German Rating Agency Feri Downgrades US Government Bonds: AAA to AA!

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The first Western downgrade of US government bonds is a fact! The German credit rating agency Feri lowered its rating on US debt by a full notch, from AAA to AA.


Here is the German press release:

Feri Downgrades US Gov Debt AAA to AA

Here's the english translation:

Homburg, 8 June 2011 - The Bad Homburg Feri EuroRating & Research AG downgraded the first credit rating agency's credit rating for the United States from AAA to AA. Feri analysts justify the downgrade by the continuing deterioration of the creditworthiness of the country due to high public debt, inadequate fiscal measures, and weaker growth prospects.

"The U.S. government has fought the effects of the financial market crisis primarily by an increase in government debt. We do not see that there is sufficient attention being paid to other measures, "said Dr. Tobias Schmidt, CEO of Feri Rating & Research AG. "Our rating system shows a deterioration in economic health, so the downgrading of the credit ratings of U.S. is warranted."

For the third consecutive year the deficit of the United States is in double digit percentages relative to gross domestic product (GDP). "Deficits of such magnitude are not a sustainable fiscal policy. We would reconsider the rating when the U.S. government creates a long-term sustainable budget," said Schmidt.

Feri Rating is listed on the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) as an EU credit rating agency approved and created with more than 20 years experience in sovereign ratings. Every month, the Feri analysts evaluate sovereign credit ratings from the perspective of a foreign investor based on the ability and willingness of countries to repay their debts. The credit ratings have eleven possible gradations between "AAA" (best credit) and "Default".

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Newsboy's picture

All the nationalistic bristling is funny from this crowd, who all know US Debt is crap already.

It's the BANKERS, guys. They manipulate nationalistic feelings of Germans against Greeks and suck the blood from both of them.

Wanna' be like that?

anonnn's picture

If you were looking for a Black Swan and found bean sprouts...Gotterdammerung!

YHC-FTSE's picture

...And so it begins.

Personally, I think every ratings agency should have done this last year.

sitenine's picture

If you close your eyes and click your heels together three times.... Fucking MSM bitchez won't report this!? The event that couldn't happen is just ignored by these bought and paid for propaganda machines!? The American Dream is exactly WHAT today? Shit. The American Dream is SHIT!!! Fucking clowns in Washington are still trying to 'spread the wealth', 'level the playing field', 'invest in the future'. CLOWNS! Clueless Fucking clowns! Our children are purposely ignorant, our assets are worthless, and our debt is unimaginable, but the band just keeps on playing! Retire? ROFL!!! With WHAT!? Your reverse mortgage just fucked your children out of any hope for ANY inheritance what-so-ever! Was it worth it? How do you feel now!? Buyer's remorse you say?? American Idiot, indeed. Oh, you invested wisely? Good for you, now you can start barrowing against your 401k to pay for groceries. Oh, but you still want to retire... You feel entitled because you were so fucking prudent with 'your' money. Welcome to the future bitchez!

andybev01's picture


If you Google 'germany downgrades us treasuries' the results are this post by ZH and all of the blogs that link to ZH.

Not one goddamn MSM hit at all.

BTW: to gat back to this post I had to Google it. It no longer appears as a headline or on the first 3 pages of ZH...

dracos_ghost's picture

Don't worry, these are the guys that downgraded:

"Dieter, I need some cash"

dan10400's picture

Does this mean backdoor bailouts of German banks by the US Fed isn't good enough anymore?

pitz's picture

About friggin time.  SUKI (tm) is RELIGION.

dalkrin's picture

Thanks for the brush-up of my German vocab!  Hey Bernanke, go get herabgestuft!

augmister's picture

Ha, ha, ha!   US Economy has been outted!  We all gonna die.

TSA gropee's picture

Interesting. It would appear a resurgent and confident Germany is testing the waters on a number of different levels.

"In addition, a European Army jeopardizing "the USA's claim to leadership should be finally established." The working group responsible for this paper includes parliamentarians in the Bundestag and functionaries in government ministries."

A German dominated EU/Zone, a German Pope, calls for an EU army, American nukes on German soil...  

Things these days are rarely what they appear to be.

docj's picture

As was said in another thread - It's on like Donkey Kong!

bank guy in Brussels's picture

From an often-intriguing 'conspiracy' site recently severely bashed by Tyler, the well-known Sorcha Faal (based in Ireland I think), who usually sites 'sources' in the Kremlin and Russian intelligence, has this today re the Bilderberg meeting now ongoing:

« ... growing fears that the United States is preparing to break all contact with the European Union banking system and that the US has launched a ‘deliberate and calculated’ bio-attack on Germany for not participating in the Libyan war. ...

« ... Germany’s allegations that the US is behind the deadly E.coli outbreak that has killed 30 (29 in Germany, 1 in Sweden) and left ill over 3,000 (700 of whom are warned may be near death) appears to be valid, this report says, based on the DNA analysis of this deadly disease conducted by the Beijing Genome Center.... »

blunderdog's picture

Seems to me the downgrade is a bit less important than the fact that 'Murka can bring the entire power of its banking-industrial complex to bear on treasury rates.

