Geithner: "Fed Audit Would Be Problematic For The Country"

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It is the esteemed Treasury Secretary's opinion, that anything that has to do with demystifying why the Fed is hell bent on destroying the US dollar, killing the middle class, and allowing Lloyd Blankfein to purchase Larry Ellison's yacht collection, is squarely in the "problematic for the country" camp. Never mind that more than half the country (in fact almost two-thirds) have indirectly voiced their support for HR 1207. But at least it is good to know where Geithner's allegiances lie, and even better to see how good at totally perverting facts (not just taxes) the SecTres is.

And the punchline: "The true test of the Fed is the market." Is there a way to give Mr. Geithner an economics test because it seems he might have graduated with a biz-econ degree from Devry.



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You know what's problematic for Tim?   The truth.



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I don't worry about Geithner, Bernanke, and their ilk.  At some point, some point the hicks they laugh at will start lynching them.

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independent of politics-RIGHT...

-BUT what about being independent of Goldman ?

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Absolutely...I mean there are some people who like to do their audits with torches and pitchforks.

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This scares me,  the situation has been bad and extraordinary measures have been taken for all of our well being.  This needs to be handled outside of the spotlight. 

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Don't be selfish.  You might want to punish Geithner and Bernanke in private.  But why should you have all the fun.  The public is entitled to share.

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Apparently both Geithner and Bernanke earned their degree in Zimbabwe economics school.

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I really, really hope so. I'll be in line to throw of few stones at the rotting corpse of this ass-clown and his douchebag buddies.

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And after that the mob will come for the jews, blacks, gays, and anyone else that the corporate media convinces them are responsible for their own short-sighted stupidity.

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When Geithner, Kohn, Bernanke, and Paulson started lying and arguably breaking the law to give handouts to rich bondholders, they took on the risk of being punished as lawbreakers by politicians, vigilantes, or otherwise.

They arguably acted like Oliver North conducting illegal wars, and G Gordon Liddy conducting illegal campaign operations.  If that is what they did, then they need to be punished by judge, jury, and prosecutor.  If they didn't want to be tried and prosecuted, or risk vigilante justice, they should have thought about that before arguably breaking the law to give  handouts to rich bondholders.

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The degree was Fiz Head from DeVry.

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I thought he was a GSU alum.

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I thought he graduated from GSU.

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This fucker is pathological. I knew somebody who made national headlines for a weird, non-violent crime back in the early 2000's who spoke just like Geithner does in this piece. Why is that relevant? That fucker was a pathological lier too! (BTW - that person remains in prison to this day)
I can guarantee you that if the interviewer was screaming these questions in Timmy's face, he'd respond the same way. "That's completely understandable...That's a logical question from the American people..." If you've ever had the opportunity to witness anyone who you absolutely KNOW is lying and watch/hear them answer questions like this, it is eerily similar.

I would love to see the slowed down, high-speed video version of this questioning and see the look(s) on Geithner's face as he's speaking. That would be priceless. Anybody recall Kato Cailin's facial expressions from the O.J. testimony when shown at slow speed/paused?

The beautiful thing about all of this is that people are waking up. They realize the wool has slowly been pulled over their eyes for decades and the Manchurian candidate has moved so quickly that it has startled them from their comfortable semi-slumber. The back-pedaled at first not really believing what they were seeing. They then tried to organize a bit and speak out in groups. Now they're starting to speak up on their own and let everybody know how they feel. That number is growing and growing. Probably in some sort of relation to the increasing gun sales across the country. As other commenters have mentioned, it is an odd feeling to watch the pre-revolution organize.
Many of us, being logical, rational and relatively up-standing individuals are looking forward and planning on how we can contribute to stop this mess. 2010 is the next stop for most of us. We think that by casting our vote in a different direction, we can stem the effects that all that has been initiated. From there, we think 2012 will be the time to wipe the slate clean and 'start fresh'.

Problem is...that's all playing by the rules.

Who's playing by the rules in Washington? Wall St?

I hate to say it folks, but my gut tells me things are going to get ugly. This administration will do all it can to try and move as quickly as possible to get their way. What happens the next time they act counter to what the American people want (i.e: Healthcare)? When that happens, things could very quickly spiral downward and out of control. We'll rapidly discover what it felt like during the previous darkest times in our worlds history.

It is the very last thing I want. I like living in the Matrix! I hope the answer is that we act decisively in 2010 and 2012 and gain some sense of 'normalcy' again. I just fear it's not going to be that simple and/or easy. I fear the 'Tree of Liberty' will be needing to be refreshed...

