Getting Close Now

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And as of today...

Once again, Tim, good luck with that issuance of fresh $72 billion next week.

Oh, and did we mention there is $492 billion in maturities and $31 billion in interest outflows in May? We forgot?

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Repudiate, bitchez!


*why does a sovereign country borrow its own currency - at interest - from private banks and corporations?

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I've always wondered, are there any Rothschilds left?  That call themselves Rothschilds?

I mean, the name doesn't get a lot of phony Rothschilds like that guy in the Hamptons who pretended to be a Rockefeller.  Do they throw good parties, or do they just lie around on piles of gold and do heroin (and other debauched crap I can't think of.)  Is it 'good to be a rothschilds' or do they all have hemophilia or other hereditary diseases?

If the quarteback of your favorite team was a Rothschilds, would you expect him to win every game?  Or do they not play sports.

I always thought if I fought a Rothschilds, I could kick his ass, but maybe they're super genetically engineered like Swarzenneeggar (sp?) in that Devito movie (Twins?) 


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They all worship the great Cthulhu

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Just print more money bitchez!

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I can't believe I am going to have to educate the masses on what debauchery the rich do.  First the rich and nouveau riche have this thing for films with Nuns and donkeys.  Most of it is in Italian.  Secondly, there is a strong desire to own circus freaks, and midgets in particular.  Thirdly, then there is the drug thing.  Fourthly, there is the whole underage thing going on with mandrils.  Mandrils are pretty mean and can bite the heads off of parking meters, soooooo I am prone to believe that that might be made up.  Any questions?

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You're not the only one! LMAO again and again and again.

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I just thank God there are 200 million+ firearms in the hands of ordinary citizens. Just let them try to steal our gold and silver from us this time.

Every government agent will be targeted for death if that happens this time around.


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Traffic Violations - Court Procedures - Part 1/2     Traffic Violations - Court Procedures - Part 2/2
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Stunad CNBC hostess dumbfounded by dollar crash talk.
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"The Bernank" is truly mainstream jargon, as relected in the video.  How long until "Timmah" gets that status?

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You left out necrophilia. The Rothchilds also own a casket factory. You would love the interior decorations.

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Red Bull gives you wings translates to Red Bull kills you.

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Incredible reference.  I pride myself on knowing dumb stuff but had to google that one.  Why don't more people follow that . . . thing.  Sounds fun.

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Those Rothschilds are still making are a few stories I got on them.........

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aren't they a yummy chocolate thing with caramel inside?

MayIMommaDogFace2theBananaPatch's picture

Just a small family business, a little wine, a little chocolate...

You can be sure that it is a going-concern now into its 3rd (4th?) century on the strength of some tasty candies...Yup, mmmmmm.

disabledvet's picture

I'm serious.  "Uncommonly rich" was the tag line.

TruthInSunshine's picture

I don't remember those commercials, but my peeps have confirmed it as true.

You have credibility with me.

(My peeps are people a little bit older who remember those commercials, too)


Those commercials would be banned today as unAmerican, unPatriotic and non-egalitarian, even though we have many  more insiders getting 'uncommonly rich' off of kleptocracy than we have at any point since the 20s (Robber Barons).

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Indeed. They still press their advantage with or without Soros..  (Confused already posted my link... that'll teach

lincolnsteffens's picture

Yes, I remember those commercials. Never bought any. The commercials did notmake a lasting impression on me. Are they still for sale? Personally candy with the name "Lady Godiva" sounds much more yummy and lickable.

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The Robber Baron's abided in the time after the Civil War (ie. Vanderbilts, Morgans, etc.) The 20's ( actually more turn of the century)  were peopled by The Captains of Industry (ie. The Rockefellers, Fords, Carnegies, etc.) One of the reasons, we as a people, are so easily swayed by bullshit is the complete lack of historical knowledge. Mostly due to the incessantly boring classes we were forced to sit through. History is, however, fascinating even if a bit sketchy in facts.

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Fact: At one time, it was though that JP Morgan (the actual old man) was the wealthiest man in the world.

It was revealed during the PUBLIC reading of his will in Probate Court, that he was a mere  Lieutenant for the Rothschild Family, and that JP Morgan held a mere 19% of his own stock in the company he founded and ran his entire life (Rothschilds owned the majority of the shares).

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Spent some time researching various conspiracies, the lizard thingy etc, et voila, some days later i get a Rothschild Wine catalogue in the mailbox.

Go figure. Didn't order anything though. True Story.

Coast Watcher's picture

Just their way of telling you your research didn't go unnoticed.

1984's picture

Did the same thing.  Got Centurion Black Card invitation some time later.  Apparently they didn't know my annual income is peanuts compared to the minimum monthly spend requirement.  Or maybe they do know...

This is late 2008.

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They cant come out in the daylight...

thatthingcanfly's picture

They mostly come out at night. Mostly.

TruthInSunshine's picture

This is true. They can only withstand somewhat limited exposure to the sun lest they peel and suffer hyperpigmentation.

They also are cold blooded, as are all reptiles, so they desperately want to soak up the sun, and they do, but - and this is critical - do so with proper cover (so they don't hyperpigmentate).

They also brumate, even when it's not that warm outside:


When it's cold outside and they need to warm up, they often bask in the sun to raise their body temperature. When it's too cold to even bask, reptiles may brumate.  This means they're in a hibernation-like state, but they may have periods of wakefulness and even drink when necessary.

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South Park version is extremely funny (its also a reference to My Neighbour Totoro...)



panem et circenses

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The greatest accomplishment a stealth power could ever achieve is...

Creepy Lurker's picture

To make everyone think it doesn't really exist, of course.

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"dumb stuff"???


Beware, for none may mock the Old Ones with impunity.

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So the Colour From Space is green?

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Unless my internet isn't working,

directs to The Rothschild, still international bankers -

"Rothschild has been at the centre of the world's financial markets for over 200 years. Today, it provides Global Financial Advisory, Corporate Banking and Private Banking & Trust services to governments, corporations and individuals worldwide. "

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That is not broke which can eternal spend,
and with strange accounting even insolvency itself may end.

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"Why choose the lesser evil?"  ;)  (Seen on a 2008 capaign bumper sticker)

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"Yuggoth'hg ng'hlui ph'thaghua k'lorhn h'gnohma Ghoora. Plg'n n'hgua Fomalhaut - d'rgu krha'grua ph'kalgn."



("Yuggoth is one of the nicer planets in the Ghooric Zone. You should see Fomalhaut - now that's a shithole.")

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Very, very good questions.

I think some are left (pretty sure). They lay low and try to fly under the radar. They have tentacles all over. If there is a Rothschild playing American Football, Mayer Amschel (if alive today) would strongly dissaprove, urging him to quit and to go and loanshark to governments, finance pointless wars (both sides), run guns, blood diamonds, drugs and teenage prostitutes, subvert democratic leaders and governments, and the like, instead.


*I think a Rothschildian Lizard family member saw my post and that of others here and tried to initiate a DOS attack on ZH.