Gold To $10,000?

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From deflationist extraordinaire David Rosenberg:


Peter Schiff thinks that is a real possibility — see page 45 of the current BusinessWeek. There is no doubt that when benchmarked against the CPI, money supply and GDP, gold can easily double from here. Demand is always difficult to forecast, especially for jewellery, but we do know that central banks have very deep pockets and bought more gold last year (425 tons) than at any other time since 1964.

The supply backdrop is also highly conducive to a sustained bull market. Mined production is no higher now than it was a decade ago and has fallen outright in 5 of the past 8 years. And, we know what the marginal cost curve is doing because there is so little cheap supply left in the ground that gold companies now have to drill as much as 2.3 miles to get to the yellow metal in South Africa (and all Bernanke has to do is press a button).

And a gold anecdote from a Rosie reader:


The letter below comes Matthew, a subscriber to our research, pertaining to our biblical bullion comment yesterday. I thought his email was worth a reprint:

“David, Interesting gold citation from the Bible. In 1904, my grandfather was conscripted by the czar to fight for Russia in its war with Japan. He escaped from the Ukraine and made his way to a port where the captain of a freighter to NY refused to accept the small amount of fiat currency he was offered. But he let my grandfather board in exchange for a few gold coins — although the few coins would sell for much less than the asking price for passage in local fiat. That captain knew all one needs to know about commodity currency.

Warm regards, Matthew”

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boeing747's picture

Ask Uncle Ben see if he is comfortable with such price?

Johnny Bravo's picture

Apparently not.

Do you remember all the people on zerohedge that voted that gold would be 2000 by June, the last time gold was at 1220?

Yeah, it's June.  And gold is still at 1220.

Now we got morons on here saying 50000.  (cheeky) 
LOL at zerohedge, and LOL at David Rosenberg, who has been bearish since Dow 7500.

akak's picture

Ah, here he is!  Our obsessive-compulsive gold-hating troll!

What took you so long?  You know your pay gets docked for every minute you are late to any gold-related conversation here, Johnny.

Johnny Bravo's picture

I just laugh at people that make stupid financial calls.

They are easiest to find in gold threads.

So... how'd that gold to 2000 by June prediction work out for you all?

(Hint: it's June.)

akak's picture

It didn't work out for me at all, troll, because I never made any such prediction.

And again, what motivates you to so obsessively and hatefully troll a forum only to attack the conversation and other people's convictions?  That, to me, is the sign of a disturbed and petty mind.

Johnny Bravo's picture

Well most of the people here DID make that prediction, and I was telling them they were wrong then as well.

Look, I had a long, hard day.  I knew that there'd be some moron on zerohedge saying gold to 80 million bajillion.  I came to laugh at them.  It makes me happy to laugh.  Other people like to shove bullion up their bumholes or whatever.  I just like to laugh at the people who cannot make financial calls that have a possibility of coming true.

I'm not even against gold, just extremely poor logic...
If people were like GOLD TO 1500 BITCHEZ, I might not come here and laugh so hard all the time.

Yet, there's always some friggin moron (David Rosenberg no less, who has been bearish since Dow 7500 and missed the entire rally) calling some absurdly high number for gold.

I just get finished with what I need to do for the day, and I'm like "Hmmm... I wonder what complete bullshit I'm going to read today?  Will gold be going to 3000, or 30000, or 3000000 or 96 million bajillion?"

It makes me happy to laugh at such absurdity.  Laughing is good for you.  Bullion up the butthole... not so much.

akak's picture

You're perverted and sick.  You admit you only come here to troll and disrupt the conversation.  You are beyond pathetic.

qrs521's picture

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BobWatNorCal's picture

"Look, I had a long, hard day."

Yeh, I hear ya, Rahm. Wish you good luck keeping all them econ balls in the air.

Mako's picture


I would have to pretty much agree with you.  The way some of these guys think is so backwards it's mind blowing. 

"I'm not even against gold, just extremely poor logic..."

Agree here as well. 

What is funny is this one guy I talked to like a year ago, he was like, I am going to buy a whole block in downtown Chicago with the skyscapers included with one gold coin.  I was like, well you can own parts of Detroit for almost nothing today. 

Funny shit. 

Then I was like, well so you think gold is going to trillions, what about houses, he was like, well those are going to lose alot more money.  I couldn't stop from laughing.

These people that think the system is gone and they will just cash out and be rich are funny bunch. 


akak's picture

Merely because there happen to be misguided and uninformed individuals within the pro-gold camp, as there are in EVERY possible group and subset of society, does not invalidate the many excellent and logical reasons to hold gold at this time.

You are making a strawman argument here, and it does not lend your own arguments any credence by attempting to do so.

makeyoumiss's picture

I was like, and he was like, wow.

akak's picture

It's like, Oh my God, like, fer shur, no way, like, you know?

dumpster's picture

 just laugh at people that make stupid financial calls


well get ready to look in the mirror and gaffe at your pretentious calls on gold.. yes its june and gold is 1230  ,, you said at 1500 if it got back to 2200 you would eat your hat..  

speaking of stupid market calls  

Johnny Bravo's picture

What are you talking about?  Gold never made it to 1500.  I did say if it made it to a very high number I would eat my hat, but it surely never made it to 1300, much less 1500.