The fucked up thing is that I really don't think I'm crazy! If things do go down bad, believe me, I, my family, my acquaintances and relatives are prepared. Just some good old fashioned CYA. I hope you're all doing the same.

Time to go watch Red Dawn...

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My wife was friends with a pathological liar until the lies were mentioned and confronted. I've never seen anyone fight so hard to maintain their false reality. It's always someone else's fault and they will never admit or apologize for being wrong. To expose the fantasy they live in is to destroy their world and they will lie, cheat, steal to maintain it -- and vindicate and convince themselves that it's the right thing to do.

I don't know if Geithner is that way, but God help us if ANYONE in power is.

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My God man! It's prerequisite!

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The problem with your 2010 and 2012 thesis is that there is nobody to vote for. A viable third party would be the only solution, but the power brokers in both currently bought and paid for parties won't allow that.

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Apocalypse Now-

They just need a new slogan, and perhaps Vegas is appropriate:

What happens in the Fed, stays in the Fed.

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Giethner ~ I too am captured do not look at me for change.
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Why you hatin' on Devry like that? 

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I believe he went to ITT Technical Institute, but who cares.

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This POS will be strung up along with the rest.

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Poltical independence. Poltical independence. Poltical independence. Poltical independence. Poltical independence.

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Appointed by the President. Confirmed by Congress.
Appointed by the President. Confirmed by Congress.
Appointed by the President. Confirmed by Congress.
Appointed by the President. Confirmed by Congress.
Appointed by the President. Confirmed by Congress.

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Off Topic:

Zero Hedge has one the First Ammendment award for best blog.....

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ROTFLMAO; i cant stop laughing + trillion

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'Idiocracy' is in effect.

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He didn't mean to say that out loud. He was actually thinking about if HE ever got audited more extensively than previously. That might be problematic.

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He was thinking that a Fed audit would be problematic for the Fed!

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Oh my Gawd... So you are accusing the private FED of not paying its corporate taxes either?? Oh... My... Gawd...

agrotera's picture, love you anony!

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Geithner looks kinda Vulcan in that first frame... until he opens his mind via his mouth, that is.

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Acutally, he looks more like a Romulan. A conniving, pointy-eared, belligerant troll.

Who wants to bet that the Admin will pull exec. privilege on this and save Goldman,Geithner and Bernanke

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hahahahahaha, i LOVED THIS POST.

I agree, exec. priviledge will save them.

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Who can save anyone if they are being accused of treason? 

Paulson/Bernake/Geithner all claim that what they did was to protect our republic, but, clearly, conflicts of interest were acted upon, and companies were given money verses allowing them to fail, and this appears to be the definition of breech of their fiduciary obligation to the people of the United States. 

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"You want to keep politics out of monetary policy", that's odd, with Goldman donating $999,000 to the Obama campaign, with the bait and switch played on congress by former Treasury secretary, with Tim being Bernankes "man in the house", how is politics NOT in monetary policy?

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He clearly dodged the tax fraud question by scapegoating congress' consideration of his appointment -- what a slimeball. Also, his extolling of Goldmanites is clearly nepotistic, which means his reference to them as "statesmen" is inherently a whole lot of nonsense. It's time to purge the system of the corrupt and restore the constitution!

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With repect to leaving IR too low - "everybody did it".

And yes - complete f****** messes are "complicated" Tim

Tools? What kinda tool you lookin for now, boy? Would something nuclear satisfy your puerile sadistic little urges?


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Are you sure he is actually graduated?  A Devry dropout more likely...

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Yeah but he also had all those credits from the University of Phoenix though.

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Geithner: "Fed Audit Would Be Problematic For The Country CLUBERS at GS's Pitch and Putt"

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This moron does not represent the American people but only Wall St. bankers and in particular Goldman Sachs! He needs to be run out office by the public as soon as possible!! Stop the insanity!!!

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Hopefully by this time next year, the lynchings will be in full swing. I still can't believe that I'm witnessing pre - revolutionary conditions being built in this country.

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Not likely. He's still there. Evidently, the weakness of The American public has been exposed. Just look at the astroturf protests at the town hall meetings regarding health care.

Yes, corporations paid them to protest at the meetings and the morons don't even realize it.

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This interview would have been better if conducted in a room with 200 Chinese students punctuating some of Mr. Geithner's more salient points with outbursts of laughter.

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Oh, that's good. That WAS hilarious.