Global PMI Readings: Every Economy Grows As Everyone Devalues Equally, Means More Devaluation Ahead

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So, we're all Weinmar now?

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Well, this one wasn't too shabby...


by Turd Ferguson 
on Mon, 10/25/2010 - 21:40

October is not a big deal. Meaningless compared to December.


At any rate, gold does need to move convincingly through 1350 for us to see more short term upside. I'm quite certain that it will between tomorrow and Thursday and it will then be allowed to move to 1365 by next Monday. Expect Blythe to throw the kitchen sink at it there so that she can paint the tape with a head-and-shoulders top.

From there, its all up to HellyBenny and the size of his QE.

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outright treasury coupon purchase today 4/15/2013-9/30/2014

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So the wonder of nominal growth in the mass race to the bottom is proving to be "real"?

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Yeah, kinda makes you want to buy up a bunch of Ambac or anyone who is heading into bankruptcy, don't it?  And today, Pontiac is no more.  Yay!  Creative destruction!  Blackhawk Ben is going to drive this thing right off of the cliff, Enron Style.

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Nice picture painted for Europe, how is Greece Ireland and France doing? I didnt see them mentioned, how about Japan?

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Futures are still on fire, following a much stronger than expected manufacturing reading in China.

I moved my last 30% of my 401k into cash, and it takes to end of trading day to be compeleted. 


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Head fake in progress, you'll be glad you moved to cash before too long.  The pre-QE surge.

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A third number, from Hey-were-not-China-so-this-number-is-good-okay-Co printed at 54.7 too.

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Let me get this straight: serious, smart people take actions based on the reporting of statistics by the Chinese government concerning its economy? That's almost as bad as assumng the accuracy of our own BLS statistics.

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"My Daddy can whip your Daddy". Yea well "My dollar is cheaper than your dollar. And so it begins................................... 

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