Global Nuclear Update

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It's not any better than Uranium or MOX; 70-450 exam it is more dangerous. The spent fuel from a Thorium reactor contains significant amounts 70-401 exam Protactinium-231 that is a highly radioactive contaminant with a half life of 32,760 years and cannot breed. It gets worse if a 70-293 exam
closed fuel cycle is used because of the presence of U-232 which emits tremendous amounts of gamma radiation.

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Jim Stone
Special Update for Japanese visitors

The disaster is far far worse than you have been told, because few people realize that nuclear weapons were used at Fukushima. I am not certain even TEPCO knows yet. The Japanese government DOES KNOW and I believe they are under threat to not tell the Japanese people. Germany has apparently figured it out also, and kicked all the Israelis out of their nuclear facilities and also shut down all the nuclear facilities that Israelis provided "security" for. Because nuclear weapons were used to blow Fukushima apart, the disaster is worse than Chernobyl. Fukushima Diiachi has a situation where exposed fuel is out in the open on the ground in large amounts. This has NEVER been reported in the "official" news, but my report, which uses photos America was never allowed to see on tv makes it obvious. I am guessing the Japanese were never allowed to see these photos either.

Jim Stone Interview on 15June2011 New Audio+more here

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I am unable to understand how the Japanese went ahead with their nuclear program with the full knowledge that an earthquake - tsunami two-punch knockout of nuclear plants - especially those on the coast - was highly probable.

I have a feeling very soon mankind will be forced to rethink the entire energy use / energy generation model on which progress is based.

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To all of you Thorium reactor fans,

It's not any better than Uranium or MOX; it is more dangerous. The spent fuel from a Thorium reactor contains significant amounts Protactinium-231 that is a highly radioactive contaminant with a half life of 32,760 years and cannot breed.  It gets worse if a closed fuel cycle is used because of the presence of U-232 which emits tremendous amounts of gamma radiation.

The only reason the Thorium fuel cycle is being considered is because the world's Uranium supply is very limited and Thorium is 3X more common than Uranium.  The discussion that Thorium is safer is dishonest; very misleading and I suggest is a product of the nuclear industry.

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Please End The Wars Now. Thousands of PEOPLE are DYING!!!

Thank you.

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China Takes Lead in Race for Clean Nuclear Power | Wired Science

Safe nuclear does exist, and China is leading the way with thorium

Excellent 10 minute presentation on thorium power

Very simple and short promo for thorium power

Google Tech Talk The Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor: What Fusion Wanted To Be (long and very technical presentation)

Google Tech Talk above condensed into 16 minutes (with a great deal of convincing data left out as a result)

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Thanks, WinstonSmith...especially that last "tech talk" link=excellent presentation.

I was nuclear wage slave with modest training  yet had heard often of the virtues of Thorium fuel-cycle.

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Downsides please, or STFU.  See response above in this thread. 

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Across river from the state of Nebraska's Fort Calhoun Nuclear plant, possibly leaking radiation now, Red Cross is preparing for 10,000 evacuees as a Warning Level 1 has been issued in Project Flood 2011 where the Mighty Missouri River continues swelling, and water is bubbling from the ground near the levee. Tornado sirens are planned to get people out of harms way while over sixty buses standby to haul people if evacuation is mandated.

The Warning includes, "LEVEE MAY BE IMPACTED. MAKE PREPARATIONS TO LEAVE." Families are packing in Council Bluffs, Omaha, Nebraska after water is forcing sand into their homes according to Action3News...."

Trying to Understand's picture  Check out their "Project Location" tab.  This is not the "only" company, there are many more.

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About time for Jim Puplava on to have a couple of more shills on his show stating that this terrible situation is "nothing to worry about".

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2 inches of snow in Montana in the middle of June? On top of 8 feet left over from last winter?

Where is this much advertised global warming when you need it? Or does anyone still believe that bullshit?

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The official denial is in.  We are most likely going to have another "little ice age".  See paragraph 2 of the following.  And nobody has even said a word about a new Maunder minimum bringing about a new ice age, and they're already denying it.

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George missed the worst - Sellafield in the UK.

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There were and are many others far less known... the Strontium-90 plume nearing groundwater, both surface and underground, in western New York 35 mi south of Buffalo. 

Google:  Nuclear West Valley Demonstration Project

...wherein a zeolite wall is being built to "mitigate" the Sr-90 flows. [Zeolite mineral is now being tried at Fukushima to trap Sr, Cesium, etc. The Cs migrates slower that Sr and the hope is Zeolite will work with both; it has worked in lab/small tests with Sr.]

There are many forms of Zeolite mineral and I think the test was with a Idaho-sourced product.

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Who would not love all of Japan to come to the U.S.? It would be better for the world. All the empty homes filled and a labor force to pay the bills of generation RIP.


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But what does Naomi Klein think?

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GW uses all these discredited lefty / MSM media sources. 

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Ok, granted the left bought into the greeny enviro thing early, and the "right"(whoever that be now that neotrots dressed as 'neo-cons' own the whole conservative movement!) failed to exercise it's options for simple survival skill...the Fukushima\nuclear meltdown thing is NOT and never can be a partisan political issue. On the very slender hope that you might cancel your membership in the whole left\right hegelian dialectical thing in the interests of, well,er, self interest, I offer you these two links so as to give you a fighting chance of "stayin alive"in a post John Travolta era.

I fully realize that this "survival instinct" stuff will appear too 'girlieman' to some of the really troglodyte "health? We don need no stinkin health" types amongst us, but take it or leave it! All subsequent submissions to the complaint box will be ignored.




