GM, Held By 112 Hedge Funds, Slides Below IPO Price

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Congratulations Centrally Planned Garbage Motors: GM slides to below its IPO price, hitting $32.75. And now we get to see if GETCO has been swimming with no bathing suit on the entire time.

As a reminder, 112 hedge funds hold GM stock. Oops.

And time to remind the retarded market making robots of what we posted a week ago:

And some bad news for the world's worst car maker (recently
bankrupt), which has bet its entire "growth" platform as per the recent
IPO on the one market that is so far unfamiliar with said carmaker's
"quality" reputation. In January, the Shanghai-based China Passenger Car
Association reported that sales of passenger cars fell 10.3 percent in January from the month before to 965,238. Per
"Chinese bought 13.7 million passenger vehicles last year, up by a
from 2009. But that robust growth is forecast to cool this year due to
the expiration of tax incentives for some vehicle purchases and a
renewed effort by cities to bring traffic under control."Is the recent
collectivist action to cool off purchasing actually going to have an
adverse impact not only on GM's margins but its sales as well? Why yes.
But the market will be stunned when this is publicly announced shortly.

Furthermore, the deterioration in car sales is accelerating:

course the withdrawal of financial incentives would impact any
country's auto market, and sales did continue to grow in January, but
toward the end of the month there was a sharp cooling in sales," the
Passenger Car Association report said.

It said sales in February
were bound to decline due to the usual slump following the Lunar New
Year holiday, which was longer than usual.

What's worse is that the government is now actively starting to set quotas:

explosive growth in Chinese car ownership has nurtured the rise of the
domestic auto industry, but left major cities like Beijing and Shanghai
jammed with traffic and choking on smog.

China's capital has
decreed it will limit new vehicle registrations to 240,000 this year --
just over a third of those registered in 2010 -- to try to ease massive
traffic jams that have turned Beijing's streets into virtual parking

Soon getting a car in Shanghai will cost less than getting a cab medallion in New York City:

News that Shanghai would more strictly enforce existing restrictions on
vehicles with out-of-town license plates, often bought by city residents
to avoid paying exorbitant fees in monthly auctions, boosted the
average price for a plate to 44,000 yuan ($6,666) last month, local
reports said.

And in keeping with new quotas, there go the subsidies too:

of January, the government ended sales tax rebates and subsidies for
rural buyers, which initially fueled huge growth in sales of minivans in
the countryside after they took effect in 2009. That is expected to
dampen demand in coming months.

But most auto manufacturers are
banking on solid growth in the country's vast rural areas and inland
cities, where most families do not yet own cars and those that do are
keen to trade up.

And going back to the company mentioned earlier on:

Motors Co., which for the first time in its 102-year history sold more
cars and trucks in China last year than it did in the U.S., reported
sales in China rose 22.3 percent from a year earlier in January to

Ford Motor Co.'s sales climbed 20 percent, to 53,340 vehicles.

domestic auto companies are growing quickly, they have yet to overtake
foreign car makers and their joint venture partners: Six of the nine top
car manufacturers by sales in January, according to the Passenger Car
Association, were joint ventures, led by GM and its flagship joint
venture with state-owned Shanghai Automotive Industrial Corp., Shanghai

Luckily, now that the (absolutely flawed)
paradigm is that the US will once again lead the world away from
depression, we are confident that the government will pull another
endorsed subprime bubble, and provide loans on a 120% LTV basis to
buyers of GM cars. After all, all that channel stuffing that GM is
engaging in month after month has to be offloaded to deadbeat consumers

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Cookie's picture

As predicted by ZH

Ragnarok's picture

As predicted by anyone who wasn't a shill.

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I wonder how Phil Lebow feels about everyone calling his girl friend (GM) ugly?

Common_Cents22's picture

he blamed it on fords earning release and a broad pull back on auto sector.

phil LeBlow

Don Birnam's picture

Phil "Shop Steward" LeBeau should really come clean with whatever viewing audience remains for CNBC, and make it official: go to work for the Administration.

masterinchancery's picture

GM had to be exempted from all securities fraud laws in order to float the IPO, and it is run by the UAW, which likes to pay itself bonuses. It is a scam financed by the taxpayers.

YHC-FTSE's picture

Not really predicted accurately. It took awhile, but we got there. I remember most gave it less than a week to fall below $33 back in November. I think I gave it two.

buzzsaw99's picture

the bernank approves this message.

camaro68ss's picture

Thats why i go long FORD

Common_Cents22's picture

The new ford explorer looks great!  F needed some new design.

AnarchoCapitalist's picture

So says someone who named himself after a Chevy product.

