Glenn Beck On The "Only Four Outcomes"

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You discussed it here yesterday. Today, Glenn Beck takes it to a whole new level (9'45" in)...

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GB even had some love for Ron Paul today.

I thought I heard some ZH heads exploding.

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That's the whole show on the "clip", but Glenn did give a nice shout out to ZH.  It was interesting to watch him backpedal on Ron Paul right before he interviewed him.  Glenn has always maintained the Ron Paul was nuts, now all of the sudden he only has a "couple of positions Glenn doesn't agree with".  Glenn's new litmus test is "what do you think of the FED?" and "do you support Israel?" (the correct answers for Glenn are "end the FED" and "I support Israel") 

Although the wanna be TV evangelist stuff is hard to watch, he has come down hard on the FED and banksters over the past two years.  I will miss his show (which was DVR'd to skip or delete much of it).  I still DVR Dylan Ratigan's show, but even he is shifting away from the FED, banksters and economy.

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I stated months ago that this is not about money. It's about absolute control. And the religious factor has not been addressed. Until now:

The power behind the Church of Rome is about to undertake a chamaleonic transformation.

Go long praying mat manufacturers.

We ain't seen nothing yet.

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Thanks for sharing the link. 

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Boy, gonna miss GB after Jun 30th.

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There is only 1 way this is going to end, just like all the other times.  Collapse.  This is no difference then the prior collapseS, the only thing that is different will be the size of the collapse.  



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Glenn Beck has always been a year or two ahead of the curve.

Cable TV as we know it today is going the way of print newspapers.

Glenn Beck is moving to the future of news and entertainment.

You will no longer get a "package" of TV channels 90% of which you don't watch or in some cases are forced to block them from viewing by the children.

You will subscribe to Internet Video Services such as Netflex, Hulu, Major League Baseball, and Glenn Beck TV.

In one or two years you will dump your cable or satellite TV and hook one of these up to your TV.

FlexiVIEW FV-1 Android TV Internet Box



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Boykin should have protected poor little Glenn...

"Tearful Glenn Beck Describes How He And His Family Were Attacked In New York Park"

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If you by "curve" you mean the MSM. All credible material has been ripped off from alternative media (without referencing them) by his writer/echo team, and they often take the opposing side until it is undeniable and then flip-flopps. For example he still thinks 9/11 Truthers are CRAAAAZY for questioning the official narrative.

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So you've loaded up on your precious metals and you got your hidden food and guns, and now you want the financial system to collapse.  What does it solve?  Why be cancerous, why be bunghole?

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People are tired of the system, they just want the shift to happen already so we can get back to living instead of preparing for the inevitable.

Just let the cookie crumble already, delaying it is only going to make things more painful in the long run.... less people would die if the system collapsed today... the way these people are pushing it billions will not survive the transition, we still have the resources to recover , but the broken system has to collapse and be done away with before it consumes all the resources.



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After reading this I hope it does collapse. All these people calling for a collapse will be so screwed. 1000oz of silver says most of those hoping for a collapse have no idea how to fend for themselves. Good luck surviving.'s picture

No kidding. These "bring the Apocalypsis" types are dumber than a bag of bricks. Remind me of the russian serfs who couldn't wait to get pigeonholed into a guillotine...

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beanieville does it for the TP, for his bunghole.

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Glenn Beck is a twit. I never watch or listen to mouthpieces like him as the only outcome is dead brain cells and a lower IQ. Unfortunately, it's the sheep that keep them on TV.

If we do collapse I hope we can do it with a bit of grace, but grace isn't the norm anymore. The norm has become prison tattoos and pants down below your ass. This system does need a major overhauling, but there are wayyy too many asshole opportunists of all stripes who's natural predator instincts will take over in the process. That's where things could get ugly. If they get thinned early, we might come out of this quite nicely. If they don't....well, it could get real interesting.

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GB is a political flavored tv clown show for people who DON'T do their own legwork...

There is nothing so powerful as the "revealed truth" to an anxious public...That's his appeal. GB has (had) airtime to fill and lots of it. No surprise ZH fell into his pudgy hand.... He presented SOME of the backstory to joe 6 during his chocolate reign but the man is just...god awful to watch. (unless you're in his AUDIENCE!)


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Calling Beck a "clown" is not exactly fair.  Let's be honest, clowns have to have a shread of sanity and intelligence to be successful. 

Beck gets his stuff directly from dog.  

And I do mean dog.   The one that lives in the adandoned Circuit City.

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Interesting that 24 have junked you when about the only thing you said that could possibly be considered controversial is calling GB a TWAT, er I mean twit, and that would only be controversial to proto Nazi admirers of GB.  He is without a doubt the second or third most evil man in the country, I know he has admirers, but I would never voluntarily have anything to do with anybody that would admire such a fat slug so filled with hate.

