Global Pension Assets Hit Record High in 2010

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Must be why they're trying to steal them, eh?

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... and if they allocate one or two percent to PMs ...  

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"Last year, pension assets rose in almost all 13 markets in dollar terms..."

There you go again Leo, thinking in static terms. Again, a 50% loss requires a 100% return just to get your money back to where the loss started.

And when you get there, you have this;

You can't burn gold Leo.


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You can't burn gold

So how the heck am I gonna keep the place warm? I already tossed all the FRNs into the Franklin stove.

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Pensions are that big piggy bank that we've been putting coins in ever since we can remember. They're big and hefty.

And when it comes time to harvest all those nickels and dimes and quarters, we'll open it up and find a very official looking IOU from our friendly Government/Investment Bank.

Meanwhile, up in the spendy part of town, they'll be having their annual 'Thank You Suckers' Big Pig Bonus BBQ and Trophy Wife Swap.

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I never take a pension fund, because I would rather lose my own money than have some chump lose it for me.

Becaise Dr Gareth Morgan a New Zealand economist showed that most pension fund managers only check their particular pools once per year.

You were 2 times better off checking your own investments every 6 months.

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Who is this NZ economist and what is he smoking??? Another clueless pundit...

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Holy Hell Leo, have you not figured it out yet?

Pension funds are the cheapest whore on the block.

Milliions upon millions of dutiful public servants trusting that their 30 years of service will be repaid with all that time and money in.


Don't you know there are thousands upon thousands of greedy mammon lusting sons of bitches on Wall Street who DEPEND upon those millions and their pensions for their salaries and bonuses?

What will happen when the markets crash yet again?

Bankers will once again walk away with yearly salaries and bonuses worth 30 years work by the pensioners, while the pensioners and their children and grand-children will get the shaft.

Christ almighty! 

Does it take a mace filled with the ashes of screwed pensioners for you to figure this out?

If you can't see it now can you see the sky or the clouds or the sun?!?!

Jesus wept.


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Is that Michael Moore with the green hat?