Global Financial Markets Plunge As The World Watches Japan Descend Into A Nuclear Nightmare

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Remember the Dirty Dozen?  Don't we have hundreds, if not thousands, of volunteers on death row over here? 

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BTW, the Japanese seem to be ignoring the spent fuel except for the helicopter PR stunt for television. Perhaps the radiation risk of the spent fuel is overstated. It's unlikely all the fuel rods are a menace although many of them certainly are.

Most of the energy in the rods has been burned in the making of electricity.

The operators appear to be concentrating instead on cooling the reactor cores which seems to be continuing. No news from unit 1 since Sunday, for instance.

The operators have to keep a lid on the reactors until outside power is brought to the plant, then pumps can start cooling the cores and water can be pumped into the storage tanks.

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Obama is unbeatable because the Republicans cling to outmoded ideology and political strategy.

Obama will win easily in 2012 unless he grows a second head or is discovered to be a North Korean robot (like Hilary).

The GOP is wedded to the 'Southern Strategy' which demonizes blacks as a wedge issue. All Republicans since Nixon have used this approach which fails with Obama for obvious reasons.

In order to beat Obama the GOP would have to come up with a policy platform that is different from the usual Wall Street/monopolist bootlicking that the Dems embrace. They would need a whole new party.

Better get used to Obama b/c you're stuck with him.

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this article is adding panic... expect a (dead cat) bounce in the market today then

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we are told that Obama is videotaping his NCAA tournament picks

what's with these innuendos? Dammit! Hussein al-Obamahim needs to relax so he can remember where his Kenyan birth certificate is. It's not easy to look for birth certificates and trying to remember where you were born, you know?

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The DOW futures are up 95 handles on this great news, WTF

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Which nuclear power plant do you work for?

A major one. 

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Kyodo news reports radiation levels rising and that efforts to drop water by helicopter and spray by trucks won't be attempted again until Friday???????????

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What's the rush? Keep the sheeple scared...

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TEPCO and GE should take their bonuses NOW!

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Watching those helicopters 'piss in the wind' was not very comforting given that each 'pool' holds up to 2000 tons of water and that 1 helicopter sortie can deliver 7.5 tons of water and how much of that makes it into the pool? 5%? 1%?

Who'd have thought the 'riot police' would be the heroes of Fukushima yet their water cannon seem to represent the best hope of actually getting water on target. Yet those trucks hold but 4 tons of water. If they deliver 50% of that on target, and there are 11 such trucks per NHK, its going to take as many as 1000 loads to fill 1 storage pool! How long will that take?


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Moot point, since they gave up and left without reaching the pool at all.

Quite a few Djiins escaping their bottles at the moment.

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Two days ago, I saw a picture of three fire boats in the harbor in front of the plant, drowning the place. Don't have a link.

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Jimmy  Carter  would  be  on  top  of  this  mess..

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Sure, he would've sealed the place with peanut butter.

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Japan   >>  the  Black  Swan  Event....

>>  the  Trigger  has  been  pulled...

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Sports, golfing, and whole new meaning to the phrase "fiddling while Rome burns".


Not for the first time, and certainly not for the last, I am not proud to be an American.

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... "fiddling while Rome burns" ...

This nuclear problem is in Japan.  A country.  With its own leaders.  Is Rome/Tokyo under the jurisdiction of the President of the U.S. such that he can be charged with deriliction of duty if he fiddles while it burns?  I would think that, by law, such charges could only be made against the leaders of the country responsible for Rome/Tokyo.

Good grief!!!  "Government is the problem" thrown about all over the place.  Interrupted with all this hollering because Obama hasn't taken charge of Tokyo.

There is this thing called logic folks.  The welfare of Japan is the responsibility of its leaders.  The welfare of the U.S. is the responsiblity of its leaders.  Since the problem is in Japan, shouldn't you be criticizing Japan's leaders??

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Obama is revered in Japan, maybe not as much as the emperor.  I guess al-Kenya had some credibility and goodwill to waste.  Heck, he doesn't need Japanese votes, and American Idol is in full swing. Fore!

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Enough beating dead horses. If you listen to competent sources (nuclear scientists rather than journalists and politicians) you'll see that although it's disastrous the probability of a blow-up is dismal. Middle East is overshaded by Japanese events but it's gonna have longer-lasting implications than this passing emergency... and some state bailout action seems to be brewing in Europe, again everyone's silent. I'd expect more posts at ZeroHedge to be ahead of the curve, not behind it.

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Japanese economy is bigger by far than all of OPEC combined. Yes, oil is important but, push come to shove, we can do 'something' to secure or procure it, even if that means parking the 101st Airborne atop the Ghawar oil field. Should radioactive plumes make Tokyo uninhabitable... well there is no 'solution' for that.

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Although communication with the workers inside the nuclear plant is nearly impossible, a CBS News consultant spoke to a Japanese official who made contact with one of the workers inside the control center.


The official said that his friend told him that he was not afraid to die, that that was his job.


In the meantime, USA president Obama is videotaping his NCAA picks.


What a Nobel piece of work from Obama !


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Bashing Nobama is so 2010.



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Obama will go down as the biggest buffoon ever to be elected President. Considering who he is following, that is no small feat.

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Oh good lord. All the presidents since JFK have been puppets. Do you really think it matters if they play golf or not?

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Pundits believe Obama will be able to raise $1 billion for his re-election campaign.  The GOP had better get behind a candidate who can win or we'll get another 4 years of the buffoon.

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The biggest buffoon, so far.

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I thought the nuclear power plant problem was in Japan.  A country.  With its own leaders.  What does Obama have to do with any of this?  We have been told that, so far, the radiation thing is a non-issue for the U.S.  We should just go about our business.  Obama is providing visual cues for the people of the U.S. to follow (providing leadership through behavior).  For us, it's no big deal.  Go about your business, just like I am.  Even as his underlings are busy carrying out tasks he has assigned them to help out Japan wherever they can.  That's what leaders do, right?  Give directions and delegate authority.  And monitor how their orders and directives are being carried out by others.  In this Twitter and Facebook and e-mail connected world, do you really think we need to be informed through fireside chats from the President?

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Perhaps you could do a post on Bernanke Boxes:

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