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Breaking news from REUTERS:

Saudi national arrested in Texas on charge of attempted use of WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION!


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That was sarcasm.  Next time, post a fucking link.  This is the internet, not paper.  Even then, get a fucking pen.

I am Chumbawamba.

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What I can deduce from that one paragraph magnum opus of a news article is that the guy was probably just doing a chemistry experiment, and some Texas Ranger yahoo thought he'd build his career on it.

Weapons of Mass Disinformation.

I am Chumbawamba.

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How's twitter working out for you Chumba? Life changing? Altering?


chumbawamba's picture

It was fun for about four hours, then I ran out of short things to say.

I am Chumbawamba.

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There was no link/article when I posted it - just a headline on the reuters page.

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That is the standard charge for farting in an airport.

chumbawamba's picture

During a crotch inspection.

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That will be good for a 400 point rally. Buy the freaking mushroom cloud.

karzai_luver's picture


Wake me when they arrest a bankster , ok?


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Who was stupid enough to buy it anyway? It was never a keeper.


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This makes my day.

chumbawamba's picture

You all suck at forecasting.

I am Chumbawamba.

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Who cares about forecasting? Theyre all wrong, however overall everyone was correct at this point, its below IPO, who gives a shit about the timeline.

lieutenantjohnchard's picture

stuff the inventory pipeline much?

LawsofPhysics's picture

Never had a short pay so well.  Wheee indeed.

JNM's picture

And bragging about profits and bonuses...

bankrupt JPM buy silver's picture

anyone have an H1 looking to sell?  Need to convert it to Nat gas before the end game here...holla

Scottj88's picture

If you haven't by now, you should really look at silver miners... some such as Great Panther (GPL) have had 400% returns in 6 months...

Buy Physical Silver

Ron Paul 2012

maxcody's picture

GM is gone like like many american giants -  KodaK

was great and lived off the stolen technology it stole

from Germany and Japan afte WWII.  Where is a midsize

pick up with great MPG's?  Where is a Natural Gas Car

which you could fill up at 75 cent a gallon?  Nat Gas is cheap and abundant.  Where is a energy policy is this

of Obama.

Nels's picture

Here is one of your natural gas cars.  Cheap, abundant, but maybe not so safe.

Translational Lift's picture

oBummer is handing out $7,500 tax credits for buying a Gubment Motors electric car (Chev Volt) with borrowed money which he will then tax us to pay back the money he borrowed to pay the tax credits.  He also bought most of the GM electrics that were sold to give to the poor under paid gubment employees.  I wonder if he gives the gubment $7,500 credit also???

SheepDog-One's picture

GETCO more likely swimming off Shark Beach with a filet mignon bathing suit.

karzai_luver's picture

I just have one wish , to live to see the day this bastard hits fukin ZERO!




Mark that mofo ZERO!


Short it to hell.

Obeyme eat that you bitch!


Everytime I see one of those fab GM bolt buckets I want to blowtorch the damn thing.



tahoebumsmith's picture

No surprise here and when gas prices hit $ 5.00 a gallon you can be sure the price will drop down below $25. All those Chevy 1500 and 2500hd series stacked on dealers lots will become anchors. Not to mention the Denalis and Escalades, Suburbans and Yukons. And all the people hoodwinked into buying these gas guzzlers at 0% over the last six months will soon realize they are buried in them and wont even be able to put gas in their coffins on wheels. I hope GMAC has a plan for car squatters because jingle mail is soon to include not only the house keys but the family gas guzzler as well. And for those who have a GMAC Mortgage and the GMAC auto loan it will save you money on postage because they will only need one stamp.

topcallingtroll's picture

Buy one cheap.
Convert to natgas for 3000 bucks installed.

Bill Lumbergh's picture

Who says history does not repeat...I feel like we are in early 2008 all over again.

karzai_luver's picture

anyone with either should be put on trial for crimes against America.


Why don't you just pack all that shit up ad move to n. korea.


And you "folks" who bought all those nice new vehices off that goobermint handout can just die , K!


I see some of these tea party fucks around here braggin about the great deals they got from the last round of goobermint handouts.

Well, Mabel been good to me , she deserves a new gooberment car.




Pladizow's picture

Why do you think GM puts OnStar in its vehicles - Repo Bitches!

BenLightYear's picture

Im looking forward to the day the SUV market bottoms 

out personally. At 5'5 and 130 lbs i can comfortably live

in one. Just need a place to park it which shouldnt be hard

to find with all the abandoned driveways sittin around. 

A little investment in some armoring it up and ill have a 

nice little fortress.