Is there anyone in the business who really "believed" the US Treasury market for the past year?  If not, is this at all relevant?

Troy Ounce's picture


Except for the weight, is there a difference between an American and a German prostitute?

blunderdog's picture

One's a criminal, the other isn't?

Oh regional Indian's picture

Bad bad bad Homburg. Very very bad homburg.

Bad Hohummmhoohumburg.



Oh regional Indian's picture

Feri bad Hoooohumburger.

Feri feri bad.

Feri bad homburg.


Gavrikon's picture

"My dad stormed the beaches of Omaha for this??? Screw you Krauts and that big butt leader of yours. (Fist waving in air)"

What, are you saying that because the US defeated Germany, the Germans should deny the riskiness of US debt?  You want to invade again because they see through the facade?

I call bullshit!

kaiten's picture

US did not defeat Germany, Allies did.

wandstrasse's picture

trying to imagine what a rating agency PR war looks like...

from AAA to AA - first strike, well done.

deadly return from Moodys for Germany: No longer rated, too unworthy!! Whoa.

But--- Germany strikes back: The US is officially considered a LN (Lousy Nation). OMG!

Quick return: Wall Street Executives say: Germans are filthy people. They collect children's skulls and still communicate with drums. etc.



magpie's picture

Who cares man, it's safe to eat bean sprouts and cucumbers again and the Green party really knows how to con its constituency...rally on.

wandstrasse's picture

do you work for the German treasury? ..because of the ELSTER... I promise, I get the closet out of my home office working room tonight...

magpie's picture

lol that job is better done watching expensive cars speed towards the Swiss border.

pupton's picture

I guess that means we can't afford to bail out Greece after all...better let the Krauts handle it...TBT Bitchez!

FoieGras's picture

Dr. Tobias Schmidt better not plan any trips to the US anytime soon. I feel he'll be at risk with being charged with rape and taked into custody.

Philippe's picture

Bomb them ? US can't afford to pay for the missiles anymore. 

Philippe's picture

Bomb them ? US can't afford to pay for the missiles anymore. 

Smiddywesson's picture

Quick everybody, flee to quality!


Oops, no quality, I guess it's the lifeboat then (gold)

the not so mighty maximiza's picture

My dad stormed the beaches of Omaha for this??? Screw you Krauts and that big butt leader of yours. (Fist waving in air)

gratefultraveller's picture

You might want to check who gave Hitler the money to reach power in the first place.


Hint: Congress passed a bill to forbid Prescott Bush (grandfather of George W. Bush) to keep financing the Nazis

Cole Younger's picture

No, your dad stormed the beaches to stop a ruthless dictator hell bent on taking over the world. U.S. politicians are the ones to blame. U.S. Politicians spent the money they have to borrow, not the Germans. Don't kill the messenger. Thank the messenger and prepare yourself for the future if you believe the downgrade is warranted. A 14 trillion dollar growing national debt is the problem.

the not so mighty maximiza's picture

Merkel still has a big ole butt.

Antarctico's picture

Merkel still has a big ole butt.

Dude, cut her some slack -- she's an old, post-menopausal piece!  Still, she probably has bigger balls than our genuflector-in-chief Barry O.

JuicedGamma's picture

The first of many. Anyone doubt Bill Gross' scepticism?

Dismal Scientist's picture

About time someone did that. Am not surprised its the Germans, nothing they like more than pointing out how others are failing. Something of a national hobby, who else could have come up with a word like 'Schadenfreude' ?

blunderdog's picture

Jung was Swiss, but same thing, really.  XD

kaiten's picture

Well, if downgrading of a country by a private company is schadenfreude than US leads the way by long.

Dismal Scientist's picture

Don't get me wrong, I like the Germans, having spent some years living in the country. Many excellent qualities. Am also not American, so very happy to see a downgrade. I just find it amusing that the first downgrade for the meandering shambles which is the US economy comes out of Germany...

wandstrasse's picture

the US, instead of bashing us Germans should be thankful. We sent our finest sons to bring you enlightenment:

- Herr Warburg masterminded and founded the FED

- Herr Lehmann and his brother brought you excellent banking services...

- only topped by Herr Goldmann and his son in law, Herr Sachs

just examples of how we served your country.

I almost forgot that we sent some members of the familiy who once lived in Frankfurt, in the 'Haus mit dem roten Schild'

America- Some Assembly Required's picture

Someone junked your post? That is classic... good sheep!  Baaah Baaaah!


"Some people you just can't reach... so you get what we had here today, which is the way he wants it. Well, he gets it!" Cool Hand Luke

ping's picture

Don't you dare bomb Germany! Its pornography is excellent.

Ben Dover's picture

Try Brazilian porn instead. There's some fine flesh backed by an up and coming economy.

EscapeKey's picture

German porn usually features Czech women.