If I were you I would be proud to call GB what he is, a fat self serving cunt that in an unrigged competition for resources would be the very first to go squeling home to mommy, so the more junks you get the more proof we have that ZH posting is dominated by fascists wing nuts that have no ability to cooperate with others and thus will be among the first to die in the collapse that sadly will come if for no other reason than their own greed, it will be an environment where only those who cooperate will get through it, and even then only till the next world war starts. 

I also agree with you that things could turn out positive if done right, otherwise in the "collapse" it is quite possible that the USA will follow the example set by the USSR and lose a great deal of territory to fractious nation states and what remains will be an unstable mafia of oligarchs above the law who set up two or three of the worlds most expensive city states to live in while the rest of the nation decays back into the dark ages and life expectancy drops to 50 or less.  Gone will be democratic values, I know we are losing them now and they seem tattered, but post crash they will simply not exist at all.  Gone will be any semblance of economies of scale that support 7 billion lives, billions will die within a few years.  Those of you that look forward to it are monstrous Nazis that deserve to be the first in line for it, but the world was never just, so you might eke out some sort of pallid survival.  Too fucking bad if you ask me. 

Lastly, if the USA does not figure out a way to get through this before the collapse happens, and the clock is ticking with both hands very near midnight, it will not be the end of "liberal America" as some so ardently hope, it will be the end of man, not just civilizations, all people, the few that survive the initial fall will not survive the radiation.

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To save your poor brain cells, think of it as an episode of H.R. Pufnstuf but without the reality bias.

And to anyone attempting to assign an 'ism' to it, note that most all of the 'isms' are centralizers. They want all the power to accrue to themselves and their followers and all the industrial waste to go to their non-followers. Most of them want a one-world system, whether the headquarters is in Brussels or Washington or Minot.

You won't hear from the advocates of local power on Fox.

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Everybody junks your post but why? Because they can't handle the truth - Americans are idiots. Those white trash morons deserve the economic raping they are getting because they make stupid choices on a daily basis. You make a stupid choice - you get ass raped and your children have to pay for your sins and your grandchildren. You're a god-forsaken race of cretins destined to sink into Third World poverty and slavery. Nice job, shitheads.

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let me hazard a wild stab in the dark here, you're not American, are you?

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It's hard to disagree with our non-American friends as they simply echo a sentiment I have expressed publicly on numerous occasions.  It just seems ironic that they come to a forum renown for its community of non-moron Americans to express these views.  Maybe its the only place they can find Americans who understand what they are saying.....

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For the statement "Americans are idiots." to hold weight

there must be a country that isn't dominated by idiots.


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Not necessarily.  I would apply that same 98% idiot ratio to most of the planet.  It is an extension of the 'We are all brothers, man's innate goodness, and we are all entitled to ______" bullshit.

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We're "niggerizing"...that is what is happening.  For some reason...God only knows why...we're taking on the culture of the minorities.  White culture has stepped aside and is allowing itself to become "black".  It's fucked up...and detrimental.  Is it white guilt?  All I know is it HAS to change.  We need to go back to the thinking of the 50s...pre civil rights.

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Yet another clueless, racist typist chomping at the bit to profess a "truth" whose content is 100% hot air.

ibjamming's picture

Did you WATCH the video?  The mob that robbed the store...blacks.  The people fighting in the next segment...blacks.  Where there's "social trouble"...there are ALWAYS blacks!  They are societies your fucking eyes!

When the government fails...what the fuck are the blacks going to do?  80% or more rely on the government for handouts.

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The culture you are refering to is not 'black'. It is the culture that the American Left, and specifically the Counter Culture, has incubated in urban minorities over the decades since Civil Rights. The last thing the Democratic Party could afford was independent, successful, freethinking minorities, or worse yet racial harmony, so something had to be done. The behavior you see here is not different from that on display by the Labor side of the Democratic Machine. The difference between white Leftists and what you see here is that the white Leftists have the means to behave this way and not suffer the same consequences. In fact, it's a great way to get tenure, where you can get paid to be santimonious about how when minorities behave the same way you did, they go to prison. But it's the same thing.

Get a copy of Demonic.

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I would agree if it wasn't for the fact that EVERYWHERE the black man lives...there's trouble.  I see peaceful scenes of idyllic life...and I notice...there are NO black people there!  Then I see scenes of strife, violence, anger, filth...and there they people.  Even a few can change the character of a place/experience.

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They will burn down their neighborhoods and business. We've seen this happen before and it will happen again. This time there will be no government to come in and save them from their own ignorance and thus will starve to death. If their own people in Africa had not participated in the slave trade "industry" we would have never had slavery in the USA. The crews on the slave ships never left the docks in Africa. They purchased slaves from African slave traders. They enslaved their own people.

Agent 440's picture

In fairness, Europeans instutionalized Feudalism and allocated serfs as property of local lords because of the manpower shortages created by Charlemagne's policy of selling Europeans to the Arabs for gold.  Slavery was only truly ended by the Industrial revolution which made slavery cost prohibitive. Which makes you wonder about Obama when he complains about ATMs...

