Global Tactical Asset Allocation Q1 Update: Equities

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I will overweight gold and fuck the rest.

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Obama being preped by the Genz on the Comex debacle right now....

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cue False Flag attack to distract, once the fhit hits the shan at the ComedianEX

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"Wall Street Strategists are recommending investors to allocate 62% of their assets to stocks."


"Wall Street Strategists"........oh really?

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Manipulism (great call sign by the way), couldn't have summed it up better.

Highlights of Jim Rickard's interview, addresses the jabs between him and zerohedge on twitter late last week, kind of humourous.

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Retail stocks are pricing in a consumer spending boom of epic proportions.

I guess Jim Rickards' "Endgame" won't happen for a couple more years.

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and when that consumer spending boom fails to materialize I guess the stocks will just keep moving higher and higher in anticipation of the next consumer spending boom...and on and on and on.

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But look at the volume...of lack of...

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when you pop-up like this, means that its time to sell

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" And remember, they are many issues still in the pipeline with
ridiculous valuation being applied to some new US start-ups already soon to be IPOed with no barrier to entry companies".

I think I will stick with the physical PM`s !


Still If Robo is right about the consumers gearing up for a spendathon, perhaps HarryW will come by and confirm with a report of record discretionary designer lavatory seat sales.


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I haven't seen Harry W in months!

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Tell me ...  was this document generated by a JAVA applet that randomly scrambles market terms to produce endless pages of drivel? Are we all viewing the same document?

alien-IQ's picture comes from the "if you can't dazzle them with brilliance baffle them with bullshit" school of economic writing.

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This is a great compilation, and in the real world with real market action pretty dam accurate.

...All based on dated methods, with .Govs blessing all the pressure pushing against common sence market action can change like wind direction

How long could the shelf life be on this analysis?

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the /ES is now back to pre-tsunami/earthquake/radiation leak/Libya invasion if nothing ever happened. Ain't Amerika grand? The world can go to shit...but it don't affect us...we got NFLX. :-(

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I wonder if Gerald Celente has ever had a girlfriend who shops at Lululemon.  LULU on the brink of making new, world record highs again.

Same goes for other cult retailers, like TSCO.

And by the way, by the way that OPEN is trading, the high-end restaurant business has probably never been better.

Oh, and of course, TZOO looks like it is headed into Outer Space.

How can a room full of nerds sitting at computers make so much money?

Just goes to show you that we are in the midst of yet another stock market mania.


Bubbles...bubbles everywhere's picture

LULU was $84 one month ago, are we looking at the same chart?

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TZOO has a modest PE of 80.56...should be an easy three bagger from here. Triple digit PE's will be the new "must have" stocks for 2011. Looking forward to those four digit PE's in 2012...thus signaling the end of the world (as the Mayans predicted).

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yup reminds me of late 2007!

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If you're a contrarian, there's not one data piece in this report that makes you want to buy right now.

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have physical PMs, get rental income, most I have are hard assets, rest is or will be very soon HISTORY!

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Great read as always! Damien is top notch.