Gold And Silver Ownership And Prices Not Be Affected By Dodd-Frank Legislation On July 15

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From Gold Core

Gold and Silver Ownership and Prices Not be Affected by Dodd-Frank Legislation on July 15

Gold is trading at $1,507.70/oz, €1,044.69/oz and £941.54/oz. 

Gold is higher again today as the Greek debt crisis and continuing strong demand from Asia continues to support prices. 

The euro is surprisingly firm with the U.S. dollar, Japanese yen and
Swiss franc under pressure. Risk appetite remains high with commodities,
Asian and European equities higher and peripheral bond markets have
received a bid and seen yields fall due to optimism on the Greek vote.

Cross Currency Rates

The governor of the Bank of Greece said overnight that Greece would
be committing ‘suicide’ if the parliament does not vote for the harsh
austerity and privatizations measures today (1300 GMT).

The vote is expected to be close with many Greek parliamentarians and
the Greek people feeling that it is unfair to Greece and will only
serve to postpone the day of reckoning.

Gold in Swiss Francs – 2 Years (Daily)

Gold and Silver Ownership and Prices Not be Affected by Dodd-Frank Legislation on July 15

The 2010 Dodd-Frank Act, and the regulatory legislation associated
with it, is due to come into law in just over two weeks on July 15.

A number of clients, particularly U.S. clients, have contacted us
regarding the possibility that the new legislation could lead to price
falls in the gold and silver markets. Some were even concerned that it
had implications for their ownership of physical coins and bars and for
bullion stored in Western Australia, Switzerland and vaults

Concerns arose due to reports that retail foreign exchange, spread
betting and CFD providers are set to discontinue offering their gold and
silver over the counter products. These allow speculators to take
leveraged positions, short and long, in over the counter derivative

After July 15, U.S. residents are prohibited from trading these OTC
gold and silver derivative products. All precious metal transactions
that are leveraged and not delivered in 28 days, must be conducted in a
“designated contract market,” a board of trade or exchange designated by
the CFTC.

Those who own bullion should be reassured that their bullion
ownership will not be affected as the legislation does not apply to the
physical coin and bar market. 

The legislation will also not apply to contracts fully paid for or
delivered within 28 days, and commodity futures contracts trading on an
exchange such as the CME Group CME and the many other international

With regard to prices, some are concerned that there could be
spillover from the OTC derivative market into the futures and physical
market. This is because the residual risk from OTC markets is hedged on
the various precious metal exchanges. Thus, some are concerned that the
unwinding of OTC positions by U.S. residents could put result in falling
gold and silver prices.

We believe this to be very unlikely. We acknowledge that it may lead
to an increase in volatility in the coming days and in the days
preceding July 15th. 

However, the off exchange derivative market is very small when
compared to the global physical bullion market (coins, bars and London
Good Delivery Bars) and the futures market internationally (New York
Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX), COMEX Division; Tokyo Commodity Exchange
(TOCOM); Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC); Shanghai Gold Exchange
(SGE) etc..

OTC derivatives are used primarily by retail speculators and are not
important from a price discovery point of view. Also, those using these
derivatives were not buyers or long exclusively and many will have been
shorting the market. Thus the hedging of product providers is likely to
be reasonably neutral.

In conclusion, gold and silver bullion ownership and prices should not be affected by the upcoming Dodd-Frank legislation.

Prices are far more likely to be influenced by central banks
increasing favorability towards gold as a reserve asset. UBS
reported that gold will be the best performing asset for the rest of the
year, citing their survey of sovereign institutions. It showed that the
previous intention of central banks to reduce holdings within 10 years
has disappeared.  

The majority of central banks internationally intend increasing
allocations to gold. This is not surprising given that the Federal
Reserve, the BOE and the ECB are continuing to debase the major reserve
currencies. It is also very understandable given increasing concerns
about the U.S. dollar remaining the reserve currency of the world.

China Gold Imports Surge - Estimated at 200 Tonnes in 2011 YTD; Compared to 250 Tonnes in All of 2010

The Financial Times today confirms surging demand from China. “Some
traders estimate that the country may already have imported more than
200 tonnes of gold this year, compared to total imports last year of
about 250 tonnes – itself a more than fourfold increase on 2009.”

It is safe to assume that the unnamed traders are credible sources as
these figures coincide with what industry experts in China and the
World Gold Council are saying about surging Chinese gold demand.

Central bank demand from China and internationally and investment
demand from China, Asia and internationally will ultimately be the
primary driver of the gold market in the coming months and possibly

Government legislation of any nature may impede in the short term but
ultimately the law of supply and demand will be the ultimate arbiter of

Silver is trading at $34.34oz,€23.79/oz and £21.43/oz. 

Platinum is trading at $1,708.50/oz, palladium at $742/oz and rhodium at $1,925/oz. 


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There IS no law, when law favors the connected and wealthy.

