A Glance At The Developing Political Crisis In Russia

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The following video clip, courtesy of Stratfor, provides a quick glimpse into the ongoing power struggle between Russia's two key political factions. As Russia is now the world's largest exporter of petroleum and proven to be one not likely to comply with OPEC's onerous quotas, the political situtation in Russia has substantial bearing for global commodity prices, in addition to various impact on local capital markets (although after last's year performance those have been mostly deserted by foreign investors).


via John Mauldin

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"But Dimitri...I made you. I am the real leader of the Soviet, er Russia."

"No, Comrade Vlad, I now have the keys to the dacha. It is I who will decide who can rob and steal state assets and become the new oligarths. Not you Vlad...you are so yesterday."

"You forget Dimitri...I can kill you with my bare hands"



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Russia cut rate again this am. Cast a wary eye on Stratfor it is to foreign policy what CNBC is to economics

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comparing to CNBS is truly insulting (to Strat.) - Infowars would be closer to the mark

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Every oligopolist for themselves!!!


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THAT was good...I'm gonna chuckle on that one for a while

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I have been using them for ten years...they are 90% objective. And, this is of concern as it relates to IRAN and thus to my footing. Add this to the current situation in washington dc, well to say I am worried is minimizing.


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get your facts straight - the guy in the video says "siloviki" which usually refers to kgb and internal police. The page in the document and the woman reading it say "civiliki". Everything else is a wash... Russia can not sustain it is economic recovery? Mu-ha-ha-ha. Yeah, like US can.
I laugh... At least get a good translator. Russian is my second language, english - third.

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STRATFOR guys. Tee hee. Never spied on a Russian, never did business with a Russian, never bonked a Russian, never got drunk with a Russian, they are deskbound newspaper readers pitching American provincials. Commercial virgins, economic naifs. If they actually tried to survive in Russia they would last about 0.6 seconds.

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they are as accurate as our friends at the CIA. It's scary just saw a LaRouche Group infront of the loca Post Office, where's the Trillateral Commission ?

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I almost forgot about good 'ol Lyndon. Is he still doing time? Or has he changed his name and become a lobbyist on K Street?

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and this quotation from the video


"Most of the big businesses (banks) in Russia (America) treat money as something that literally grows on trees that if they take out a loan they don't necessairly have to pay it back."



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This clip from 'Stratfor' is feeble CIA dis-info stuff, not worthy of Zero Hedge.

The CIA plan is that those not submissive to the US regime need to be in 'crisis'. Russia has problems, sure, but this over-simplified tripe is no deep analysis.

Let's see Stratfor do a real piece on the inner workings of the central operators of the US oligarchy.

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I agree.  Stratfor is about objective as CNBC. 

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more than a little laughable when anonymous posters

come in here with lines like:

"The CIA plan is..."

- all I can say to that is "Thank you Mr CIA Director for sharing your plans with ZH readers"

good luck

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calling this a crisis is really far fetched.

anybody who has knowledge of Russian history can tell you that this is one of the tamest situations which Russia has faced for the last 30 years at least.

Putin will keep everyone in check with his ex-KGB crew

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Everyone thinks just the same as you do, right?

Especially those damned fereners, right?

It's hard to seperate the boobery from the hatchery!

40muleteam borax

Anonymous's picture

Statfor is useless. Been there, done that

Anonymous's picture

Wow this group is starting to go off the deep end. Stratfor does in fact provide useful research. For example, it called the Georgia/Russia conflict weeks before anyone else. Equally, its coverage of conflict in Mexico has been accurate and far above the MSM.

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What a poorly-researched piece of work by Stratfor. Making the Siloviki (as mentioned above are in most cases ex-FSB/security bureaucrats)out to be a new breed of market-wise reformers! The divide between the Siloviki and the Oligarchs has blurred significantly, with Sechin in particular a large player in the semi-state game. Stratfor, very poor.

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Having been reading Stratfor since they first formed the company, I can tell you that a blogger can not crosspost Stratfor information and expect to be considered a rational and serious filter of news and media sources.

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stratfor are amateurs