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Solution: Thorium reactors

This project, from the UK is about a small exportable variety. Thorium reactors are already in use in India, and they can be made much better with new technology.

Fact is thorium reactors have been around for decades, but they don;t produce weapons so they were shoved aside. Thorium is plentiful -- enough for all our energy needs for 10,000 years -- and there's no waste byproducts and they can't meltdown. Problem solved, lets get on with it.

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I'm going to start calling BS on the thorium religion; if you can't (won't) list the downsides then you don't understand (are shilling) your option.  The whole breeder/reprocessing cycle is a nightmare, a dead end.  High-temperature, radioactive liquid poisons are not a miracle.  They are a recipie for state-security dominated environmental and economic rape.

The whole point of the nuclear crisis meme is that systems fail, and the failsafes fail too.  And you have to keep the entire fuel cycle in view in terms of risk.  And here lies a simple point that is rarely discussed:

Radioisotopes present a different class of risk, in fact several at once, and the general public's aversion on this is fully justified.  

Far too many (not all, thank God) engineering types simply don't understand risk--this sounds strange but experience proves it over and over again.  Catastrophic risk, irreversibility, and multi-generational risk just fly over their heads.  Self-justification would be one term for it.  I am more forgiving, and call it lack of perspective.

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Way too forgiving. When an engineer designs edge of the envelope technologies, their only concern is to make it happen. Their design brief does not include any means of "catastrophe scaffolding" or melt down clean up "best practice" strategies. Vested interests aren't interested in that as the clean up of industrial messes is never factored into the business plan There is no need for that, as conventionally, it is always left to the taxpayer to clean up, well after the rapists have moved on.


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That is what happens when you have an education system that is interested in only producing experts.

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 Confirmed. Thanks GW. Way to much water at the headwaters of the mighty Missouri. Not even the Corp can hold back this deluge of torrent. Flooding in Mt. and raining today June 18. It's all down river from here. I paddled this river from Three Forks to St. Louis starting in July. Three months on the river. Do not, I repeat, Do not take this river for granted.  

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The original reccomendation* for commercial NucPwrPlants was to use Thorium, not Uranium, bec the Th fuel-cycle esentially stops itself when going out of control and produces only tiny amounts [compared to U] of Plutonium needed for weapons.

* The designer of the Navy' [Rickover's] nuc reactor cores for propulsion was Alvin Radkowsky, who along with Alvin Weinberg had much experience on Thorium-fuelled reactors for commercial electric power production...and why this is very relevant to the current situation..

It's the straight skinny on why the obsession with Uranium.

Google  Alvin Radkowsky and also Alvin Weinberg, for example:


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 Confirmed. Thanks GW. Way to much water at the headwaters of the mighty Missouri. Not even the Corp can hold back this deluge of torrent. Flooding in Mt. and raining today June 18. It's all down river from here. I paddled this river from Three Forks to St. Louis starting in July. Three months on the river. Do not, I repeat, Do not take this river for granted.  

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Not even the Corp?  The Army Corp of "Engineers" is a joke at best.  They only take the worst of the worst.  It's horrible that anyone has faith in these 1.5 gpa scrubs from the easiest engineering specialty.  Retards + corruption + bureaucracy = radioactive nebraska.

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Agreed. But it wouldn't matter much if these were the most gifted engineers on the planet. Who the hell thought the Missouri River would be "controlled" by a string of puny man-made damns and levees? And then let's build some nuclear power plants in the path of this folly...

When it's Hubris vs. the Mighty Mo, I'll take the river, whatever the odds.

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I wonder if any of the mutant women will have three breasts?

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The elites have now solved (partially) the entitlement problem.  All those people on the West Coast that won't live to 65.

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And the heartland is covered by heart and lung disease. Marlboro man don't need no pansy Medicare.

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yeh and guess where all of our organic produce comes from? 

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I'm in the PNW region. For the last two months we've been soaking all leafy green vegetables in a solution of Benonite clay and water.  The clay chelates the radioactive material and removes most of it.  We also drink a clay & water solution once a day for the same reason.  We probably won't be able to eat any of the berries from our garden this year or ever again.

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this blogger that i used to read, Tom Iacano said one time a few years ago, that he was moving from california to oregon. i wrote a message on his forum that i had read that they have recurring problems with leaking nerve gas containers that are stored in central oregon. he acted like he wasn't too worried about it. whatever. just hope he stays upwind of them. what kind of lunatic would store nerve gas near areas where people live?  fools.

you know. many people here in the united states look at places like oregon and washington and think, oh my, what great places to live. then the government screws things up. it never fails.

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Seriously, this is so over the top, I'm truly amazed.

Doesn't anybody here realize that there is and has been thorium and uranium, lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic, and a host of other really bad shit being spewed out of those smokestacks all over the world?

And now you're not going to eat out of your garden because of an accident at a power plant some 4-6Kmi away? You've probably been exposed to 100x as much thorium, uranium, mercury, cadminu, and lead than you will get caesium and iodine doses from Fukushima, all from the coal plant a few miles away, but nevermind that.

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Nice reporting George.  Keep up the great work.

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++ GW, you do good on stuff like this. A little alarmist, but then again maybe not as the bad news keeps 'leaking' out

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Nope, nothing to concern yourself over, Just a scratch. A kiss, a bit of mom's spit and a band aid should fix it.

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you and spastica twins?

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No, but we both belong to the same Church.