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I reluctantly agree with some of what you say though not the way you say it, can we call it tribalism?  And can the Reichwingers here stop blaming liberal or progressive values and start blaming permissive parenting for much of it please?  Permissive cultures happen in all stripes of the political rainbow.  To point the finger at any one race and blame their values and culture for the downfall of our cultural decline is a waste of time and just untrue, will solve nothing.  Look at the tribalism and destructive cultures dominated by white people or Asians, they are nobetter stewards of their own values than we are of ours at this point, look at how many places are torn by wars or strife that cannot advance because of tribal conflicts and what amount to petty disagreements, Sri Lanka, Paki-India, Sudan, Afghanistan, Georgia, Iraq, and that does not even count all the places where one tribe has won and so dominates that it smothers all other points of view and all other freedoms, too many to list, and that is what our own homegrown Taliban want for us.  I would rather see America burn than to support an America where such fascists win the day and rule again.

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Anyone who doesn't share my opinions and values is an idiot. LOL! Make sure to follow that albino rat back into the burrow he came from.

GB and I think alike on at least one thing. Suckers deserve to get eaten and shit out. Xenophobia is an absolute goldmine for those with the talent to understand it.

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I'll go one better.

Are you from Ireland, England, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Iceland or Greece.  Or just maybe the EU?  Yea, we're screwed up.  But really don't want to take crap from countries that told us that we need to be more like them who are now trying to turn back the tide of socialism. of the reasons we are screwed up is that we are trying to be like the EU was a few years ago.

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At least we know you watched the clip above.  I will admit, it is the first Fox Beck show I have seen.  I sent it to a few people, it is not fluff.  That said, our current problems are not the result of emulating Europe for the last three years.  That simply made it worse.  The real causes here are indigenous and the result of violation of the Constitution.  Allow me to direct you to an excellent article from a couple of days ago.....



SoCalBusted's picture

Fair enough.  But, been to EU enough times over the past 20 years, hearing that we need to be more like the EU.  Current problems go back much longer than 3 years and cross US party lines.  Agree 100% on Constitutional violations.

zhandax's picture

Sounds like it is people in the EU suggesting we need to be more like them?

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You're proving my point. Actually I AM American and I am completely disgusted by the state into which the USA has fallen courtesy of its mutantly idiotic citizens. Just finishing up on plans to relocate to Uruguay where I can enjoy watching the US crash and burn.

Fukushima Sam's picture

ROFLMAO!  "God-forsaken race of cretins."  Nice one!  But that is one of our most endearing traits!

fockewulf190's picture

Anyone calling themslves WankLord, meaning Lord of the Wankers. deserves to be trashed...especially after that pitiful rant. Obviously, you would shake the guys hand in a heartbeat. 

NewThor's picture

Hey. Wankypoo. 

Pull the anger back a gear and hold hands with the 

Lizard King, Jim Morrison and his theories on mob rule

and stuff. SAVE OUR CITY!

It's pretty standard built into the DNA stuff of cultures to grow

'Too Big, Too Fast' and then that 'mob' can be swayed by

who ever controls the Toohey meme.

Think Hitler over taking Germany,

or Capitalism over taking Jesus Christ.

"Giving attention to a bullshitter like GB..."

Oh, so now you know what's best for everyone to

do with their time and mind? Ah, Ah, Ah!

you're trying to manipulate.

You're worried about people wasting their money,

though you believe economic collapse is assured?

ZeroHedge has so many mindfuckers,

. .  .  .   .   .    .       .                .               .

I'm starting to believe it's 2011.

I woke up this morning and I got myself a beer,

the future is uncertain and the end is

aaaaalllllllllwwwwwwaaaaaaaayyyyyysssssss near.

Though I do believe that the majority of Americans 

have substituted opinion for understanding,

and false judgement for wisdom,

and we're spoiled....

I'll put Nikola Tesla, Jimi Hendrix and Tom Landry


what ever the fuck you got in your deck.

If you want something more modern,

I'll put Me Vs. U

everyday of the week and 7 times on Sunday.

Hate only leads to the darkside, foo.

It's so much better to become the light that can

harness its own energy to will its dream spirit to starjump

across the universe using love and imagination to

create perpetually.

...but hey,

don't let me tell you what to do,

if you get off on fucking a turd 


agrotera's picture

WHOA--nice work NewThor!!!

(I covered my eyes when i got to "... but hey," and didn't read the last part)

morty_schatzberg's picture

We await the collapse of the global slave system with intense anticipation. I can here the Liberty bell ringing, and the sound of obscenely wealthy plutocrats swinging softly in the breaze.  You are the lapdogs of Chinese whom you once conquered. You can't even keep worthless Pakis from overrunning your capital city. You are an embarassment to your ancestors. You dumb brits had the world in your hands and pissed it all away. I am ashamed to be your kin.

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Why everybody junking the wank? He speaks the truth. The only thing Americans give a shit about is football, gay marriage and Snooki. And beer. In that order. It's truly sickening what American society has become.