as many years as you would want to view. You wait - there is some small anger getting hung out as we speak.

My bet is this will come back to bite them very badly in the Ass. Just takes one to say in public - Hey that dudes got no Clothes for the whole thing to become a major embarrassment to the bon fire of the vanities.

Time I have to watch this thing go down. 

By so called reputable people we so often are misled
And one lie leads to another lie as we often have heard said
And to cover up for one lie another lie you must tell
'Tis a thorny path to heaven but an easy path to hell.

One lie leads to another lie that always is the case
Your first lie for deception and your second to save face
And when you are faced with the truth the truth you will deny
And to lie to you comes easy so you tell another lie.

One lie leads to another lie if what you say is untrue
Then another lie you must tell and your lies won't stop at two
But the truth of guilt will free you though the truth can be hard to speak
And to lie is always easy and 'tis easy to be weak.

theprofromdover's picture

If Merkel was fast on her feet she should be saying, congratulations, obviously no-one needs a bail-out, and get some ironclad legslation in place pronto.

(Fantastic news that no French Bank is in difficulties -whood a thunk it?)