It is just part of the other ficticious institutions of elitist control that are collapsing before our eyes; like education, religion, State, and fiat currency.

The laws of a debtor nation controlled by international banking interests, corrupt politicians, and globalist outsourcing corporations are NOT representative of the population, and are therefore ILLEGITIMATE.

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One more small step towards confiscation.

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Five bucks and you can dig an ounce of silver out of the the ground. </sarc>

Replant it and the costs go to almost nothing. Confiscate that.



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My burying costs could be calculated in two ways.

1: $1,200 in concrete and re bar in the form of a patio with an additional $800 for a brick BBQ costing me $2,000 to bury my Gold and Silver.


2: Burying my Gold and Silver under my nice Patio with a brick BBQ cost me nothing extra.


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you wouldn't happen to be Portuguese would you? I don't mean to be rude if you are, I just have a few friends who are decedents of Portuguese, and  that sounds exactly the way a portuguese male would validate building himself a patio/BBQ. 

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Sorry but I can trade whatever I want.  The government has no ability to regulate my private rights to trade under the guise of "public rights".   The United States government has no ability to dictate whether I can trade in silver and gold or silver and gold contracts. 

The government has been telling me for decades what I can and can't do, but I just keep on using my God given rights and tell them to stick in their ass.

You guys would bend over and take it, if someone from the government told you too.   Eventually, if you do not know where your Rights come from, you will be lost in the law of fiction of the State.  Your Rights do not come from the Constitution and your Rights do not come from government.

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Like I said in the other threads on this subject. See, I told you so comes to mind...

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Regulation of fraud helps trading.

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No, the article said the CFTC will be in charge.  There will never be fraud in the various PM markets under the keen, hawk-like scrutiny of the CFTC. 

:) (probably unnecessary)

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If we can just get the CFTC away from the sushi bar long enough to enforce the will all be good.

How pathetic is it when everyone jokes about the CFTC......and everyone knows it's true.

Looks like shame has gone out of style.


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Yes, Bill Clinton started that trend!


Tuco Benedicto Pacifico Juan Maria Ramirez

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Looks like under Basel rules gold may be upgraded to a Tier 1 asset in Q3 2011

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I'm starting my own ETF based on drilling in hip-hop and rap stars mouths. Mr T will be my fund manager and actual metals will be stored in Flav-o-Flavs mouth. YEAHHHH! BOY!

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Flav and Mr. T. will be bazillionaires in the next cycle.

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Anyone living and working in the fifty states of the union are NOT US resident's.......US Residents are residents of D.C., Guam, American Samoa, US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico...etc.. US Territories ONLY!!!!!

This is not opinion...this is fact....

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Either way they can only setup agencies to regulate "public rights".  A free person trading in gold and silver or contracts is not engaged in a "public right", that is a God given Right.

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Just more uncertainity is all. Keep everyone off-kilter.

if they can do this, what else can they do? Confiscate? Bury? Metal detectors? Safes? Guns?

Between Forex and Metals markets manipulations/arbitrages, PTB can keep screwing us all till end game.

Hwo many variables do you control?


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I plan on storing all my gold and silver in those kewl warehouses (Metro something?) Goldman Sachs has in the Detroit area.

They only charge so much per ton, and I know it will be safe when the riots break out. Plus, Goldman Sachs is one of a select few warehousers licensed by the LME, and Goldman has a long and storied history of integrity, fidelity and trust.

It costs more you say? How can I be sure my precious will be there, you ask?

I just know...deep in my heart...that when worst comes to worst, my physical gold and silver will be there for me, and Goldman will provide me that key support that makes dealing with their firm a real treat.


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Your plan is stellar!

Perhaps diversify your physical held by Goldman (in Detroit!) with some "promissary paper" offered by JPM.

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Who knew they were doing God's work in Detroit?  I guess the Blue's Brothers were before their time.

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TruthInSunshine, I really hope you are joking.

To everyone else, I have just recently finished the amazing book, The Pedagogy of the Oppressed. It seems that, according to the author, that the oppressed are the only ones who can fix the dehumanization of society. The oppressor cannot, his quickness to see all people as objects, as 'things' dehumanizes the oppressed, and himself.

In liberation, the oppressed must not become the opressor. The oppressed must rehumanize the oppressor. The New Man is neither oppressed nor oppressor, he is revolutionary.

It is timez. To be a new class of human, one who sees oppression, and acts.

Current project: Silver Viral Project: Operation Financial Sanity.

TruthInSunshine's picture

I was joking.

There is an alternate title for The Pedagogy of the Oppressed. It's called "it puts the lotion on the skin or else it gets the hose again."

Author- Mayer Amschel Rothschild

Dedicated to The New York Branch of the Federal Reserve Bank, JP Morgan & Goldman Sachs

Foreword by Steve Cohen & William Dudley

Commentary by Hank Paulson