Do you know how to read?

imaginalis's picture

JB is bought and paid for me thinks

Johnny Bravo's picture

I know, I know.  I'm wrong.  Gold made it to 1225!!

Don't spend your 5 dollars an ounce all in one place!  LOL!

johan404's picture

Since buying my gold I'm up about 15k, in nominal fiat terms. I'm pretty happy with my financial call.

Spitzer's picture

yes I do and the majority voted that it would NOT get to $2000.

Priced in gold the DOW is below 7500

Inspector Asset's picture

Im thinking 12 gold coins around my necklace.

Them maybe some gold coins, maybe 24 around my waist.

Maybe a gold plated bong and rifle.

STeve jobs should launch the gold plated Ipod.

yeah it would be heavy, but at least you would know it's real.

And gold plated teeth, which they couldn't take from you.



George the baby crusher's picture

You would want to rethink the gold teeth thing, which you think they won't take.  You know how much it hurts when they do? Go for a bigger gold bong.

Turd Ferguson's picture

$10000 is nothing!

Wait until its public knowledge that over half of the known "reserves" are actually gold-plated tungsten. And wait until its admitted that proxies like GLD are a fraud. And wait until the world demands a new global, gold-backed currency.

Gold $50,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

silvertrain's picture

I hope silver tags along for the ride and closes the ratio some..

hound dog vigilante's picture


"I hope silver tags along for the ride..."

It will.


"...and closes the ratio some..."

And, it will.


Historically, silver has ALWAYS done both... tagged along and chased the Au/Ag ratio.


Personally, I have a hard time thinking of a new/old hard currency paradigm in which silver does not benefit equally (or more) than gold.


DosZap's picture

Well, thje Mkt damn sure isn't, their treating it like a Commodity...morons.

SecretGoldfish's picture

don't care for monex . . . personal reasons



Hephasteus's picture

Did business with them once. Won't happen again.

Inspector Asset's picture

Ive been very bullish gold the last few years, but I think it's time to play devil's advocate. Two reasons make me some what hesitant about the gold trade.

1. Warren Buffet coming out with a buy opinion.  Generally the worlds richest dont share their trade ideas with the world. Unless they are trying to sucker them.

2. With no other bubbles left to exploit (minus t-bonds)  the bankers are eager to find a bubble to exploit, and the gold market, is getting their on it's own steam.  It is possible that we will never back to any gold standard again. 

3. What ever happened to the Amero?  I wonder if we were ever serious about it to begin with or were we just selling Europe again for it's Euro.  Now it appears that Amercia will gain, by the death of the Euro, making `it the last currency standing, except for the Chinese, but they can be bullied along.  After all we taught them these games. 

In the end, there will be just the dollar, hyper inflated, blood stained, etc. 

Maybe that's when they introduce the chip, so people dont have to deal in blood stained currency notes.  Anyway, getting off point.

My point is , IM out GOLD, because Buffet is in Gold! 

Bricks of medical grade marajunia? Im in!



Johnny Bravo's picture

After gold plunges, medical marijuana and gold will be the same price!

I'd rather have the former.  It least it does something... LOL

dumpster's picture

can you say groin bag ,, hell you are like a little puppy licking your nose

richard russell  50 years in the business , you two months

Russell’s current obsession — to get my subscribers OUT of stocks and into cash and gold bullion. Puleeze — so don’t just think about it — DO IT!!

Russell warning (again!) — Even the bears have no idea of how bad this primary bear market is fated to be. And with the stock market will go the US economy.

Spitzer's picture

Ok, we have your prediction.

goldfreak's picture

I guess using your name Jon NAdler won't scare anyone away from gold will it?


Where's your gold 600?

sheeple's picture

Gold $50,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


y stop there?

if's picture

$50k ?  That's nothing.  I'm waiting till I can buy all of lower Manhattan with my 2 ounces.

Truth's picture

Awesome.  Can I then buy it from you for 3 ounces of gold so I can then blow it out into the Atlantic ocean with coordinates set for the Bermuda Triangle!?

DaveyJones's picture

it's been bought for jewelry before

Missing_Link's picture

Pffft.  I can add WAY more zeroes than you.  Watch this:

GOLD $50,000,000,000,000,000,OO0O0O,OO10O1O,!!!!,,,100O!!,/!OOOO!!!

Turd Ferguson's picture

Still too low. Gold to infinity!!!

So there.

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

Well, if FOFOA is right, then we have a BIG PARTY (at $50,000) due (assuming society stays intact).  You, sir, Mr. Turd are welcome as well.  Logistics will be worked out later.

We will be in the very best of company, I just have to remember all the of us who like gold and have said so.

$50,000!!!  That would make me rich!  Vamos!

Turd Ferguson's picture

Can we be like Spicoli and blow all the dough by hiring Van Halen to play at the party?

Temporalist's picture

Best idea of the new decade!

TBT or not TBT's picture

But can David Lee Roth still sing with them?